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Q1SP 3-map Pack
Carved In Flesh is a partial conversion with ten custom monsters, three new high-quality weapons and lots of changes to the existing monsters. A very fresh gothic castle theme with Fakk2 & Q3 textures - battle your way across three nightlit levels in this epic Quake pack.

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dunno what map you made, but the one i downloaded and played had no modified skin, thats for sure (not that it would have made it any better) 
I Know This Is Good 
because i beta-tested it months ago. =)

full review too follow soon. 
Cool Map! 
awesome architecture!

review at my booth: 
I think the manga babe just needed a new skin and some different sound effects. The attack style was definitely apropriate for the map. The problem with most of these modified creatures is that you can still win by luring them into an open area and then circle strafing while leaning on the fire button. The manga babes didn't fall for that so easily.

I think having so many guns is a problem. Having a gun that recharges ammo is cool, so I liked the flame gun, but I walked away from the levels still having no idea whether the ice gun did a respectable amount of damage or not.

Good arcitecture. 
The review link on your booth is wrong; page should be fleshreview, not flashreview. 
Looked Awesome 
the textures and architecture were my favourite part of these maps.. looked totaly original and pretty realistic.. esp. the outdoor areas with the huge overhanging front-sections. i haven't seen this theme used before in quake, the textures fitted really well!

some of the new monsters were cool, like the knight that jumps (not the green one) and the mini-fiends, kinda like the crabs in half life only faster moving. the others were okay, but weren't that fun to fight in comparison. the boss was disappointing since there wasn't much action and it didn't really seem like he could destroy everything in the world like the story says! i expected something alot bigger like cthon..

anyway it was fun on the whole.. and scary in some places.. keep releasing dem maps :) 
Gamedesigners Of The World: Say No To Sucky Small Monsters ! 
I played beta. I said it before - maps rock, second level especially. I like looks and atmosphere.
mini fiends suck, would`v beed better with normal fiends.
All you can do is hack the pak and just replace the model.

Mini monsters are crap in general. They suck in DKT and FAKK2, they do so in quake.

Gamedesigners of the world: say no to sucky small monsters ! Make them big ! 
Speedy is just terrified of something that could potentially crawl up his asshole. 
Re Necros Review 
thanks for the review necros, i'm glad you enjoyed it.
i felt i had to respond about the weapons, just because i guess you didn't use them enough to really get to like them. the flame launcher is a bit useless. (this pack and it's sequel were made a year ago and i haven't played them since so my memory may be wrong). i think it's just a bit better than a shotgun, BUT it has unlimited ammo. so it's good if you're running low on ammo it can help, that's really the only time you'd use it. the freeze gun is basically the same as the sng, but faster and uses less ammo. the only downside is you need to switch weapons to make the final kill. i really wanted to have the monsters with a frozen skin, but the only way i know of to do it was to include the models with new skins for ALL monsters, which would have taken a few more mb's in the zip. so it wasn't really worth it. the positron is similar to the gl, but actually more powerful. it depends how good you are with it, but from memory i think i made it more powerful than the rl if you get a good shot at the enemy. and it's faster. i don't like really powerful weapons like the bfg or the original positron, and didn't want one. as for the lg, yeah not much changed there but i think i made it weaker so it's more of a normal weapon you can use, and there's more ammo.
i didn't realize there was any purple in the mini-fiends - my colourblindness must have hid it from me! they must be a bit ugly. they are annoying, but there are only like 2 or 3 packs so you don't fight them very much, and it's cool if you use the ssg and blast them mid-jump.
i regret including the new mangababe now, no one likes her. ah well, she's in the sequel aswell and so are the mini-fiends, but i can't be bothered taking them out now :)

ok, feel free to comment more :P 
Now That I Read The Review 
I don't think those Fiend Queen things ever got a hit off of me. They were too slow. 
i didn't even realize the flame launcher recharged ammo! it was never mentioned in the readme! i guess this sort of makes it more usefull... but it was ranged, since the flames were movetype_toss or something...

for the positron beam, all i remember is hitting an ogre three times to kill it, as opposed to two grenades... maybe i just didn't hit him properly... but why did it use rockets? wouldn't it have made sense to use cells?

if your going to include so many new weapons with radical changes like that, you should mention the changes in your readme...

about minifiends, i really liked them! i love the swarm potential of them... *envisions 20 minifiends chasing the player down a corridor...* i just hated the skin. i would go with the regular fiend skin.

btw, was it yourself who upscaled and downscaled the fiend? what did you use? i've always wanted to do that! :D


i've played it again, and it's true about the queen fiends. but only when they're in the open. the first time i played (and what I based my review on) i got trapped close to a wall, and accidentally backed into a corridor. that's when they really kick your ass.

perhaps their speed should be upped in the sequel though? 
nice map, kona!
gameplay is very funny and well balanced. 
Structures are much more interesting and varied than your previous maps.

Haven't played through it all because I got annoyed when using the positron in one particular spot caused winquake and fitzquake to crash. Darkplaces shut down the game but gave a better error msg (balming the qc) and didn't crash.

I'll finish it sometime later... all I have to to is to not use the positron in one specfic spot/situatin afterall. 
My Ass Hurts 
cos this mod keeps kicking it harder than the hobnails of Hell. 
I'm trying to remember the fem model I based the femforcer (female enforcer baddie I ended up not inlcuding as part of imp1sp1) on -- it was by the duder who did that Burning Man quake map long ago... 
BTW Necros 
The flying monsters with the arms and vore-esque attacks are Wraths (and the end guy seems to be a Super Wrath) from the first episode of Rogue's mission pack Dissolution of Eternity.

I also wasn't impressed with the Manga Babe's idling sounds. If Kona had asked, I could have passed on some of the female sniper ones from SiN. 
Positrun Gun 
Experienced the bug again in another place so my conclusion is that the weapon isn't stable enough to use in projects unless you look into the problem. 
An unstable positron gun? Sounds like a sci-fi subplot to me... 
Just played through the maps, very nice indeed. And I haven't had any problems with any of the guns... 
Excellent Stuff 
didnt like the mini-fiends or the babes. News guns wernt much use especially since you didnt know their attributes. Level design was top notch though, perhaps a little too dark maybe. 
Nothing to say ...
did you use q3 textures ??? (just see the screenshots) 
Yes it was dark, I played at gamma 140, a new record for me, with the lights off. Very beautiful, in a Quakey way. Nothing wrong with a little light, ya'know ;) ...

I thought the mini-fiends were fine except for the dark (bad skins, what skins?), fortunately easier to kill. If anything I had more problem with the overpowered monsters but then I played a bunch of Unreal before it so ... Anyway I liked the positron, no problems at all running the level despite instability on everything else and crashing to 16 color hell a couple days later. 
I've just started playing through the pak and I like it so far! Although the fiend queen was strange to kill.

At first I emptied all my ammo and still just couldn't kill her. After restarting my last saved game, I moved closer and took her down with just a few DBS shots right in the face. Weird ...

However, I noticed one bug that you might want to fix; it's the model freezem.mdl that needs one more skin (it only has one now and there's a reference in the progs.dat (in weapons/freeze.qc) for a second one).

In FitzQuake you'll get error messages printed all over the console when you fire the freezer gun, other engines might behave in another manner.

I just duplicated the first skin and then it was OK. I had the same problem several times when fixing up "The Source of Power" so I knew right away how to pinpoint it. 
she has a force filed around her which lowers when you get up close within her melee range. 
The Queen Demon is invulnerable unless she attacks.

So, you get into attack range, hit her when she tries to hit you, back off, lather-rinse-repeat. 
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