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SW Quake Question
Hi guys. Hope everyone had a good new year's day. Now, I need your help not only as mappers, but mostly as a Quake player community.

I am rewriting my engine from scratch, and this time I want to have a software version, so people without hardware accelerators still could have an option besides the vanilla Quake. But the fact is: while I reckon the software render can looks surprisingly well in the context of the original Quake atmosphere, the default 320 x 200 resolution just plain sucks. Big time. Which brings my question to people who stills playing software Quake: I want to drop support to the lower VGA resolutions (anything below 512 x 384, actually). Not only because they suck, but because I plan to have some additional artwork (menus, HUD elements, etc) that simply won't fit in lower resolutions. So I would like to hear from the community what you guys think about this move.
Anyone here stills needs to run in such lower resolutions, or see a good reason to keep it ?
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Note To Self: 
"Don't reply forum messages when you're asleep" :D 
If You Guys Don't Mind... 
I'd like to forward your suggestions (with the due credit to each one, of course) to the thread. I believe there's no restrictions for doing this, but if someone prefers to stay out of the discussion, just say me. 
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