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New Quake Filehost: "The Shub-Hub"
Just to rise awareness as it seems not to be very known around here yet.

You may upload any Quake-related files there. Really everything (except demos): Maps, Mods, Movies, Screenshots, Tools. The password for uploading is ilovetheshubhub. Read for more detailed information.

Surely there is no guarantee that the Shub-Hub will exist in ten years (do free hosts guarantee anything?). But I will backup the important bits every once in a while and mirror SP stuff to the Quaddicted Archive of course.

UPDATE: The Shub-Hub is back at a new domain: , password for uploading is still ilovetheshubhub.
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Actually your comments got in but into the spam filter. :(
I disabled it now. No idea why it acted so strangely. Sorry!

I fixed the description "viewlevel" at the Shub-Hub. Thanks.

The descriptions at Quaddicted follow a quite different approach than the usual review sites. Eg very short descriptions, very "short" ratings (no 1.23/100 points). It's more an archive than a review site. The descriptions rather have the usage to sort and organise and describe the maps. One thing I wish to be able to provide somewhen in the future will be an external program to browse the maps, select them (maybe download them in the background) and launch them in the engine. For that all those infos are needed, the description/review itself is the lowest bit in it (except for the rating). :) 
Most files were deleted due to an accident (I screwed up the script so everyone could delete files, apparently some kiddies using, and did so). As this is a mostly unmaintained archive there were no backups.

I am very sorry. :(
Guess I will have to find something better for the uploading. Suggestions for php or perl scripts are welcome. 
the net is indeed full of idiots, a sad day for us all :((( 
I hope there was no material without backups elsewhere.

Senseless destruction ... 
Not Again.... 
I've got a great part singleplayer maps and wads backedup, not the revieuws. 
Quaddicted Is Fine! 
It's just the Shub-Hub (the file upload site). is fully independant from it and well "backupped".

I also created an automatic backup for the Shub-Hub now (as usual, when it is too late for the first time). 
at least you've got me under my archive, diggin' at my hideaways. 
I'll not continue hosting the Shub-Hub: 
thks for the time that was up :) 
OK, I communicated a little with Spirit and I have a replacement that I think is ready to go:

Works exactly the same as shub-hub did and uses the same password.

If you see problems with it, let me know, but I think it's good to go! Feel free to host maps and screenshots and whatever else there. Just make sure that it's Quake 1 related plz. :) 
Kudos for bringing it back (before it was actually gone)! 
...Demos are all under 1 directory. Single player/deathmatch was a useful differentiation. And the ability to give a brief description, too. This way, how you gonna know what u'r downloading? 
Is anyone making deathmatch demos anymore?

Description wise, I was thinking that people would include a TXT file with major releases like a map or a mod.

I'll ask Spirit what he did for the description side of things though... 
There are lotsa deathmatch qw demos at . They could be useful to host for new maps and betas on quaketastic. 
I Mean 
When a mapper is working on a new dm map, the playtesters could have a place to upload their demos temoporarily. 
OK, I created a demos/multiplayer folder. 
Maybe A Miscellaneous Folder 
Willem, would you consider adding a miscellaneous folder for things like models or skins or other non-map/non-mod/non-tools type of files? 
OK, I added a "misc" folder.

However, if you have anything specific that you'd like to see a folder for let me know. For example, I also added folders for models and skins:


That was something I forgot about. If you think of anything else that people are still doing these days, let me know! 
Except For "eternal Textures" And "wads" 
I cant think of anything.... 
Lol! = EXternal 
Well, there's "texture_wads" there already. If we have a real need for "textures_external" I'll add it but nobody has expressed an interest in uploading new textures at this point. 
Domain Name... 
i realize willem already has a new domain name set up and working, but what's going to happen to At the very least, it would be nice for it to HTTP redirect to, if not simply resolve to the same IP address so either domain works. 
shub-hub will remain as a static archive (I'm hosting it on my account)). That way all the old files don't need to be moved to the new domain and old links still work. 
not sure if this is the best thread -- I got an email from GunSgtHighway asking who is the admin for quaketastic, is it still willem/jneeraz?

Basically he was asking if he can have obsolete files deleted, but i don't know the answer or who to ask 
It‘s Me. 
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