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SM139: "Include Your Nick"
Three SP maps by neg!ke, Spirit, and speedy.



[edit: added speedy's map]
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I just read the post about this in the speedmapping pack, and was about to start mine. sucks. 
Played Them 
One More Map 
Speeds made a map too.

Moderators: Please add his name and the link to the top post. Thanks. 
Awesome map, Speedy!

Excuse the poor looks of mine, I spent most of the time on the gameplay. Plus QuArK with Wine has a lot of annoying quirks.

This was a nice session. We should do it like this regularly. :) 
great pack :\ just wait for me next time, or i will shoot someone next time :| you bitches dont love me :\

two first runs

and spd second run fucking Spawns :\ 
Next weeks theme should be "Include Trinca". 
Speedy's Map 
was nice. I even managed to die the first time. 
to whoever is taking the screenshots -- try running in 32-bit mode. The sky colors will look better. 
Fitzquake sometimes screws around with its resolution. I probably forgot to set it back to 32.

Btw. Why is lighting handled differently in Fitzquake (ostensibly also DP) and regular GLQuake-based engines: 
Which Engine Is Which? 
just curious (i.e. top screenshot, bottom screenshot)? 
top - fitz
bottom - almost any other (in that case I used bengt`s)
no ID gamma used

AFAIK only fitz and DarkPlaces do nice overbright effect (not counting QW engines)
In other gl engines the light is like 50% range of what it should be :(

thx for comments demos are wellcome 
Cool Maps 
You can't expect too much contrast with
minlight 15 and a small 70 light 
Could you use a higher light value (not worldspawn I mean, but individual light ents) but a 'fade distance multiplier' value greater than 1 (i'm using an fgd file with that on worldcrafts 'smart edit' feature, cant remember the actual key name (anyone?)). I believe this would give a brighter inner light, but without the light spreading too far. 
yes I can. with inverse square fall off (= delay 2) its 100% bright in the center 
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