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ToeTag 2.0 + Source Code
I've released a reset of ToeTag as version 2.0. The version checking appcast/Sparkle set up is jacked at the moment but ignore that. One day I'll work up the energy to figure out what's wrong with it (but not today).

As an added bonus, I've included the source code as an optional download as well! If you've ever wondered what a badly written Mac application looks like, wonder no more!

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I downloaded it and the source. Maybe I'll even manage to get around to running it this time... 
Did you ever managed to get your experiments with meshes->brushes working in this? That looked promising. 
It's close and the code is still in there. I haven't got it working 100% yet. I need to let my subconcious chew on it for awhile. It's fairly hard problem, truth be told. For me, anyway... 
Do You Expect It To Work On A PPC Mac? 
Because it doesn't seem to work really -- File > New doesn't do anything, for starters.

I don't boot OS X very often on my MacBook (I have to use Ubuntu for work). 
what do you do for work? aren't you a python developer? 

It should work if you've set it up correctly (i.e. told it where your Quake direcotry is).

The fact that it starts up means that, yes, it's running on your PPC. :)

I've run it on my iBook before and I know of at least 2 other people with PPC machines who verified that it works for them. Not sure what to tell you.

There should be a "toetag.log" file in your Quake directory. Anything of note in there? 
I had some corrupt pak files that toetag was tripping over it seems. A bit of a tidy up and at least a window appears when I select New, so that sounds like success for today.

Inertia: I work for Canonical on Launchpad these days. Not really involved in python-dev stuff any more. 
Great! Remember, there are a few tutorials to get you used to it if you get stuck: 
that's really cool, how did you get started with canonical? 
Hmm, Still Seems A Bit Crashy 
For instance, opening BASE.WAD from quaddicted crashes in (in [NSOperationLoadTextureFromWAD main] according to CrashReporter).

Currently downloading 1.1 gigs of xcode, maybe I'll have more info for you at some point :)

Semi-relatedly, what license are you releasing this under? Is there any chance of opening up read-only access to the subversion server (that I only know about because of the .svn files in the tarball :). 
"Currently downloading 1.1 gigs of xcode, maybe I'll have more info for you at some point :)"

You should have XCode on your Leopard installation CD ... unless you have to download a new version or something.

As for licenses ... I dunno. Do whatever. :) I'm not fussy about it.

And the SVN server isn't mine so I'm not really at liberty to open it up to anyone. And there are SVN files in the archive? I didn't know it created those. I'm pretty new to all of this in case it wasn't obvious. :) 
that .svn bullshit is hard to get rid of, since (within dirty windows ;) there's no real way to search for the folders other than by eye. You can SEE them if you're displaying hidden folders, but you can't actually search for them (using a file search) and delete them that way.

I was just trying to nuke the SVN crap from about 60 folders a few minutes ago... similar situation to this, I wanted to send some stuff to another machine while maintaining the directory structure, minus the SVN stuff of course. 
svn export is your friend :) 
I find very little of SVN to be my friend, actually. 
Willem, use SVN export when you want to release a source package. There are two very nice graphical SVN clients you might want to check out: and

Personally, I prefer Cornerstone. Frib, on Windows you can use TortoiseSVN

to create an export.

mwh, I can give you SVN committer status if Willem doesn't mind, but depending on the scope of the changes you intend to do, it might be more useful if you just create patches and send them to Willem so he can integrate them. That's between you two :-). 
I'm Contractually Obliged To Plug Bazaar Here I Think 
But I actually do like it too.

SleepwalkR, I'd be entirely happy with read-only access (I'd like to import the svn history into Bazaar, in fact). Who knows whether I'll get inspired to make changes...

In other news, I built myself a debug version after a bit of random flailing and of course it doesn't crash when I load the WAD :) Oh well, at least I can make a boxmap now. 
Hooray for different results from different build machines on different processors. *sigh* 
As for the SVN, I'd prefer that changes be run through me first. I don't want to be a control freak but at the same time I don't want the editor jammed full of features that most people will never use. :) I fully subscribe to the 80% rule - add features that 80% of your users will use and tell the other 20% to deal with it. 
Texture Locking On Rotations 
justification of textures via buttons.

brightness control for texture viewing

on that WC3.3 has and one it dont :(

(I think I'm repeating myself here, and interrupting rudely, and with no real point) 
SVN Export 
Ahh, yes. Someone mentioned that to me today here at work (the export option). I didn't know about that one. Handy! (We do use TortoiseSVN here). 
Am I the only that is killing the TSVNCache process every 30 minutes cause it's slowing down my computer horribly? Fucking hate it. 
You can minimize the I/O produced by TSVNCache by restricting TortoiseSVN to only scan certain directories. You can set that up somewhere in the preferences. You can include and exclude directories - I suggest you only include directories that actually contain subversion repositories, otherwise the cache process will continually scan your entire hdd for changes. 
See Here 
the bane of modern industry 
Yeah, I've already done that, but obviously the dev directories I AM using are the ones with thousands of files... =\

Oh, and sorry for hijacking this thread with SVN stuff. 
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