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Q1SP: Soul Of Evil: Indian Summer Released!
Well, QEXPO may not be quite up and running just yet, but it's August 15th, so here it is:

Soul of Evil: Indian Summer (23 MB)

A custom engine is required - aguirReQuake or Darkplaces.

This is a standalone fantasy-themed Q1SP episode, with many new features programmed by Patrick Martin. It contains nonlinear gameplay, horde combat, and new and modified enemies with new and modified attacks, making it a big challenge. Major thanks to aguiRe, ijed, Trinca and Zwiffle.

Further information in the readme:


I'm also releasing packages of hires skins for SOE created by aguiRe: for the aguirReQuake version, is the Dark Places version.

Devkit will be released sometime during QEXPO.
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It sounds like the textures are in the right place, I would recommend bringing down the console and typing:


hit enter, and it will say

"gl_exttex" is "0.00000000" (0)

or something.

If it says "0" then type:

gl_exttex 1

Then you must RE-LOAD THE MAP for it to work! :)

Vondur - I am sorry I haven't had a proper chance to look at this yet, but I had a look the other night at the first level and it definately rocks!! :D

Also I love the guitar music at the start ;P

More later! 
Thank You RickyT23! 
I found what the problem is!

I was using a version of aguiRe's glquake from 2006!

Downloaded the latest (2007-8-7), and the hires texture is working now!

Had been under the impression that I was using the latest version of the engine. Very silly of me! 
Mac, Darkplaces 
That Softpedia link for darkplaces is quite an outdated version. Go here:

Mac binaries are included again in the latest releases. ( )

nsoe3 still crashes the latest darkplaces, dunno why.

And now, my rant about oversized maps: it's basically a double whammy of slowdown, first we have a huge open area high r_speeds map, and then I have to run it in darkplaces, which is drastically slower than, say, fitz or stock GL. I commonly get 10fps-slideshow in big intense fights, and even at ~30fps, I lose the split second reflex timing that quake relies on. Granted this is a 4 year old laptop, but it's just kinda funny, I figured it would at least always be good enough for ye olde quake.

I understand Tronyn's predicament entirely - imagining big and grand is a lot of fun, and getting down to quake's limits is a bitch - I like to think big too. The bottom line is, the fewer engines a map runs in, the fewer people will enjoy it. 
Uh... We're At It Again... 
...How come all latest releases of DP crash even before starting up? I'm stuck with a 2006-ish release. 
Grahf, try darkplaces20080910. It loads nsoe3 all right for me.

The Silent, if the "darkplaces.exe" tends to crash, maybe you could try "darkplaces-sdl.exe". Sometimes one can crash but not the other. 
one DP came out 9th Sep and then another on the 10th September. 
Thx, Dooomer. 
But I'm on a Mac, so sdl is the only one for me... 
The Silent 
Try launching it from a terminal, it should post a error message there. I have no idea how to do that on a Mac though. 
Well, It Does Post The Error Log, Even From The Alias.... 
...But I don't get anything out of the tech mumbo-jumbo...

post it for someone else to decipher 
Clever. There Ya Go.... 
Process: darkplaces-osx-sdl [8420]
Path: /Volumes/ned6_Q/Quake/Quake106 Shareware/
Identifier: darkplaces-osx-sdl
Version: ??? (???)
Code Type: PPC (Translated)
Parent Process: launchd [152]

Date/Time: 2008-09-12 16:09:51.523 +0200
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17)
Report Version: 6

Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGTRAP)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread: 0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 ??? 0x801a308a 0 + 2149200010
1 translate 0xb80b6b00 0xb8000000 + 748288
2 translate 0xb80b7007 0xb8000000 + 749575
3 translate 0xb80d49c0 0xb8000000 + 870848
4 translate 0xb813ce79 spin_lock_wrapper + 1981

Thread 1:
0 ??? 0x800bc4a6 0 + 2148254886
1 ??? 0x800c3c9c 0 + 2148285596
2 translate 0xb818b6ea CallPPCFunctionAtAddressInt + 202886
3 ??? 0x800ed6f5 0 + 2148456181
4 ??? 0x800ed5b2 0 + 2148455858

Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
eax: 0x00000000 ebx: 0xb80b6c78 ecx: 0xb7fff9ac edx: 0x801a308a
edi: 0xb8208980 esi: 0x00000005 ebp: 0xb7fff9d8 esp: 0xb7fff9ac
ss: 0x0000001f efl: 0x00000246 eip: 0x801a308a cs: 0x00000007
ds: 0x0000001f es: 0x0000001f fs: 0x00000000 gs: 0x00000037
cr2: 0x85cbc000

Binary Images:
0xb8000000 - 0xb81d7fe7 translate ??? (???) /usr/libexec/oah/translate

Translated Code Information:
Is It MumboJumbo Or What? 
But yes, absurdly hard. Particularly with the way you lose armour and weapons for each map... once you've tooled up it's much more fun.

(Just finished nsoe3). 
F**k It. 
I finally got around the engine issue.
Went back to my sis' PC, fired up Bengt's engine and dove right through SOEIS.

My oh my. Best collection of maps I played in a looong while.
Very satisfying.


This felt, as I said, like a collection of maps. Some collection, you say.

Well, yes, it's a fantastic pack, but I felt like it lacked all the levels for 4 episodes except for the final ones.
Yes, this looks like a pack that has been stripped of everything but the final superbrawl, the story is carried out essentially by the intermission screens(how hateable are these? They take forever to load and read.), the weapons reset every time.

The scope and potential expressed in these maps is awesome, and I shiver to think what could have been with some more maps to beef up the sandwich...

The new monsters feel a lot better than the ones added in SOE(still hate the blue skins for vores and shamblers, though).

And, this was a bit of a surprise for me, but, all the maps worked exceptionally well on my machine (definitely not a High-end one), and I even allowed me the luxury of running past ALL the monsters in NSOE4 and having them kill each other for the pure sake of it. No slowdown. At all. Maybe the Gods of Quake are compensating for the long struggle to get the pack running on my Mac. Oh, well...

The difficulty level is surely a bit pumped up, but you only need to get accustomed to it, I think...

A great, great pack. I only wish I could have seen what happened in beetween.... 
Intermission Text 
Yes, intermission text always crawls so slowly. The entire text also appears in the console, though, and it's much more convenient to read it there. In some cases, mainly some of Kona's maps iirc, the text is even too long for a regular centerprint, so some sentences or parts of them are cut off and can only be read in the console anyway. 
I did insist on the player not keeping weapons between maps, although in retrospect maybe that wasn't the best decision - or maybe I should have just let the player keep NG and SSG (in some maps, getting the GL is a gameplay trade-off/player priority choice).

intermission stuff is kinda slow, but there's no way to change that without changing the engine - perhaps this is a feature that engines should include (instaprint all intermission text).

it originally was conceived as a collection of maps, not a linear episode - and ended up as sort of a hybrid between the two, as two other mappers did contribute maps, and I had to split my map (nsoe3/4 was one map originally) into two, and then when I was building nsoe4 by itself, I had to cut of the end of IT and made that nso5, leading to three maps strung together in a linear episode fashion, and two semi-independant contributions that still maintain thematic consistency in texture set/monsters if not in architectural style.

The new version will be out right away - the difficulty has been toned down both in the maps and in the progs, and there are some great new surprises in there too. 
Re: Intermission Text Speed 
scr_printspeed. it's available even in stock engines. 
About Being Nonlinear 
nsoe3 definitely isn't linear. Actually the first time I play through the pack, in nsoe3, I bypassed the clocktower alltogether. 
Finished It Now 
I actually found the master you fight in the cage harder than Bane, maybe I just got lucky though.

I found nsoe4 pretty inhumane :) Probably not helped by the appallingly low framerates I was getting... 
hehe really negke? i never noticed aye :D
ah well, stories are overated in quake 
by the way my map doesn�t have a part that i made :\ a big underground one... 
ops not tha big... two rooms and one secret quad :\ 
Speaking Of That.... 
... I loved the reworking with the new monsters... Quite a lot.

When are you going to rerelease it with the subterranean piece? ;)

You could put in another coupla rooms to spice things up...

I love this map... 
100 Th Post. 
Just for the sake of it. 
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