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Modelling Help\Screenshots\Requests
It has always been difficult to get decent models for quake 1. So a thread where people can get advice on making models and post a work-in-progress for critiques is long overdue.

Any requests for models may well get met with silence. Specific requests will likely stand a better chance; "I'd really like a knight but carrying a shield" might be better received than "we need a mdler to join our mod remaking counter-strike for darkplaces".
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A Website 
Needs to be made for all these cool models! 
The model with the subtle wooden details on the sides? At least I think it is wood!

Also that reminds me, I recall you talking about some animations or the like you use for Quake and shared them somewhere but I can't find where... 
This reminds me of the sock's updated SSG in AD (view model). Its forestock looks more like wood than the one on the original id model.

I like it, but it's not mine.

I made the 1.5 pickup model though, except the version that's present there is obsolete and I hate it.

Also that reminds me, I recall you talking about some animations or the like you use for Quake and shared them somewhere but I can't find where...

Not sure what those could be. Maybe someone else said it? 
Wooden Metal 
Nope it's yours!

I just tested and compared with 1.5 and then adding your pak. I was mistaken, the brown "wood" is from the subtle brown reflection or what have you that the detailing on the sides gives (My favorite part)

But AD's is indeed wooden I do see that now.

-Hmm, I have no idea about my other question it was just an offering in a random thread...oh well! 
Static Entitie 
I created a folder using a static model.
Therefore, a space with an additional block, in which there are two entities with their own skin.
The exterior is an animated sky texture space.
When I compile the directory without lighting, so good.
When I using light, the two models are suddenly the animated sky colored texture, not their own skin.

How can I avoid this, or doing wrong? 
For Clearance 
Never encountered this effect before with light.exe. 
Models take their light values from the surface directly below them. Even though a sky texture is always drawn at the same brightness, that doesn't give it a light level automatically. Replace the sky brush on the bottom of the map with a normal solid brush, add some lights until it is lit correctly and the models look OK, then place a thin sky brush on top of it to restore the appearance. 
Dark Matter 
I placed lights right under the info_static, but for some reason these only give a dim glow.
Covering the bottom brush seem to give the light a chance, but as it's such a large distance, I found my skill with the sky light in worldspan.

Thanks for the hint, Preach!

Model Qc Help 
I've been modelling quiet some time now for Quake1 models, but there's one thing that keeps on erratum.

After creating my model frames according their position, and adding the corresponding qc in game the model refuses to die.
The first hits relate with blood gibs, but after three shots the model just animates on, without dying.

Missing Parts 
The error is in wocat_die, and it's something that the function is missing. Compare it line by line to shalrath_die and see what is missing in your function. 
forget statement, me donkey. 
Argueing A Static 
To change a func's ability can be easy done with target & targetnames.
What if I want to change the ability of a static entity?
I can't use the target arguments in game as it is a static.

So if there were four kind of animation frames, how would I add a qc, that defines the static entity for its specific argues in game?
So I could use the certain animations from one entity by togling?

Or does a static stays a static, except killframed. 
Changing Behaviour 
When you make an entity static, you are giving up the ability to change it in any way. You can't even killtarget it!

But with the right QC code you can make a model appear without needing it to be static. Most entities in the game have models and are not static entities. For example, if you make a map in Quoth and add a mapobject_custom, you can see that it does most of what you need it to do. If you trigger it, the model will switch from frame 0 to frame 1. Trigger it again and it goes back to 0. If you killtarget it then it will disappear.

The QuakeC code for this entity is really simple, it's basically copying the code for func_wall and func_wall_use then deleting the lines that make it solid.

To go from 2 frames to 4 frame, the difficult part is planning how you want it to work. Can the mapper decide which frame should appear next each time they trigger it, or do the 4 frames always cycle round in the same sequence? When you have a clear plan of what you want out of the entity, I can help with the coding parts. 
Arcane Dimensions/Forgotten Sepulcher? 
Is it possible to use some of dwere's new weapon models (for example the shotgun) in Arcane Dimensions and The Forgotten Sepulcher? 
Didn't Sock Actually Use Them? 
Gamma Value Test For Mapping 
I making and testing map with gamma 0.75 in quake. Thinking i have some dark places and more middle-dark places.What gamma do you play and is the recommended value of gamma?
Gamma 1 
...for me. Open Quake's Start map (start.bsp) and compare your map to it's lighting. That's how I tell id things are too dark. 
interesting thing... me too comparison my map with enter map and other originals q1 maps 
gamma 0.75
Uh, why? Gamma is not something you want to mess with as a mapper: your map will look good to you but too bright to everybody else. 
because i like gamma 0.75, but you not answer for deal. 
im try to avoid make too-dark map. In real option my map is bright! 
what about xld - this is bright map (like im understand)? 
If you want to use Dwere's models you just replace them in your AD progs directory. 
no no, Berzerk, sorry i mean a map Xlarve's dream.
It is too bright - guys - who played? 
Thanks for confirming that it is possible to just replace the files. Managed to replace those that I wanted. :) 
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