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Q3 Focal Point Map Released By Sock
The map was created in 3 weeks for the noghost competition and should be fun for a quick and frantic FFA match. The Bot file was optimized seperately in a different map to hopefully make any offline match fun.

The source files contain the map files, PSDs and various ASE models used to create the portalsky illusion. In order to load the map source file you will need to download both the final and source zip files.

Info and download:
Source files:
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if it is similar to a mini fr3dm1, why is that a bad thing?

And I still have Monolith installed, love that map.

Anyway, will play this over the weekend. 
Gave This A Play: 
This is a very solid map, but I did have some issues:

IMO, it would've looked a fair bit better if 1 more major color was added to break up some of the monotomy and add variety, while keeping the overall idea and theme. I think brown for example, would've worked pretty well if it was used on some parts of floors and ceilings.

The narrow bridge going up to the Megahealth should've been a little bit wider, I would've made it go all the way to the left wall. I also had an issue with bots blatantly ignoring some of the armor pickups for some reason.

Loved the ambience and the tidy brushwork. 
What Jago Said 
its a solid map, but I really did feel lost a lot of the time while playing. You can use the central area as a point of reference but its a bit hard to navigate in the middle of a fast game.

A few color variations in either texturing or lighting would have helped here.

Otherwise, love the overall color scheme and brushwork and it also has a reasonable layout. 
Old Pointrelease Problems 
It was hinted to me by the competition organizers that the map *should* be compatible with Q3 pointrelease 1.16n (Most of the noghost servers are running this version) and that version has serious problems with total amount of shaders. The map suffered a lot visually because half of the original textures were removed in order for the map to load correctly.

I tried to make each area unique with different architecture and lighting styles, but there is only so much you can do with a limited texture set. Luckily the map layout is very circular so eventually you come back to where you start and being a small layout you can find combat quickly. 
any chance of seeing the unrestricted version?

btw, I think this should have been ahead of at least donkey's map. It's also better looks wise than stormshadow's but that looks like it owould play better. Havent tested it yet though. 
there is no unrestricted version. All the texture variety and high resolution sky textures were deleted. The only other version I have is one without adverts and multiple item layouts. (FFA/1v1) 

Been playing a bit more, its definitely more fun than the 2nd placed map which is excessively cramped. 
Dueled Negke 
Worked very well. 
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