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Quake Pre Release/Beta Version
Hello all,

I've been building a website that covers computer games, programming and a number of other topics with a large sub site covering the Quake games.

The site has pages covering the various ports and alternate versions of the game, and I've been trying to get a copy of a torrent named:

"Quake 1 pre-release (Use DosBox with Win XP)"

To add some detail on it to the site, but after several weeks haven't got even a byte of it. I was wondering if anyone here had a copy, and / or could provide some info on this?

Best Regards,
David McKay.
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Was just wondering if there were any noticeable differences between this and the released version we all know and love. 
Not really. Depends what you think is worth mentioning; by and large, the maps are pretty identical. 
No, there are some major differences in the later maps, some are very unfinished and there is the wonderful cave before the dismal oubliette. Unfortunately my video capture upload to went bad and re-uploading the 10GB was not so sexy. Gonna take a while. 
Oh nice, it was not lost.

Streaming and mp4 will become available once they are done. Enjoy! 
Huh. I think I played all the way through. My memory may be lacking :) 
I Can Do Nice Job 
I successfully convert all of qtest-PACK to version of Quake 1.09 (progs.dat now correct version, all maps are correct version and all textures and brushes untouched by me, models are converted too). In my release of Qtest all as in original release. I only adds support for single player (monster counter). And add my brute-force map for viewing of possibility of monsters in this release also i've put on map all entities founded in progs.dat.
So very soon you can view this result (after my site will be works some much more better - may over month or two or sooner)!
But for now if anybody get me links to this amazing version of quake then I convert it to modern standard of Q1!!!
My mails (for direct downloads links of beta-Q1 only)

thalick -AT- ukr -DOT- net

Any others request can be banned! 
i hexedited version of the bsp from 28 to 29

Offsets, pretty please? 
Nevermind, I'm a retard. 
0x00000000, 32-bit LE 
I know its cool you're showing off the pre-release version of Quake, but like the HL1 Beta/ Alpha, wouldn't be better if you just uploaded it instead? I know you have it Spirit >:) 
Well to be honest, I had the pre-released version, and I was convinced that it was the final release until I went to a friend's house and I saw noticeable differences. The first: Chthon. My version had a version of that monster that had no face.. in fact half of his body was black and the bottom was really like.. well different. The second was the spiders, they trow a different kind of fireball. The last level was kind of weird and you coulnd't kill the last monster.. it was a major glitch.

Neither to say.. I lost that copy of quake and never found another like it 
I Now remember everything.. A friend of mine came from hong-kong and give me as a gift a cd called "Combo 13". It had this games: Quake (pre-realeased version), tomb raider 1 (also weird looking, maybe a beta?), Duke nukem 1, 2 and 3d. If anyone own this cd (it was very popular at the time) it will content quake pre-released version 
After reading this thread I relentlessly searched my old CDs and I finally found it! yes it looks exactly the same as the version you post in those videos.. I like this version even more than the retail one.. it has some kind of "magic" with those textures 
Care To Upload That Somewhere? 
+1 for the upload 
Just use your favorite www search engine to commit that copyright violation... 
Is there?

func needs a brow smilie. 
Well you can find me very easy by my name Carlos Damiano. on youtube, facebook, whathever. I would not share it becouse as spirit says.. it's copyrigt material and believe me.. before I find my cds I just couldn't find it around. 
I mean not share ir here.. sorry 
By the way.. how dos a pre-release version of something ends as a retail version in a "original" compilation CD from china? 
Because China 
When Does The Beta Date From? 1995? 
Or is it just from early 1996? 
Quake PRE-RELEASE - Tuesday, June 11th, 1996 
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