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New Q1 Map "VeniVidiFuzzi".
To make the Q-Annivers2010 a little present here my support to the unbreakable Quake One game!
A fine Greece medieval map, shaped up with the hexen wad, some new flavoured monsters, and an ache in my head. Grab it if you can, catch me on the less spiking wits of a few homs and quicksand, that punched me untill I gave up.

Rather large level, I only testedit in Fitzquake, but as I succeeded to stay below the 32672 clipnodes this baby is free to go!




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on ai_face, i'm not actually sure i know what you are talking about, but ai_face faces the current enemy. it does so incrementally depending on what self.yaw_speed is. 
Watching close to crossbow knight it launches arrows the same time when its face is at the shooter, as when its back is turned in front. 
like i said, ai_face faces the current enemy in increments based on yaw_speed. you have to give it time to turn around. 
but as I'm a little crumpy with coding it took some time to realize and add{ai_face();};
behind the knight2_shoot session. Now it shoots straight.

Also I'm quiet slow to see that
if (self.classname == "monster_enforcer")
there will be never be a launchsound, as there are no enforcers in game.

Now it works perfectly, so thanks to Necros and gb the level is now optimized.
The crossbow knight has a launch sound, as well as an impact sound with a EF_DIM glow.
The sound is only to be heard at close distance to it, that I couldn't avoid.
The end boss has a good skill setting, that were in fact the things I was struck with before I published the level.

Thanks for advice and support! 
Does That Mean That 
You upadated the above link to a newer, optimized version? 
I know it's a bit foolish to contain the same download link.
But I did it because I don't want several links to several maps.

The only reference is that sparcus10.bsp comes from sparcus207.qrm , and the last txt addition is from 28aug2010. 
That Is 
sparcus207qrk - 30aug2010. 
So Whats The Reason Of 
releasing not properly finished map 
It is said, that when reaching the inner of an atom, the chance really catching up with the proper position of it only becomes smaller, no matter how precise the calculation will be.

The reason of relaesing not properly finished maps is...

the fact it took ages in my imagination to get all the broken polys and homs out of the way, before I could evaluate how many more I could add and relay on, before the engine started spitting its warnings. This sounds odd, but on the last point this balance has a tricky foot by suddenly expanding its clipnodes in a illogical way by only replacing a brush.

the distribution of the entities was done in a short way, after I finally had done the layout. Then I got so weird playing the level over and over again I just couldn't see it anymore.

there were several betatesters, who gave me great ideas but in the end there was no chance adding anything at all. I deleted all ambient-sounds.
I saw the clipcount wouldn't permit me to decorate the level, so I used dxf-models, which are very hard to position when they extend more than 2048 units.

Coding the new monsters took quiet some time, and even then I hadn't the knowledge to make skillsetting go. Yes, I'm a coding-nooblip.

Making a game go means to cut out all oppertunities that don't match the gameflow. I'm the geek, who doesn't see after x-times what a player's purpose has in mind. 
on model/bsp integration:

if you have doom3:
you can export the brushwork in the area to a separate map file and import it into the doom3 editor. doom3 has an option to export brushwork as an obj file which can be imported into your 3d app. then you can just build whatever model with the brushwork right there for comparison.

i think you can do this with gtkr? it's been a while, is there an 'export to obj' option? 
now this i liked. more than red slammer.. despite the brushwork being poor with often shoddy texturing; the *feel* was much more interesting with a better variety of areas (both indoor & outdoor) and more of a sense of being in an actual place (not necessarily a realistic one, but a location as opposed to a mass of generic quake brushes). gameplay was nicely spread out too with a good variety of close-quarters and long-range combat, and it was generally enjoyable to navigate; i never found myself 'lost' even though i didn't always know what to do next. good verticality; nice atmosphere in places

gripes; too many skeletons. no grenade launcher! doors that went up instead of splitting to the sides. gold key pillar thing = meh.

on the whole though, fun 
@necros - I haven't Doom3, but I'm working with 3DMax to fetch the manual. For me it is the only way to re�mport models from Quake without triscount loss. I've got a torrentbitch, but I can't conceal the keygen.
Also I tried QR but I got knocked out with the install.

What mostly concerned me was the way to import animating models, as I managed to import only one model. As soon as I added another animating one, the framecount started interacting with eachother. In models.qc there are already flame and flame2.mdl which use frames. Strange enough I had the same problem with sprites.

@rj - fine you enjoyed the level, redslammer is been good textured, that I must aprove to neg!ke. I was inspired by the Hexen2 wad, and used just a few of it. Their dimension is slightly different to Quake which produced a lot of scaling.

Yes, skeleton is used broadly, just because.., well.., I just can't stand him!
GrenadeLauncher is in the side door in the street-round.
If you watch carefully you can see some doors couldn't be opened otherwise, without appearing from secondlevel or sideways. 
there's even a rocketlauncher, if you look close to the ledges up there. 
I've got a torrentbitch
i know you meant something else, but that's hilarious.

In models.qc

models.qc isn't used at all. it was just used by the ancient id modelling programs to create the model files with proper frame names and skins and such.
there are a few other .qc files that aren't used either, jctest, flag, amtest. sprites too i think. 
there goes my lang again..,
and what the torrent meant, made me bitch.

I was puzling with the import of frames.
I used the eyecandy.qc "an entity with a configurable model and frames".
Bones uses a sprite and for some reason it made quake nasty to import it. So I used this eyecandy.qc and suddenly it was in game.
Then, when I wanted to import more animating models, they didn't appear in game.
I still don't know how it works, as I tried an animating frame of the crossbow arrow. In game only one frame appears.

We had this talk earlier about importing models. It seems as if sprites and mdl have a slightly other way to import. 
The $frame macros are simply a way of defining recognisable constant names for the numbers 0....n in a quick manner which only lasts for one qc file. The qc compiler has no knowledge of what the actual model file contains, so it just substitutes a frame number for each instance of $stand4 with a 3 - assuming that $stand4 is the 4th $frame that it encounters in the header.
(bold added by me)
I understand, but when using two models this option goes short, as the second model can't use frame #1 without further specifying, as it is in use with the first.

The only way to get by this, I think, is with fteqcc, which is more flexible in adding several kinds of entities with their own frames. 
me = fail

re: textures, scaling is generally bad! it's better to adjust the brushes to fit the textures rather than vice-versa. only time i ever do it is when i want a button or something to be 0.5 x 0.5

re: doors that can't open sideways - in this case i would pick a door texture that doesn't have 2 halves to it :) 
Watch The Demo 
The first version I made with DeathmatchMaker had all textures straight.
But then I ported it to Quark and used default texture.
I decided to leave the textures as default comparing to the hexen2.wad.

In the street only the opening doors have a side tex,
despite of the one that's opening up. (where the GL is).
But that one stands out turned 45*, so it couldn't open aside.

I updated the demo, that's easier to explain what's in the level.
So if you watch it you'll understand, as well as the secrets. 
A Demo On Hard Skill 
One of my favourite maps now. Really sweet :-)

There's how I explored the map on Hard skill: 
Good Demo! 
You have a good way to turn the monsters up against eachother. In that way it provides a lot of ammu. More the way like running through a place to consilate a lot of rumor, and then hide and watch them kill eachother.

Alright with me as everyone has its own way of playing. I must say there were a lot of items on the end to help you through.

When you end upon the grid above the second room it is plausible to jump on the roof top on the right.
If you take the ledge on the left you'll end up better.

The same goes for the corner at the canal/bridge side when you enter the sidehouse.
If you go to the outer edge you can walk to the lightened window.

I saw you were rocketjumping in the last round.
In the ceiling is shootable panel I better had changed with a switch.
I thought I lightend them well, but the whole level has come a bit overlightened so they were diminished.

Also the crosbow knight has a bad death pose, ending up in the middle frame. One of my breaking qc harms.

Glad you enjoyed the level! 
I kept finding myself constantly surprised by the interconnectivity of this map as I played through. Several times, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had looped back to an earlier area. This worked to the map's advantage because a lot of ammo and health was concentrated in an earlier area of the map, so it made the map flow really well.

The theme was unique and I liked the custom monsters. The map had a special charm to it. The combat was generally very good with a few hiccups - some of the long range combat didn't add much and the section with the slope that leads to a pit with 4 monsters that must be killed behind the wall took some time since the monsters kept running to an inaccessible area behind the wall. Still, the rest of the combat was excellent and I especially enjoyed the custom boss fight since we hardly see enough of this in usermaps.

First madfox map that I've played and it was a terrific experience. I'm looking forward to going through your other releases. 
you'really welcome! 
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