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Portal 2
Spoilers ahead.
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Since no-one else created it, here it is...

I have a question. I am not sure if I finished the game because sound vanished after Glados send me up that elevator. Some turrets are wiggling around but I do not hear anything. Did I finish the actual game? I would watch the outro at Youtube then. 
You Finish 
Once you see the credits. 

The sentries are just singing as you go up, must have bugged if you didn't hear it. 
I liked how the portal gun worked in portal more than how it does. Anyone else have this grievance? 
What Bal Said 
@jt_, I don't see how it works differently...say more?

Also, some of the dialogue is hilarious in this. I also like the new puzzle elements. 
When pointing the gun at a surface, the crosshairs would light up if you could place a portal on it. 
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