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Q1SP/DM: Deathmatch Classics Vol.3
A set of eight deathmatch levels converted into a single player or cooperative episode, complete with a start map and a secret level.

All levels have been touched up with many small technical and visual tweaks and fixes. They retain their full deathmatch compatibility and the original deathmatch layouts remain unchanged. Some of the maps have undergone a slight rebalancing of ammo (mostly small nail boxes turned into big ones). Most of them do not expand beyond their original size, the only exceptions being dmc3m6 which has several expanded and new areas on single player, and dmc3m7 which has an additional corridor added.

DMC3 features the following maps:

- dmc3 : Deathmatch Classics Vol.3 by negke
- dmc3m1 : Orange Whip (lundm1) by Lunaran
- dmc3m2 : Zeal & Fury (spirit1dm3) by spirit
- dmc3m3 : Deep Scars (q1shw2) by ShadoW
- dmc3m4 : Aghast (aghast) by Vondur
- dmc3m5 : Devastation (q1shw1) by ShadoW
- dmc3m6 : Dark Ritual (ritual) by Tyrann
- dmc3m7 : /me Votes Vondur For World Domination (rpgdm1) by R.P.G.
- dmc3m8 : Base Of Two Deaths (negdm1) by negke

Some of the maps have a "shotgun start" button to play them from scratch, and the secret level has an optional corpse removal feature for people who use engines without increased limits. Please read the text file for further information. All maps are released under GPL. Thanks and credits to the original authors.

Screenshots: QExpo booth
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So theres 8 dm levels plus a bigger sized secret level?

And was there ever a vol 1/2? 

Geez, maps 1 to 5 are really awesome ! Thanks a lot guys ! This release rocks !

Gosh, I now have an erection !

Too bad GLQuake crashed while in mid-level 6 :-( 
Go For It, Its Worth A Try..... 
No One Should Use The Old Glquake Anymore 
Barnak, I assume it was a max_edicts crash and you were going bezerk with gibs on skill 2? I went to great length to make that not happen - apparently still not enough. I've updated the level slightly (same dl), well, it's four edicts less now. It should work unless you're pushing for it. I played the old version just fine on hard without a crash. In doubt, you might want to play from shotgun start to be less tempted to use the RL.

nitin: It's nine dm levels of which one is a start map and one is a small secret level. Of course there were vol. 1 and 2, check Quaddicted. They were done by SDA. 
Not Much Classic About This!!!! 
But quality sp fun, even considering negke's tarbaby fetish. 
This Episode 
is a great way to celebrate Quake's birthday, but it's full of infuriatingly tantalising secrets! I find myself running round in circles for about ten minutes after I've cleaned the monsters out just looking for tiny texture irregularities or dark corners I might have missed so that I can reach that pent or MH I can just about see hidden in the rafters.

It's fun! :D 
Holy Shit! 
awesome idea to do this.

Haven't actually played any of it yet, but will try as soon as my main pc is working properly again. The maps look great and I'm sure the gameplay will be at least as fun if Negke is behind it.

Still want to do dm1-6 SP episode, but don't have time or a suitable editor environment set up at the moment :/ 
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