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3 New Skyboxes For Q3
Their names: Jajsnow1, Jajsnow1a ( a variation of Jajsnow1), Jajalien1 and Jajlands1. They come in both tga and jpeg format.
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Good Wordgame 
"jaj fragtory" lol ( sorry i ve just saw your website for the fist time !)
But great work, did u make wolfenstein sky ? 
Thanks, and no i didn't make those skyboxes specially for RTCW, but i think they should work for it, i don't have RTCW but as it's a game that uses the Q3A engine i imagine that those skyboxes will be suitable for it. 
You should at least give Enemy Terrain a look. 
no, this is different i didn't know how to make wolfenstein sky it's different from q3a , just for your information i work on a mods in the mountain, and if you can make wolfenstein sky with mountain, thanks for your answer ;)

PS : if you want to join our team you can ! send me an email on my website ! 
I didn't know it was different and i haven't the game yet. Maybe in the future when i'll have the game i could consider make maps, skies, etc... for it, because i've been seeing screens of things people is doing and they look cool.
I've played RTCW a bit at a friend's house and one thing is sure, you cannot play this as if it was Quake =), also another thing i could see is sure, this will be a great vice for me when i'll have it.

I'll play both RTCW and ET, i guess ET is a mod, isn't it?, i'm going to give it a look, for sure :).
For the moment i'll stay making and learning things from the three quakes. 
is stand alone and free. 
Just ... 
look ater q3 skies and rtcw skies they are different cause i try to make the cube with the 6 faces as same as a q3 sky (with the same script), and when i m loading a map with this sky there is a no textures .
Great i respect your choice ! 
See That

start a map with your sky but the script isn't good when u dl the jpg version! 
Oh No..... 
I guess you are referring to those red spots...
I'll download it to see what happens, i think the jpg's could be corrupted..... 
Oh No..... 
I guess you are referring to those red spots...
I'll download it to see what happens, i think the jpg's could be corrupted..... 
I've downloaded the jpg versions of jajsnow1 and jajsnow1a, look at them in photoshop and also compiled a little map to prove them and there wasn't any problem.
Also the .shader file is the same as the TGA version.
I don't know what can be happening then.... ?� 
No Problem 
nice stuff, especially temple1.jpg. My only complaint in that shot is that the hanging light fixtures look a little rough -- it's one brush, and the texture on the side doesn't match. Maybe some trim around the glowing face would solve both problems. 
you could also make the rock ceiling a little rougher. 
As metl said, dont cut the textures. square panel with cut-off corners doesnt look very good. 
It does look good, but it also looks a little deserted. It's all empty rooms and empty hallways. That room in the first shot is crying out for an interesting piece to fight around. 
Those pics looks good.
Maybe it could look a bit deserted as pushplay has pointed out... in my opinion, it needs more stuff/structures on the walls and floors.
The map promises, and i think that with the neccessary additions/tweaks here and there, will be a cool map.
Also the illumination seems good :).

I've seen your page and you've added an english version of it, nice detail =). 
to add an English version but it had a lot of mistakes ...
Sorry to be french :)
Meltslime U can see today the map is changing , I work my lighting with Bal !
For information don't see my other maps cause it is my really first worked map I work on it non-stop since 3 week ;)
I Must finish beta-ed before the 29 august after I can't work for 10 months ... Now I return to work ;) 
Out Now ! 
Downloaded, i'll try it out when as soon as i find a bit of time =) 
A mapper test it with me , The map was released and totaly out ... !!!
I think there is no error , Look the here3dm3.txt I put your website 
Oh well. You accomplished it 3 days before your deadline :).
I'll take it a look, hmmm... and also got to see Here3dm4 =) 
...did we just witness a thread being Herejacked? 
Hehe !!! 
Jaj I mail you ! 
Welcome To My Messageboard! 
I kiss you!!! 
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