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Canvas Quake?
Been messing with HTML5 canvas.


That was the first, er, 'version'.

This was the second.

Managed to make object oriented bullets. Yay!

Next - crates?


WFT is a collision algorithm?!?!?!
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New Version 
Health and Kills readout.

Messed a bit with monster generation and monster behaviour.

You can't die yet though. But you do take damage. 
thats gay

Nice done Ricky 
New Version: 
The player is now the Quake guy instead of a stick man.

You can Die!

Tuned the monster behaviour a bit more

Added player firing/non-firing frames

Began externalising data into separate .js files (the beginning of a level-loading system)

Best score is 210.

Known Issue: By the time the 'you are dead' message appears, the score is cleared from the screen. 
this is getting to be pretty cool :) 
Added Fiends! 
They jump. They chase.

They do no damage (yet).

JS is a lot faster than I had feared. 
Are you following a tutorial or taking a course? This is pretty nice! 
Thanks Spirit 
Means a lot. :)

I've just finished the first year of a part-time foundation degree in Computer Science. I've done a module in C++, for which I created Minesweeper, and my Minesweeper worked pretty well. Realised a lot of stuff.
'Off the back of that' I created an XML/PHP CMS/directory for a Web Applications module, if you want to have a giggle it's at - none of the places are real. And it's very hackable I'm sure.
I've also been using a bit of JQuery for work stuff, so Javascript seemed like a good idea :).

I found one good video on getting started with HTML5 canvas, and used a blog page to figure out how to do object stuff in JS. The rest is all me :) Which is probably why it's terribly inefficient I'm sure, and there are lettle to no comments in my code XD

The vid I found for canvas:

The guy has a thick Scottish accent (though I speak fuent Scottish ;), and the links are dead, but it really helped me nonetheless.

(the one in #22 has a typo) 
Yeah That Looks Cool 
But unfortunately I can't find a larger version of the image. 223x600 is the largest :( And Quakeguy is a bit too small :D

'Cause it is a bit of a pain to make the sprites. 
New Version: 
More Quake textures :)

Improved Fiends (now they have a slashing anim)

Bullets pointing backwards, er, point backwards.

Some new GFXs. 
'Nother New Version

This one has killable, fightable fiends.

Also has corpse-stay for dead fiends. 
Tweaked ^^ 
New Version 
Added blood particles!!!

Minor fixes when restarting after death: 
Those flying monsters are genius :p

Here's what I've been working on btw, still not quite ready to put up something playable just yet... 
Sweet!! Very Nice :) 
Heh - this is my first Javascript project. And really it's the first decent attempt I have made towards coding an action game. Seeing your game made me feel inadequate ;) Still I'm a total n00b to coding sop I shouldn't worry too much I guess....

So are you using Flash CS5 to make it, and Actionscript?

BTW - my first attempt at collision (you can jump on crates - a bit rocky still but functional): 
I'm using the Flex SDK and FlashDevelop, a free IDE for it. I don't actually own Flash CS5 itself, which is the reason other than performance that I'm not using Flash vector graphics. :) 
And yeah it's all Actionscript, levels are stored as XML. 
Heh - I'm Using NP++, GIMP 
And just Javascript. No framework :P

I'm using the context2D library to draw stuff onto a canvas. I'm not using any of the built in effects for HTML5 canvas, I don't know how much faster it is, but I think it's got to be faster than doing what I am doing - using .pngs with transparency for everything. I couldn't get negative scaling to work either so I have had to make separate images for everything facing left and right.

I get the idea of control loops and everything, but it startles me how many iterations I can carry out per frame. I'm sure if I were better at abstraction it would be a lot more efficient. But ATM the blood particle array is uncapped, and it doesn't seem to give any major slowdown. And the more features I add, stuff like collision detection and damage detection, and rendering two different types of animated monster, it hasn't missed a beat yet.

Firebug seems to slow down sometimes, but I'm not sure that that ism't more the fault of Firebug itself. I only ever use Firebug when I get an error, just in the hope of seeing the error message. 
Better Collision Detection On Crates (works Well Now) 
No lame monsters on the first life (intentional - nice to see it with just Quake GFX)

5:00am - bad. bed..... 
Now The Silly Black Monsters Shoot Green Acid At You. 
Oh And Just To Be A Card 
And because I was experimenting an forgot about it until just now, this version is running at 40FPS instead of 30. 00ps! 
Heh. Doesn't work too well on my phone :-) 
I Could Probably Make A Phone Version 
Is it performance or input that is the problem?

Or both? 
Both of both, the canvas is very flickery for some reason, but yeah input is a more severe issue. Android 4 fwiw. 
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