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Doom 3 BFG
Anyone getting this ?
I don't understand why id is not concentrating on making new stuff, rather then recycling old stuff. And does it really look so much better then the original 2004 release ? Are 7 new maps enough to justify this compilation pack ?
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Quake 4 
anyone else remember quake 4 single player? I thought it was leaps and bounds above doom 3. The weapons and enemies were absolutely solid if you played on the hardest difficulty settings. The game loses some momentum towards the end and has some pointless (mainly vehicle based) parts but I would have loved a sequel.

If doom 4 will not be a proper classical shooter I hope it would have at least the satisfying gameplay of quake 4

(note: I haven't played the game since 2006 so I might be misremembering things) 
Yes Sir 
quake 4 was very good. 
I thought Quake 4 would have benefitted from the stroggification bit coming much earlier. I hate the low runspeed :E 
For me, Quake 4 was just a stroggified Doom 3.
It lacked what made Quake 2 so special for me, even if i cant find the proper words for it.
Alone that sounds of the enemies in Q2 made it feel more hostile, imo. 
Well That Was Disappointing 
Finally got around to buying this (the BFG Edition, that is), mainly because it comes with a new 8-map single-player campaign, which I wanted to check out.

First off, the new flashlight behaviour is just id caving in to all the people who whinged about the old system. I wasn't one of those people, but I wouldn't have minded the change if it wasn't for the fact that you do not have the option to change back to the old system. (FFS Why???)

Also, the new flashlight behaviour just looks like an zero-effort amateur mod - they didn't even bother to add a sound effect when you turn it on, and when you look in a mirror, you can see the original handheld flashlight model just laughably sticking out of the character's shoulder.

So, with the smell of turd already tickling my nostrils, I started up the new "Lost Mission" levels...

And what a load of lazy, inexcusable shite they are.

The PR bollocks about these levels being "cut from the original game" is total crap because I can say absolutely unequivocally that these levels are just made entirely from a bunch of existing rooms and corridors copied from the original game and stitched together in a different way to make a series of small and boring boxy maps with nothing unique or interesting about them whatsoever.

The only exception to this is the final Hell level, which actually seems to contain mostly (and perhaps entirely) original level geometry. It looks a bit rough though, with some fairly subpar lighting and the architecture is roughly on a par with the stock Quake 3 gothic maps in terms of sophistication, but it was mildly interesting to see a Hell level with some attempt at architecture, instead of just a collection of haphazardly stacked bricks, like the original Doom3 Hell. However, the layout and gameplay of this new map is just as boring as the ones that came before it.

Bottom line: don't buy this, it's pretty much a complete waste of money. 
Thx Kinn. Was Just About To Take The Plunge... 
...Oh, well! 
Q4 Shares A Flaw With D3 
Apart from being on rails, the maps feel way too cramped. Doom and Q2 were mostly grinding, but the freedom of movement made it enjoyable (case in point, Serious Sam).

I never subscribed to the flashlight logic either, it just made the game feel like a tedious drag. In fact I never finished until I used the ducttape mod (I don't really find the game 'scary' either so...) It's nice you can keep it on now, but really the maps should just be brighter. 
Another baffling thing I forgot to mention is that they have increased the amount of ammo you get from pickups, so even when you are playing through the original campaign, you end up with tons more ammo than you had before. It's baffling because I can't remember ammo management ever being a concern in the original version.

This just means you end up walking around pretty much fully loaded on all your weapons all the time which makes the combat laughably trival. I remember just walking through a couple of levels using nothing but the rocket launcher; the only threat to my safety being those times when I accidentally got caught in my own splash damage. 
A Perfect "meh" Game. 
I remember back then when I first saw D3, I admit, I was blown away by the new look; spending more time playing around with the lights-using the flashlight on every surface, from every angle-than being bothered to do the actual game. And for me, seems that alot of folks tend to ignore the audio design of the game, it really works on setting and keeping the ambience and atmosphere throughout the game.

But then, that was the only good points that I remember. Having played it again with BFG edition, I'm reminded of the things that dissappointed me. The only bad guy that appeals for me were the imps, and I commend that mostly for the bad ass "Alien"-esque hiss and squeals. The rest were either too awesome looking to actually look like spawns of hell(looking at you Hellknight), lacking the creepy/unsettling flare like the bad guys of Doom I-II. Others looks like they're trying too hard to be scary (the zombies), that it stops being so.

Coming off fresh from the likes of Quake 2, Quake III, the movement is just way too suddenly slow. More disappointing was the fact that, right after the likes of GTA-III, Battlezone 2 and BF1942, Doom 3's level design/layouts, for all it's visual glory, is more cramped than Quake 2. Seriously, even Serious Sam prove that you can make a Quake/Doom-like shooter that has refreshing amount of breathing room. And for the weapons, the only bombastic weapon feel for me was the shotgun and the rocket launcher. Downright sad that the chaingun is not an ammo-devouring, lead-raining machine that Serious Sam, Unreal Torunament, and Quake 2-3TA has taught me to love.

The "Lost Missions" though. Yeah, it really have that "recycled" term plastered all over it. But...I admit, I had my fun, surprisingly. It really clicked for me when I replayed it with "Speed Run" in mind. Given by it's more blatant, unapologetic linearity, it suddenly has that flow that the original levels don't have. But there I guess it shows, that it's not really a bunch of "cut-content" that they ad to be.

The "new" flashlight mechanic, it got no gripes, I like and understand why they change it(pussies :P), but I also like how the old style work...just okay.

The inclusion of Doom I and II, pretty cool. But then I have the ZDoom port and it runs far more smoother than those.

I see this release more of an advertisement/hype for the supposed, upcoming Doom 4 that's suddenly scrapped and restarted...

...meh, just wishing for a sequel for Quake Arena now. :/ 
christ sake, i didn't realise doom 4 was in dev-hell. fuck. why does id do this. they have some serious mismanagement issues going on.

just reading on wikipedia:

Production reboot and development hell

In April 2013, Kotaku published an article describing Doom 4 as trapped in "development hell". Citing connections to id, the article claims that Doom 4 has suffered under mismanagement, and that development was completely restarted in 2011. Inside sources described the pre-2011 version, which was to portray the uprising of hell on Earth, as heavily scripted and cinematic, comparing it to the Call of Duty franchise. The pre-2011 version was criticized as mediocre, but the sources also described the new version as "lame" and a "mess."[5]

Tim Willits commented to IGN during Quakecon 2013, "Every game has a soul. Every game has a spirit. When you played Rage, you got the spirit. And [Doom] did not have the spirit, it did not have the soul, it didn�t have a personality." [14] After the game was sent back to the drawing board in August 2013, Willits revealed that the next game in the Doom franchise was still the team's focus, he did not make it clear if the game was still meant to be called Doom 4.[15]

On August 1, 2008, John Carmack said that Doom 4 will look three times better than Rage does, intended to run at 30 frames per second, on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, rather than 60 that Rage targets.[16] In Windows, Doom 4 was intended to run at 60 frames per second with state-of-the-art hardware.[17] In 2009 he revealed that the multiplayer component is being developed separately and will run at 60 frames per second.[18] Carmack stated in 2011 that "you can't have 30 guys crawling all over you at 60 frames per second at this graphics technology level because it's painful. -- So [in single player] we can have 30 demons crawling all over you on there."[19]

At the 2011 QuakeCon, Carmack mentioned that Doom 4 will be using a new scripting language that is based on C++ and called it "super-script". This so-called "super-script" is a subset of C++ with features like "scheduling", "full performance" and "type safety".[11]

do they even know what they're trying to make? though I'm gonna love a game that's 3 times better looking than rage (whatever that even means), it'll flop again, just like rage did, if all their focus is on the graphics and not the gameplay. 
Does the new Doom 1-2 level (WAD) work with the standard PC Doom engine or not? If it does I might try and get it on the cheap at some point and run it through Risen3D or something similar. 
I Don't Know What To Think Of This Now... 
The last of the idsoftware founders, John Carmack, has finally left the development team. Officially joined the team that's making/developing the Occulus Rift.

This I have mixed impressions. On one hand, this could open up a new page/direction for idsoftware, most especially, the design direction of their future titles(most especially, Doom 4). A promise of a more gameplay oriented and less tech-demo-y games. On the other hand, he's the team's ultimate tech guy, the man that created the game engine. I fear this could mean that future iterations of their game engine could never be eventually released/open-sourced. 
You Can Forget About IdTech5... 
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