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The TrenchBroom Level Editor
Today I am releasing TrenchBroom 1.0 for Windows and Mac OS X. TrenchBroom is a modern cross-platform level editor for Quake.

- True 3D editing, no 2D views required
- High performance renderer with support for huge maps
- Vertex editing with edge and face splitting
- Manipulation of multiple vertices at once (great for trisoup editing)
- Smart clip tool
- Move, rotate and flip brushes and entities
- Precise texture lock for all operations
- Smart entity property editors
- Graphical entity browser with drag and drop support
- Comprehensive texture application and manipulation tools
- Search and filter functions
- Unlimited undo and redo
- Point file support
- Automatic backup
- Support for .def and .fdg files, mods and multiple wad files
- Free (as in beer) and open source (GPLv3)
- Cross platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux supported)

Check out a video of TrenchBroom in action here.

You can download the editor here.

If you would like to give feedback, please do that in this thread. If you find a bug or have a feature suggestion, please submit them at the issue tracker.

If you are wondering where the Linux binaries are then sorry, but currently there are none. The Linux version has a few problems which I could not fix before this release. I will get working on those right away so that the Linux version should be available in a couple of weeks, too.

Finally, I would like to thank necros for all his work over the past year. Without his tireless efforts, TrenchBroom would simply not exist. Or it would suck.

Alright, enough of this. Have fun with the editor!

Update: 2.1 here:
Features "cool shit".
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I have successfully been able to run the editor on Windows 8, albeit in a virtual machine. Could you please create a new issue and give me some information on your graphics card and driver? Also, paste the entire contents of the console, please. 
Just watched that video, really well done on that. :D 
Thanks ;-) 
But it's mostly a testament to how easy to use iMove is, because I'm totally a hack ;-) 
Sorry SleepwalkR, it wont let me select the text in the console. Does the editor have a way of logging everything into a file? I have made a screenshot -

My graphics card is Geforce 8600M GT and the driver info is in the screenshot -

I hope this helps. 
No Problem 
TrenchBroom doesn't write a log file, but it should. I'll add that to the next release. Maybe I can fix your problem then. Sorry. 
Echoing what Williem said and congrats on the release!

Also want to say that TrenchBroom has an extremely fluid method of sculpting (tri-soup-like) brushes. Excellent work! 
Any Way To Get WASD? :) 
Turns out it was the graphics driver, I updated to the latest nvidia drivers and I got it working!

It's fairly nifty, somewhat reminiscent of the built-in Portal 2 editor (only more powerful), I will be a bore and echo the WASD requests... so far so good though. I look forward to tinkering all weekend. :) 
This Looks 
amazing. I'm going to have to try this out tonight. On a side note, I discovered this via Carmack's twitter actually. I'll do a news post on Inside3d about it tonight as well.

I hope I like it even half as well as DaZ and Willem seem to! 
You'll love it. I'm mapping for my old mod Qonquer right now and it's absolutely seamless. Between this editor, and the new tools that were just released, and the compiler UI from Necros Quake mapping is enjoyable again. :P 
I think once everyone starts to get the hang of the vertex manip, we may see some truly wild maps. 
I've already partially converted my WIP level to trenchboom. I do feel without a 2d x/y grid etc I have less accuracy though, it's a very organic feeling editor. 
This Looks Pretty Sweet! 
I'll give it a go, but Quake 2 is my poison of choice for Quake editing. Any plans for Q2 support? 
Quake 2 And Quake 3 Support 
it's on my todo list, but it will take a while. 
Thanks Scarecr0w 
I had the same problem as elephant walker (sp) above.

Win XP (fully up to date)
C++ 2010 runtimes installed
old laptop (but that shouldn't matter unless this software needs more than 512mb on startup)

Console started loading something about models (it went by pretty fast so I couldn't see what it said with any accuracy) then it crashed.

Maybe I'll try it again after it's a bit more matured but I do like the concept. 
Wow, how did Carmack find out about this? 
I Got Cocky 
And emailed him. 
I resolved the issue by updating to the latest drivers, maybe try that if you haven't already? :) 
So It's Offically To TB Now Supports Win? 
great news 
<quote>Loading file H:\Mapping\
Loading unsupported map Valve 220 map format</quote>

thats sad 
Tried It A Tiny Bit 
Went through 80% of the documentation, I really appreciate that it is there! So far everything feels very good. Going to finish the documentation in the morning, then prod at the primary functions, and once I feel comfortable, attempt a speedmap with it.

Oh and FYI, Tom Mustaine retweeted the link Carmack had supplied, and stated he knew what he was going to be up to this weekend. Perhaps word will spread to Levelord and we can get some bizarro mini-Scourge of Armagon going on... 
I think he said he's working on support for 220 map files. It'd be nice (and I could import my WIP levels in to do the organic stuff like terrain), but I'd love to have some more robust texture alignment features (snap to top/bottom/face/floor etc, basically the options available in WC) 
Gonna Read This Thread From Its Start 
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