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The TrenchBroom Level Editor
Today I am releasing TrenchBroom 1.0 for Windows and Mac OS X. TrenchBroom is a modern cross-platform level editor for Quake.

- True 3D editing, no 2D views required
- High performance renderer with support for huge maps
- Vertex editing with edge and face splitting
- Manipulation of multiple vertices at once (great for trisoup editing)
- Smart clip tool
- Move, rotate and flip brushes and entities
- Precise texture lock for all operations
- Smart entity property editors
- Graphical entity browser with drag and drop support
- Comprehensive texture application and manipulation tools
- Search and filter functions
- Unlimited undo and redo
- Point file support
- Automatic backup
- Support for .def and .fdg files, mods and multiple wad files
- Free (as in beer) and open source (GPLv3)
- Cross platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux supported)

Check out a video of TrenchBroom in action here.

You can download the editor here.

If you would like to give feedback, please do that in this thread. If you find a bug or have a feature suggestion, please submit them at the issue tracker.

If you are wondering where the Linux binaries are then sorry, but currently there are none. The Linux version has a few problems which I could not fix before this release. I will get working on those right away so that the Linux version should be available in a couple of weeks, too.

Finally, I would like to thank necros for all his work over the past year. Without his tireless efforts, TrenchBroom would simply not exist. Or it would suck.

Alright, enough of this. Have fun with the editor!

Update: 2.1 here:
Features "cool shit".
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I already have a build that will load models from scattered files. If you want it, send me an email to

The fix will go into 1.0.3, but I'm not going to release that right away. 
Needs Xonotic Support 
Needs to support Xonotic (runs on the quake1 based Darkplaces engine) like RIGHT NOW!

Awesome work, thanks for making this. 
Strange Texture Skewing 
I'm having a lot of trouble with texture alignment (as you may have seen on my other posts) but I haven't shown a picture. Essentially I've edited the verts of a brush so that I can create a kind of angular wall but the alignment is way off. Is there a way to align the texture to the face like in WC? Pictures below for reference -

I hope I'm not being annoying with bringing this up multiple times, this is otherwise an excellent editor (and I will probably end up dropping using Worldcraft entirely). 
This Is Not A Bug 
It's not a feature either ;-). This is how Quake does texture projection. WC uses a different type of projection that most compilers also understand, but TB doesn't support his yet. It's on the todo list though, and since a few people have already asked for this, I will probably get working on it soon. 
Crashes Using 3 Point Clipping 
Still trying to work out repro steps, but it has crashed each time I've tried to do any 3 point clipping. Might have to do clipping in multiple separate steps. I'll let you know if I find anything more specific. FYI, I've not had any of the problems others have in this thread so far (Win7-64bit, Radeon HD6850). 
Oh And 
This is with 1.0.2 and 1.0.1. 
Thanks for trying. I'm thinking it must be something with the renderer. 
Never realized you could split multiple edges at once if they share the same place.

Select two brushes that share a pair of vertex positions, double click the edge between those two and you split both edges at once AND the new vertices move as one.

I love this editor. ^_^ 
Mandatory *tips Hat To SleepwalkR" 
I hope this editor evolves to become "the standard Q1 editor".

Knowing how 10 minute ideas can at times take 2-days to reduce to code, and the sheer number of them, there are 53 different ways this is quite awesome.

Congratulations! Shall we all be fortunate enough to see more monumental acts of defiance against odds in the future. 
I Wouldn't Have Even Attempted This Without It

Thanks. :)

Also, I haven't done any of the documentation I said I would do because I was mapping. You have only yourself to blame! 
Necros you are an unstoppable beast... Really I'm blown away right now.

I was kinda hoping I'd get to crank out the first Trench map but I can't map so much at that pace. 
I've been testing it for the past few months so I'm pretty proficient with the interface, but this is the first chance I've had to do some serious non-stop mapping that wasn't trying to break anything. :P
I just really love how powerful the vertex manip is. In other editors I would always be careful to do my manip in a way that wouldn't crash the editor or break the brush. In trenchbroom I just grab a vert and move it any old way and it just works. 
Frogdammit. I do have the latest drivers for that card. In fact I have drivers newer than the last officially released ones for that card. Still made by Geforce but dated in 2005. The laptop is a 2002 model and doesn't support shaders which is why I was going to relegate it to something else. All of the other map editors work fine on it.

Oh well... 
Sorry, but TB requires shaders. I'll add minimum system requirements to the website. 
Can't run. After starting the program I get a message:

After pressing a button, the message is displayed again. So many times. Then the program ends

Windows 7
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 Series 
It Needs A Log File 
digs, I will add a log file to the next version. For some reason, some of the error dialogs don't show any meaningful information (even though there usually is some). Then we can try to fix this problem. 
God Damn 
this looks amazing! I may have to try this mapping lark again. Everyone: Expect lots of newb questions in the near future. 
Crash After Moving Program Dir (win7) 
I ran it yesterday, it was sitting in my downloads folder. So I moved it into program files today. When I open it now it instantly crashes. Does it store a config somewhere which I need to delete?

The copy in the old folder still works fine. 
It Seems 
2012 was a milestone years for maps, and 2013 is already a milestone year for tools.

Not even a quarter of the way through and we've already given vis times a big punch in the balls with Tyrann's new shizzle, and now this comes along which seems to be taking brush manipulation to a new level.

Do you know what I would absolutely love though:

The option of using a max/maya-style movement handle with arrows along each axis that you can pull to move in just that axis. The current movement is pretty great, but I find it's sometimes hard to keep it constrained to x or y, and with a max/maya type gizmo, I wouldn't need to keep holding alt to move in z.

That said, i've been mucking around making organic rocky stuff with this, and it's just amazing.... 
Make That "g" For Gizmo 
We had implemented movement handles at one point, but I found it to be unintuitive. I wanted ppl to be able to just grab objects and move them around. I can add a special mode for move handles, but it feels redundant. Let me think about it, maybe I can come up with a way to restrict movement axes that can be combined with the current approach. 
TrenchBroom keeps its config in the registry under


If you delete that entire key, does it work? I can't imagine why it would fail when you move the app, though. 
i think as an option that you can toggle with a shortcut it would be perfect because there's always situations where you want to yank stuff effortlessly in one axis without worrying about moving it in another. 
I Never Needed That 
but it seems that many people are used to what they can do in professional 3D packages. I'll see what I can do. 
About The Gizmo 
Trying out a cave wall, I sometimes accidentally push verts off into the distance. Having a gizmo with 3 axis and 3 planes would be really handy at times. (like this: )

The gizmo is one of those things I often lack in level editors for older games (most newer editors have them).

alternatively you could try having cubes for handles, and selecting the y-face on the cube would move on the y-plane, etc... you could have a similar system of bounding boxes when selecting an entire brush.

(on a sidenote, in the view tab, having the ability to hide vertex handles on backfaces could be useful) 
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