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The Ultimate Quake Fix Omega Mod
There are quite a few mods out there that aim to improve Quake's appearance - HD graphics, models, sounds - and some of them for years. Yet, to my knowledge, there has not been even a single comprehensive mod that fixes all those glaring gameplay issues we have been struggling with ever since the game's release 17 years ago.

So I thought it was high time to do something about it, and sat down to write a mod which addresses all those things. It is just a progs.dat with subtle changes, but in my view it absolutely enhances the game in almost every way and makes it a much more enjoyable experience than before. Heck, I had no idea what I was missing before playing this!

The mod works for stock Quake and pretty much all regular custom levels. Obviously not Quoth and the like, although support for those may be added as well in the future.

Have fun!

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I was just thinking about this the other day... and then BAM, negke gits 'r' done! Nische. 
This Fix Is A Game-changer For Certain 
I don't know how I coped without it. 
Shit Mod 
You should have included my Quake HD Ultra Quality Sound Pack Remastered 2012 pack and some modern textures. 
Quick Overview 
of the changes? Pretty please? 
I Was Depressed And At My Wits End 
and then this mod came along and changed everything. Quake is new and fresh once again! 
Changelog: Everything you could possibly improve has been, so a changelog would be astronomically long and take more bytes than the progs.dat itself! 
Yeah, I can't check this yet either.

What are the contents? Just the classic fixes like fish count and stuff, or more radical gameplay improvements? 
I would want to see an automatic gameplay linearizer that makes levels less confusing for people with broken senses of direction like myself. Together with this pack that would really be the "ultimate omega" in my opinion.

Not sure if QuakeC has the expressive power to allow implementing the AI required for that kind of mod though? 
Changelist would be nice tho. 
That would be great. It is a shame Quake had no func_invisiblewall otherwise one could just hardcode a list of entities per supported level to provide the guidance. Maybe silent func_push brushes around the paths would work as workaround? 
Here's A Video 
Showing how with the Ultimate Quake Fix Omega Mod, Scampsp1 goes from a 5/5, to a 6/5

It's the Quake we need, not the Quake we deserve. 
The description may be a bit misleading. What this mod does is take the best part of Quake and replace all the bad parts with it.

Yes, and the fish fix is in, too. 
I haven't had time to check all of the issues, but I can confirm that
is fixed with this mod. 
Curse Your Eyes! 
So All This Actually Does Is 
replace all of the enemies with tarbabies, and apparently has the fish fix.

what the living fuck?!

Also, a mod should delete this comment ;) 
Replacing All The Enemies With Tarbabies 
IS the fish fix 
Omega Indeed 
Non-stop Terror! 
Yeah, so as you might have guessed, this is indeed a joke mod. Originally, it was meant to appear in the context of something bigger which, unfortunately, didn't work out in the end. A humorous plead for more appreciation and love towards tarbabies. The title and description was supposed to be a jab at those HD mods with equally pretentious names, but it turned out to be mostly misleading in the long run and not that funny.

Still, pretty cool gameplay changes, don't you think? Even sock loves it!!! Makes you realize tarbabies aren't all that bad or difficult. 
Well, One Thing Is For Certain 
I Don't Know What Is More Shocking 
The mod itself, or the fact that there were seventeen comments from people playing along with the joke, completely dead-pan, including a Youtube video with dead-pan sarcasm comments from Scampie. 
Quake Community Working Overtime 
It's so beautiful to see :_( 
scampie your pov is crazy and it looks like your playing with a big black dick out in front of you rather than the shotgun. 
awesome ´┐Żbermod! 
it's fov 120, but I had just switched to a widescreen resolution to record and I didn't really notice how distorted it was. 
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