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Quoth Launcher - Open Beta
Ahead of the upcoming 2.2 patch for Quoth, we're holding an open beta of one of the new features. It's the Quoth Launcher, a humble batch file which makes it a bit easier to install and run custom maps, particularly if they come with sounds, models or skyboxes. The launcher operates on specially prepared pak files, drag and drop one on the launcher to boot up Quoth and launch straight into the map. Obviously this is all new, and a bit of a departure from the usual Quoth stuff, so we wanted wider testing and feedback before it goes out officially.

Grab the Launcher from and save it in your Quoth directory. You can take it for a spin just by double-clicking, but really you need some map paks. The following releases have been repackaged for the Launcher, thanks to the authors for granting permission

5rivers | apsp3 | e1m5quotha | fort_driant
��gatetohell | hrim_sp3 | mfxsp17 | src2

Grab one or more paks, drag and drop them onto the launcher, and have fun reliving a classic map.

Coming up next, the FAQ...
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The FAQ 
So what's the point of the launcher? The launcher tries to tackle a selection of little problems:
�� Getting Quoth to launch, which takes a few command line parameters to get exactly right
�� Loading maps once Quoth has launched
�� Making packages of maps with external files easier to install and uninstall
�� Keeping the Quoth directory tidy when lots of maps are installed
�� Avoiding the risk of file conflicts arising between map packs

While the first couple are not hurdles to any veteran player, I've found the system handy for the other parts - but don't discount the worth of making the mod accessible to a player who just downloaded Quake off Steam.

Do I have to use the launcher? No, it's entirely optional. Quoth runs just fine without it, and no future version will require its use, you'll just have to install and run maps manually.

I ran the launcher on the Steam version and all I got was an error message, can you help? The Quake engines that come with Steam can't run mods properly due to an interaction issue with the Steam interface. However, if you install a custom engine like then the Launcher will handle the rest.

How does the launcher select the engine to use? There's a built-in list of engines to look for in the Launcher. The engines straw poll let us rank the most popular engines; fitzquake085 came top so it's the first choice, then rough order of popularity followed by a random selection of old engines Preach had installed.

What if I want a different engine or command line? You can create a second batch file to call the launcher which specifies extra commands or a preferred engine, see for an example.

Why doesn't this work on Mac or Linux? We don't have a way of testing it on those platforms, but if you do and you're any good with bash scripting please drop Preach an e-mail so we can support them too.

Do the pak files have to be in the Quoth directory? No! You can keep them anywhere. Conversely, the Launcher must be in the Quoth directory, but you can make a shortcut to it elsewhere.

How do I package my map for the launcher? Pretty much just put all the files in a pak, then name the pak after the bsp file you want to launch. We recommend making the initial map a skill select map, as the launcher skips past the point you'd normally set skill in the console.

What do I do when I find a bug? Post in this thread or send Preach an e-mail

Can you have FAQs before anyone's asked anything? Yes. 
Tried To Download It... 
Then it said that it is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous 
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