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Let's Play: Black
Black is small 4 map episode by J.F.Gustafsson released in 1997. It lots of E1M2 style on display here. Beware of traps and backspawning! If you are looking for a map 'Quake the way id did it', these are reasonably close.

J.F.Gustafsson made several Q1SP maps, mostly with the same general theme of 'bricks and caves'. He also made a few Q2SP maps, 1964 being the map he is most known for. I don't know if he continued mapping beyond Q2.

Quaddicted Page

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I absolutely love these maps (and most of his maps)... but ugh the backspawning and even backspawning buttons can get annoying. I keep having to tell myself "Made in 97, Made in 97" and a lot of this was a lot more forgivable. 
After he did those q2 maps he got employed into the industry as a designer. Can't remember what games he's worked on but he's worked on some decent ones. 
Jerk's My "Boss" 
He's a cool dude, made a lot of levels for Enclave, Riddick, The Darkness and lots more. He's not really doing level design any more, but he's the game designer for the new Wolfenstein game coming out in a month. 
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