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Dealing With Stalled Mapping Projects
We probably had a thread like this somewhere in the past, but since it's relevant to me now and I'm too lazy to go digging through the archives I thought I'd ask the question again: How do you deal with mapping block, or ruts during the build of a map?

Basically the map I am working on now I hate and never want to see again, but I feel like I must finish it. It's not far from finished, but every little thing that remains to be done is the most agonising, tedious work and I don't really like the gameplay of the map, but just want to finish it and move onto something else.

In the past, I just stopped working on maps I didn't feel like working on and went back to them later (or didn't). This time, since the current map is part of a series, I feel that it must be finished.

Any advice for this situation?
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Outsource To Mfx 
that is very similar to the situation I'm in with Drake, except that I haven't lost enthusiasm for the remaining maps entirely, it's just that I'm always working on too many maps at once (I tend to work on episodes rather than maps, delaying my output). I was actually going to try to figure out a way to recruit some part-time contributors and have a thread (perhaps on here if it doesn't interfere too much) dedicated to making one last push to finish Drake. Like your map it is close, but it feels further than that.

Way back during making OUM, we had mappers block, so I ended up switching maps with Tyrann, which worked out pretty well (especially for me, heh). I actually think swapping maps would be a good idea just to see what someone else does with it; a new perspective on a map might help. Anyway, some initial thoughts. Going to play the jam2 maps now. Good thread topic, thanks. 
I Know This All To Well Than 
lets switch maps. 
Switching Maps 
Might actually be a cool idea. 
Send Them To Another Mapper. 
Or join another mapper that has some too and release an unfinished pack with a start map. It could work to encourage the mapper to work on it based on the comments, and if not, at least the map isn't lost forever. 
Not Exactly The Same For Me But... 
I had an unfinished map that was kindly picked up by Ericw and he did a bunch of work. After he'd done a bunch of work he got tired of it and after seeing everything he'd done I was reinvigurated again. Might be worth doing a collab with someone? 
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