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Map Jam 3 - "Zerst�rer" Theme Pack Released
Zerstorer and you know what that means, dark and GOTHIC as fuck. SPIKES. TWISTED WRECKAGE. DECAYING WORLDS. RUSTY EVIL. DARK ROCK THAT DRIPS BLOOD. Fuck yeah. - Shambler

Six visceral maps, assembled by six twisted disciples of The Destroyer: Daz, ericw, Ionous, mfx, scar3crow, Tronyn.

Download Readme Screenshots Discussion Thread

Happy Halloween!
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Great So Far 
Played ericw, scar3crow's, ionous and daz's. Leaving tronyn's until I have more time.

otp you didnt have a map? 
All Maps Played On Skill 1 (some Spoilers) 
jam3_daz - Best overall imho. Great balance of visuals and gameplay. Plenty of room to maneuver. Ran well even though it had a large open area. Only got lost once. Felt the most Zerstorery to me.

jam3_ericw - Had a lot of fun despite the ugly floor texture. Couldn't figure out how to get the Quad damage, but otherwise it was a fine map - ran well, played well, never got lost.

jam3_ionous - Tons of detail and atmosphere, but suffered from some gameplay issues. Kept getting hung up on awkward detail on the floor, especially near the curvy stairs, same with some enemies. Got lost because of the button in the water was small and hard to see - didn't make much sense that it was there or what it did. Got hung up for ~5 minutes because of that button. The gold door teleport/ambush felt bad. Looked great, but I felt game play suffered.

jam3_mfx - Looked great, ran terrible for me. I'm not sure if there's some trick or setting that I have to set to get these huge maps to run well, or if it's just my old computer, but this map stuttered consistently for me, and usually in the worst places ie ambushes. Got lost a couple times, first time primarily to the 'dead-end' that opens up when you get near it.

Got hung up on some of the little details - took a couple of Vore blasts because I fell into a little pothole or got hung up on some edge of something. Didn't feel too good about that. Great map overall with heavy performance problems for me and some awkward geometry which hurt gameplay a bit.

jam3_scar3crow - Not a bad map, but I couldn't beat the level because of some weird bug involving one zombie becoming invincible. The final assault went something like this for me:

Got Quad, killed first wave, ran out on second wave, died.

Killed first wave, got quad, missed some monsters in the pool, quad ran out, third wave, died.

Killed first wave, quad, killed second wave, fell in pool, couldn't get out, died.

1st wave, quad, 2nd wave, 3rd wave, spike ceiling out of fucking no where, died.
1st wave, 2nd wave, quad, 3rd wave, jumped in pool to survive spike ceiling, invincible zombie bug so I couldn't finish the map.
Moved on in frustration.

jam3_tronyn - This is maybe my least favorite map of the bunch. It's not a bad map, but it ran so terribly for me and I was so lost that it just became a slog to play through. Found 9 secrets overall.

The middle area was completely overwhelming. I just ran around like a mad man killing everything I could until it became a bit quiet. Only found the quad/pent secret after I had killed most everything. Killed I think 2 ogres and 2 grunts with the quad/pent. Felt bad. Got stuck in the little blood rivers more than once. Felt bad.

I'm not going to go into detail about why I didn't like this map, because it's not a bad map, I just don't agree with the gameplay or the performance. To be fair the stuttering could totally be just me, my PC, or my settings. Also, even with the quad secret, the ending felt frustrating. Died 4-5 times at the end. 
Bad performance in Tronyn's map is understandable, since the epoly reaches 100k in some places (one of them being the very start). But bad performance in mfx's is very odd. What's your engine? 
I'm using QuakeSpasm 0.85.9 with the commandline copied right from the Readme

-heapsize 65536 -game jam3 +map start

Video Options
Fullscreen On
VSync Off 
I was going to say try mark v but quakespasm handles mfx's map fine too for me. Regular fitz has some framerate problems in mfx's map and quite a few in tronyn's map.

Tronyn, in the readme it says your map does not work in fitz but apart from slowdown, it seems to run ok without any other issues? 
Re: Zwiffle And Nitin 
I may not have set Fitz right, but I used the latest version (0.85). I couldn't get it to load, but since it was just before the deadline I had to just assume people would use QS.

Sorry you didn't like the map Zwiffle. I was trying to make something Doom-style, but that design does not work in Quake the same way it does in Doom. 
Update QS To 0.9 
It should help with the slowdowns in mfx's map. 
0.85 is extremely outdated by now. 
Glad to see you back on func, Zwiffle!

Now go map. 
No Performance Glitches 
I played all maps, and all of them are running perfectly well on my system (Mac mini 2009, OS X Snow Leopard, 4GB ram). Frame rate is high (animation is extremely smooth).

The map I prefer is DaZ's.

There's a huge hole on a wall in ionous's map (bottom of a stair).

I hate the flying wizard model. This model is so lame ! I much prefer the Quoth monsters. 
QS .9 
MFX's map runs fine in .9. Tronyn's map still has some hiccups, but performance is much improved, it was nearly unplayable before but now it's just some minor stuttering. 
When does this hit the Quake Injector anyway? 
When Spirit is done removing my name from all centerprints and readmes. 
Once Again, An Awesome Pack! 
Great results. Some impressive visuals, and good fun gameplay. Here are some shitty demos where I play terribly and die a lot (protocol 666).

ericw: Cool little jammish map. Boxed as fuck, though. Proper Zer style, seemingly simplistic but effective. Some turrets would have fit well, though I believe the map is ID1.

scar3cunt: Hooray for your first map. It does look like one, but that's probably due to the time limit. Bit of exploration for gear, good. Though the base part is empty and looks out of place. Zombie part is kind of tricky, because screw the Screw cannon! End fight is nasty - was the crushes really necessary? You butte. Anyways, hope to see more from you!

Daz: I had my doubts as making a map that evolves around a large open area or tower-like structure can easily lead to failure, but this turned out surprisingly neat, and especially considering how much time you spent on it (including the crunch pressure) and the fact that it was all improvised. The last areas show your running out of time, but it's not a big deal. Wrong rock texture though! By and large, a proper little turtlemap... IF IT WASN'T FOR THE LACK OF AN UNDER-LIFT SECRET WHICH MAKES THIS MAP SHIT AND GTFO!!!!

ionous: Pure badass! Probably my favorite map from the pack. The style and architecture is 200% Zer, so evil and uncompromising. Loving it! Shame about the portal errors (invisible faces/HOM). The rising platforms should have been hidden or somehow barred (or inside the hurt trigger), I think, because it's easy to get stuck down there as the button to raise them is hidden.

mfx: Another original level by the terrain and woodwork dude, Trenchbroom booth babe no.1. It's pretty cool, though movement is awkward. Believable, interconnected terrain, bloodfalls and red fog, good style. Also so many secrets... of which I found hardly any (I did find two more secrets afterwards). Not sure if a bug or I just missed something, but I encountered a showstopper at some point: the part where the ceiling collapses after you enter the area with the three rune buttons. I fell down and couldn't get back up to get the sigil.

Tronyn: Holy shit. Another one out of your not-from-this-world scrap treasure chest. It looks great, truly impressive vistas, and lots of good exploration. Performance was kinda bad for me too - not surprising in such a huge open area. Not sure, but I could imagine the rain makes it even worse. [Zwiffle, perhaps try and see if this ent file improves it a little for you (rain entities spawnflagged out)]
Gameplay is typical Tronyn extreme. At first I found it to be quite overwhelming, with projectiles and especially hitscan attacks coming from all directions. But to my surprise it didn't take long for me to get into The Tronyn Zone and blast through the hordes - I very much enjoyed this map! Thanks for NOT keeping the rocket launcher from the player. Throwing more than two Nemesis at the player is evil, though.
Is there a black wings powerup hidden somewhere? Would have loved to fly around. 
Actually no, please repack it with lowercase filenames for Linux compatibility. progs.dat and pak0.pak are uppercase which will be unusable for engines that have no case-insensivity. 
It would have taken you less time to do that yourself than it did to write that post. 
The Tronyn Zone 
By the way, how do you play Quake, I wonder? You never posted any demos or videos that I can recall, but judging by your maps, you must be quite hardcore. I'm curious to see you play your own levels, Drake or otherwise! 
Whoever does the repack, make sure to include the Zer 1.1 update. Currently, the jam pack uses the old one. 
Really? I was sure I had it installed. 
Fix Available 
Hi guys, thanks for feedback so far. Strange nearly everybody falls off the checker secret and survives..
The following noclipping was terrible to see in your demos.
I decided to fix this, proper playtesting would have avoided this mishap i guess. Thats an excuse.

I dont know how we handle this in the final pak file.
I found the clipping error in Ionous map too, the map is too beautiful to not have this fixed. I say this having not spoken to Ionous by now.

Anyway, heres the link to my fixed map, the crusher doors open now right after you passed them .

Someone broke Quake Injector ... Database Parsing Error!

Line : 4936
Column : 37

The entity "ouml" was referenced but not declared.

Also, unicorns. 
Re: Negke 
When I release Drake I'll include some demos of playing my own maps; probably forest of flesh, nsoe3 and/or masque. I tend to play in a really chaotic and disorganized way, I like the freedom to just run around killing stuff. On the other hand, no map is too hard for PM, because he's patient and he actually thinks and strategizes while playing. 
A Fine Addition To The Map Jam Legacy 
Very enjoyable, atmospheric with the red fog and the central structure looming over the map. I enjoyed the fight by the silver key; the waves of enemies just kept on coming, to almost comical levels.

A fine entry. I found myself hopping all over the architecture to track down secrets that weren't there. I'm surprised you didn't you monster_ME here; he would have fit right in.

This only scratched the surface of my original plans, but I'm pleased I at least produced something.
I had meant to 'hide' the platforms with a black func_illusionary, but by the time I remembered I wasn't up for working on it anymore.
The HOM is unfortunate, but I don't know how to fix those. The architecture is directly mirrored from the other side of the floor, which works perfectly fine, so I don't know man.

The cream of the crop. I'm rather amazed you finished this in only, what, two weeks? Hugely atmospheric, great skybox, a unique beast. Truly you are a Quake carpenter. I did end up having to noclip past the moving wall...
Only found 3 secrets, but I'm sure a second playthrough would yield far more.

Congratulations for finishing. There were some nice touches here (the teleporting at the spikes), but the finale made me gnash my teeth.

There are some fantastic designs here, doubtless, but the hugely open-ended nature of the map, and the monotony of the encounters grew thin quickly, turning it into a joyless slog. I don't know how you fit this within normal Quake limits without using BSP2.

I have demos, I just can't remember the Quaketastic login. Anyone? 
Demos Are Here (Thanks MFX) 
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