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Map Jam 3 - "Zerst�rer" Theme Pack Released
Zerstorer and you know what that means, dark and GOTHIC as fuck. SPIKES. TWISTED WRECKAGE. DECAYING WORLDS. RUSTY EVIL. DARK ROCK THAT DRIPS BLOOD. Fuck yeah. - Shambler

Six visceral maps, assembled by six twisted disciples of The Destroyer: Daz, ericw, Ionous, mfx, scar3crow, Tronyn.

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Happy Halloween!
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Fix Available 
Hi guys, thanks for feedback so far. Strange nearly everybody falls off the checker secret and survives..
The following noclipping was terrible to see in your demos.
I decided to fix this, proper playtesting would have avoided this mishap i guess. Thats an excuse.

I dont know how we handle this in the final pak file.
I found the clipping error in Ionous map too, the map is too beautiful to not have this fixed. I say this having not spoken to Ionous by now.

Anyway, heres the link to my fixed map, the crusher doors open now right after you passed them .

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