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Map Jam 3 - "Zerst�rer" Theme Pack Released
Zerstorer and you know what that means, dark and GOTHIC as fuck. SPIKES. TWISTED WRECKAGE. DECAYING WORLDS. RUSTY EVIL. DARK ROCK THAT DRIPS BLOOD. Fuck yeah. - Shambler

Six visceral maps, assembled by six twisted disciples of The Destroyer: Daz, ericw, Ionous, mfx, scar3crow, Tronyn.

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Happy Halloween!
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daz: slow lift start makes it frustrating to run a lot, especialy since i wanted to do 2 gj's on 100 hp (or better a double gj) and there isnt any health around at crucial point. gj 3 and 4 can be done in once, thats a pretty tough one
eric:was first trying to voreball jump from GA when i discovered this route, wich leaves health for a ogregj start, but they arent positioned nice enough for me to try.
Ionous did this one on normal skill to get a helping hand :)
Mfx forgot to change back skill setting, was screwing up the rocky stair part a lot!
Scar3: Geez i suck with that cannon couldnt get near as fast killing the zombies with it as goign al the way around getting the chainsaw and do them one by one
Tron: didnt change client nor settings for epic big maps, so played rather choppy. but could find a pretty easy route 
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