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Hexen 2 As A Quake Mod
Inspired a bit by Arcane Dimensions, I was wondering how neat it would be if people were interested in a doing the odd Hexen 2 level. Of course it has hardly the appeal or popularity of Quake, so the engine projects are probably getting less attention than Quake's, so it's perhaps not attractive to map for, even as a one-off.

But then I wondered, how far from base Quake was base Hexen 2? Could, hypothetically, Hexen 2 be "rebased" as a straight Quake mod, perhaps with some small extensions to the Q engines (some of which might already have been done)?

If that were the case, would a Hexen 2 map jam or just some random occasional maps be interesting?

(currently slogging through hexen 1: deathkings)
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If You Need A FGD For H2 
Trenchbroom has a proxy one which has most of the stuff implemented. I also have this:!iBtEBCRL
It's TB's plus added models 
Does it still have the unique feature of applying lighting to torch flames and other objects that are supposed to be fullbright?

As I recall, it also doesn't support overbright lighting, which is especially disappointing in the light of the fact that it ditched the software renderer. 
BTW Kalango 
If you want to share files with people you will need to give them your encryption key. 
Err.. Meant To Say Decryption! 
Should've Been Public 
Hey, If You Wanna Play HeXeN II ONLINE ! DM TDM CTF CO-OP I Guess Even 
Hey, if you wanna play HeXeN II ONLINE ! DM TDM CTF CO-OP i guess even siege exist.
leave your ip here on this site and join other Servers !
there is a lot

Hexen 2 : 20 Year Anniversary Edition is also aviable there.
it has a lot FIXED stuff so it may can help you in the future.
i hope so

Tell your friends about it so com can grow faster !!!
and yeah i dont like hamachi !!!

in Hexen World you can save the ip were you have joined.
so you dont have to write it everytime again.
the same like in Quake II Adressbook !!!

and here a Quake 2 Server list: 
Free HeXeN II 
^^^^^ Is That Legit Or Spam? 
I'll Tell You In... 
a few after i finish downloading it. I have Hexen II legally, but I'm curious at 500MB who knows. 
Its Real. 
It may not be legal, but it's legit. Someone zipped up there H2 directory with a bunch of mods. 
Are They Any Good? 
I have mixed feelings about community updates. 
Its Legal 
HeXeNWorld.Org is the Official Home for HeXeN II and its Abandonware ! 
It's still being sold. How is it abandonware?

Official how? 
It's Not Legal 
.. Nor is it abandon ware. 
On The Subject Of Hexen II Mapping.. 
Thanks for the heads up about the missing Quake 2 file. It looks like I named the link incorrectly on the index page, that should now be corrected.

I'm glad that the updated definitions have seen some use, I fondly remember days of testing the entity keys and models. (I think TB uses a version of these?) The first map doodle was a Meso map I had spent time on a number of years back but hadn't continued. It would be interesting to do a collaboration sometime to either complete that, or work on different Hexen project. 
I'd be curious to know what was added in that 500M behemoth. There's also "The Ultimate patch for the Steam version of Hexen 2 (64-bit)" on that site, 200-ish MB .exe. All Windows-only I guess (no use for me right now, I am on a Mac)

I think I've come to agree with Sock that since the Quake community is more vibrant and Quake engines more sophisticated (and maintained), there's more chance of a good Hexen-style Level or Mod homage for Quake than a revival of H2 itself. 
Are there any Quake engines that support hubs? 
Fteqw supports hexen 2 even 
An Alternative To Hubs 
The size of some AD maps is larger than entire hubs in Hexen 2... 
if your only concern is the size of the maps, then just apply my bsp2 patch for markv(iirc) to some hexen2 engine, a tool already exist to compile the maps so that half of the work is already done.

support for OSX is ALWAYS going to be a pain (at least until there's a viable cross compiler that doesn't violate any licenses) - that's true whether its a modified hexen2 engine or a quake engine modified to have a hexen2 hud.

frankly the biggest issue with hexen2 mapping/modding is with the small number of people who actually own hexen2, AND still have it installed. The only real way around that is to recreate half of hexen2's content from scratch (and no, grabbing stuff from AD etc is NOT a viable solution). 
HoT Showerd Interest In Implementing Bsp2 
As for stuff like CSQC i have my doubts. But if you want to map i don't see limitations and since H2 is really cheap on steam.
The problem with H2 and FTE is lack of polish in some things, other than that is pretty fine for mapping and modding. 
Didn't Koth Have... 
...some sort of hub system? 
Lost Chapters 
Is an example although not exactly Hexen hub. With info_mapgates and session index numbers you could have things be triggered depending on change_level triggers. 
Fteqw Runs Hexen 2 Nicely. 
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