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Map Jam 7 - Back To Base Released
Download (45 MB including Quoth):

Screenshot medley:

Map Jam 7 is a single player Quake experience employing the Quoth mod, comprising of a start map - jam7_start - and five technologically-inclined maps.

Thanks to the mappers that took part:

Please remember to record a demo of yourself playing each level. There's a few first-time mappers here, and I'm sure they'd love to get some feedback on their respective maps.
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Looks nice Adib! 
Looks very well-detailed hallway to me. Are you going to continue this map until it's finished all the way through? It seems interesting. 

I am done with my jam 7 map and will not expand upon it in the spirit of Jam. If it comes to it, I might re-vamp it as a standalone using AD.

Adib, are you talking about:

I have ambitious ideas in my head, but I still have trouble making clean and interesting brushwork so it is hard to realize my image when it comes to the editor itself. Lots and lots to learn! 
Hahaha, yes, something like that. The tags and the editor rating there are the best!


Yes, I intend to finish and submit it... somehow. Maybe as a jam7 DLC if there is one. 
A couple screenshots

I've also got the "grey void behind the windows" problem in this map, but I thought it was some bug in my renderer.

A fresh jam is always good to get the juices flowing. 
For the same reasons I didn't used specific glass* texture in my map, instead I use just regular texture with alpha. I guess shininess not just grey has to do something with some tricks I don't know yet? Couple people talked about water combined with glass, or did I heard wrong. 
I got the grey void bug too, it was appearing in random places, not just the windows. I was just using Quakespasm though, I'm not sure what the map was tested on. I didn't get very far in the map because it weirded me out... 
Pretty cool map. A bit cinematic, without obstructing the gameplay. Though encounters, and impressive lighting. I still haven't beaten it. 
ArrrCee Playing Map Jam 7

He has some problems with running 2 maps... Worth investigating ans helping him to solve this problems. 
Quoth 2-2 
Seems like not having the patch issue to me, I already responded. It could be something else but the fact the same section broke on your map and mine makes me feel like that is the case. 
Yeah It's Quoth Version For Sure 
My map is broken too, it's the same issue mentioned before. 
Basically every map which used logic gates are broken, if not using the latest Quoth 2.2. 
Tens' map was easy, but my engine crashes when I get into the regular dodecahedron structure at the end. Also, lots of visual glitches in the dodecahedron structure as well as in the blue tubes leading to it. Not a fault of the map, of course.

The whole map felt like a prelude to a boss battle. 
Video Of Ionous' Map 
Here is a video play-through of Ionous' map you guys can check out.

Watch full screen. The video was recorded at the native resolution of the game engine running at 640x480 and 8x anti-aliasing. I used OBS and recorded at large / indistinguishable quality size and the microphone is on so you can hear me while playing. 
400 megs, yeah... I'm not gonna bother downloading that. 
and anti-aliasing?

Upload it to YouTube. YouTube's compression sucks for image quality, but it's way more convenient for watching. 
Yes, 640x480 And 8x AA 
Killpixel, yes, I think 640x480 is the ideal resolution for classic Doom and Quake One. I think the textures look the best as well as the geometry.

The anti-aliasing just looks better because the textures have pixel smoothing so the edges should be smoothed too. I did some experimenting and found the textures were designed to be run at 640x480 and they look the best at that resolution. I also just love it because I think it is classic and true to the nature of the game, but also the game when it was at its best.

Low resolution with high anti-aliasing looks so much better on a classic game like Quake than higher resolution. I just love it.

I actually made a post on my blog called "What Quake is supposed to look like" with some snapshot comparisons, so I'm very specific about how I like my Quake to look. 
That awful .lit pack will never die. 
John Carmack himself recommended a r_wateralpha value of 0.6 in the GLQuake readme.

Quake was never supposed to be that blurry; It's impossible to distinguish the individual tiles of the lower floor in your screenshot. Even WinQuake at 320x240 has a better texture definition than that... and the assets in Quake were primarily developed for software rendering.

Quake's software renderer calculates the mipmap scale from the surface vertex that's closest to the camera, so its textures looks as sharp as possible, with some moire artifacts when rendered at non-parallel angles. Hardware renderers goes the other way, calculating the mipmap scale from the point farthest away from the camera, which means that all points closer to the camera will be excessively blurred instead of generating moire artifacts.

So, if you want to have a better taste of "What Quake is supposed to look like", enable anisotropic filtering to get a sharper texture quality. 
You should turn off texture filtering too... Blured textures looks like shit. 
To Each Their Own 
I prefer a more "retro" aesthetic myself. That said, using AA defeats half the purpose of low resolutions. You say the textures look best at that resolution but you're using trilinear filtering in your example (??). I get what you're trying to do, I just think you're doing it, well, wrong.

I just love it.

That's all that matters, do your thing and take my opinion with a grain of salt :)

for what it's worth, this is my quakespasm config:

playdemo demo1
host_maxfps 144
gl_texturemode GL_NEAREST
gl_zfix 1
r_particles 2
sv_aim 1
Yeah, if you go above .6 water alpha it isn't even noticeable I think. .4 is about the lowest and .6 the highest. So, one of those three. I tend to like the crystal clear kind of water like you get in the tropics. So GL.

The blurring on the textures is only in the distance and anti-aliasing does not cause textures to be blurred, it only smooths out edges. The pixel smoothing which is on by default in GL like ports such as QuakeSpasm, but I know you can disable it with a console command.

I don't think QuakeSpasm supports anisotropic filtering. This is how classic GL games looked before anisotropic filtering and I ran GL Quake at the time at 640x480, so that is how it looked. This is part of the classic look.

I prefer the look of the game when it reached full maturity. That is how I played back in the day. In the same way that I played the GL version of Quake I also played the Doom 95 version of Doom the longest which upgraded the resolution to 640x480. 
I don't think QuakeSpasm supports anisotropic filtering.

it does :)


If you want the glquake aesthetic *shudders* you probably want to use GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR 
I don't think QuakeSpasm supports anisotropic filtering
It does, e.g. "gl_texture_anisotropy 16"
You could

Yeah, at the end of the day, it's personal preference. 
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