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Map Jam 7 - Back To Base Released
Download (45 MB including Quoth):

Screenshot medley:

Map Jam 7 is a single player Quake experience employing the Quoth mod, comprising of a start map - jam7_start - and five technologically-inclined maps.

Thanks to the mappers that took part:

Please remember to record a demo of yourself playing each level. There's a few first-time mappers here, and I'm sure they'd love to get some feedback on their respective maps.
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Somehow I fell into the lava and died the first time I tried to enter nightmare difficulty. I couldn't reproduce it though after a few more tries. 
I have recorded demos and done some basic tests on the beta2 version. There are some demos made on the original version too.

Should I post them here along with the results?

I could also send you a mail if you give an email address either here or by sending me a mail (click on my user name). 
Recorded In Quakespasm 

I sent you message* I should put my email address visible here as well. 
Thank you.

Mail with demos etc. sent.

You can give an email address here if you register. 
Curious if this release will be also available on Quaddicted in the future? :O 
If it will be, it would be nice to know way ahead before it happens. I simply don't want to be only one who made own map impossible to beat in easy mode. Rerelease is different story then, what I am working on right now.

And I assume every should be able to make it 'playable' in that sense. 
Really wanted to finish my map but I got busy with other things and just lost steam. Since I didn't finish I figured I'd offer the decency of submitting demos.

Not a huge fan of base maps but really enjoyed what everyone contributed to this jam. Lots of great ideas, solid designs, not a bad map in the jam.



+ Brush pr0n!

- Too short, got a taste of a level then it was over


+ Minimal lighting built great atmosphere

+ Vending machines! This could be a really cool risk vs. reward system in a future map

- Some areas of the map were too dark especially around the doors

- Pitch black hall would have been more interesting had you given the player the flashlight before hand, after the fact it's kind of useless.


+ Nice routing. What's essentially one giant room is routed well to make gameplay fun.

+ Enjoyed the exploration aspect of finding the rings to jump through

+ Great arena fights, I especially liked the first one. (Got stuck going up the second, had to noclip out of a ledge)

- Too much platforming. FP platforming is always tricky and jumping off ladders feels awkward.

- Not sure why you picked the waterfall texture as the platform to latch onto.


+ Solid level design with great detailed brush work

+ The most challenging of the jam (I didn't finish but will upload a new demo with your new version)

+ Silver key system was cool though I only found one

- I like a challenge but lack of items and weapon variety give your map an artificial level of difficulty. I was relying on a lot of in fighting through my playthroughs just to conserve ammo.

- Lighting. Too much colored lighting had me feeling like I was playing through Turok on disco mode. It made everything look way darker than it should have.


+ Nice curvy brush work

+ Big geometric heart looked rad

- Really short. Wish I had more to say.

Demos played on Normal difficulty. 
Quaddicted Cont. 

If there could be a heads up of the plan for uploading to Quaddicted I would appreciate it.

If there is some plan for re-worked maps to fix those elusive bugs then I would like to at the very least do two things:

1 - Fix wind pipe to prevent stuck players!

2 - Remove my void skybox and just make a *skyblack texture over it.

But if it is already in the works, no big deal. 
Okay, so much for that :p 
I think the whole point of a mapjam is that you're forced to complete a map in the given time period, and it's released as-is with the whole package. But there should be no compunctions against releasing an updated version as a standalone--it's been done before, after all!

Haven't had a chance to play these myself, but this weekend, hopefully. I will be sure to play NewHouse's fixed version, and post my comments on Quaddicted! 
Do People Even Read The Documentation? 
Quoth has had its own void skybox from the very first release. 
But that slipped my mind, I read Quoth documentation the first time I installed Quoth...not during this Jam. Regardless, glad I called my skybox void as it worked either way. 
I Really Enjoyed NewHouse's Map 
Just to say I've really enjoyed NewHouse's map as it is in the (first) mapjam release -- the feedback you've got so far is fair and useful, but just so it doesn't seem like nobody enjoyed the thing, I just wanted to say congrats and thanks! 
Grey Skybox/void For Ionous Map? 
I'm seeing a solid grey void out of the windows in ionous's map. Is that expected? 
Thanks, Jonathan. I really would like at least someone say something good about colors/idea behind them, even though they might not seem that well made.

Dealing with shadows and lights seems like hard thing to execute well. Lighting can be too dark or some people aren't used to fact they don't need to see everything.. that is the purpose of negative space, which I am trying to capture here.

I don't want to sound mean or anything, but shadows will be part of my vision. I have been couple days figuring out how to make blue lights works better gameplay-wise.. colored lights are used strongly in old horror movies, which can look like being in some kind of disco. But colors will play bigger role than just making things visible 100%. My intention is not to highlight every little detail what I put on brush work, so if someone don't like colors used this way, I do appreciate your point but I want to keep my personal main focus the same. 

I see that the virtual safety net eluded you among others. This just shows me I need to show by example and not center print...I don't blame people for not trusting the void! Good place overall and you were so close with the Gug!


Good play, you went through the map how I intended and you rarely lost your place...very refreshing to see! You play very well!

To comment on your cons:

Ladders are finicky, I will not be using them as a platforming gimmick along the main route ever again.

I chose waterfalls because I wanted something out of the ordinary...this brings me back to Shadow Man where Michael could climb falls of blood.


Thanks for playing the map and recording a demo. I can't comment much since it ended about 10% through. Perhaps playing on a lower difficulty would have allowed you to experience more of the map! 
What was the point of the 'virtual safety net'? When I saw it I assumed it was advising me that if I fell into the void I would not die. If so, you did not need to tell me as I would find out IF I fell. And, by telling me about it, it kind of spoilt the fear factor of manoeuvring close to a void.

I might suggest a small health penalty would be in order if you did fall.

If that was not the point, then I haven't a clue.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable map. Well done. 
I don't think that this fear factor is necessarily a good thing. Spending most of the level being afraid of falling, and then discovering that it was pointless, may lead to disappointment.

In general, it's usually a good thing when dying (or suicidal behavior) isn't required to understand the rules of the game. 
Into The Void 
I assumed it was advising me that if I fell into the void I would not die.

That's basically what the message's purpose was.

The void was not meant to harm or be a risk to the player. They were encouraged to jump around and use it for getting around the map should they choose to explore.

Some demos had people hesitating or ignoring the rings as it would lead to "fatal" drops to the void. So a quick and dirty way was to just flat out tell the player. 50% successful but that's the learning process!
Thank you Mike, glad you enjoyed! 
Hey Bloughsburgh, are you going to make bigger version of your jam map, because that would be awesome! I always though water could be used that way, like a lift but you have more control over it, it feels just right imo. 
#115 Newhouse 
There were a bunch of multiplayer Quake levels back in the day that used water as "ladder". I played maps on lan houses circa 1999 without level art at all: the design was bare minimum to make gameplay work. Ugly as fakk, but some played fairly well. Many of them used a naked water column in the middle of nowhere as a tool to climb up. 
I Continue 
to make my map. With a whole section greyboxed, I started to model the real assets. This is a basic corridor, now revised, surface lit and phong shaded: 
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