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The NetRadiant Level Editor
NetRadiant-custom is continuation of NetRadiant, based on GTKRadiant, which supports numerous games, with some emphasis on Quake.

win32 build
win64 build

Simple install instructions are included in q1pack\q1pack.txt
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That is one spicey changelog!

Will give it a spin this evening :) 
google says it's a thing, though not very common... still can't find a solution though. must be my system. 
-I recall internet topics about windows, disabling aero for applications sometimes; there was a solution too; reason to disable was wrongly detected low performance iirc
-There is a way to disable aero via compatibility settings of windows application
-Normal Netradiant is disabling aero to fix rendering issue; Custom one does not, since it's fixed (are you speaking about custom one?) 
are you speaking about custom one?

Occurs with both Ingar's package and this custom one. I haven't tested others. I'm sure it's my system, I just haven't investigated it very deeply. 
Cmdline 724 951 90

to match in game and cam window 
Rariant/Aero Update 
The issue doesn't occur when using an old gpu and legacy nvidia drivers. Tinkering with latest drivers has proven futile so far... 
Clipper and brush creation, working in camera, among other things. 
NetRadiant: TrenchBroom Edition 
Nice! Will give this a whirl :) 
In my previous version I could select serveral brushes with shift and left mouse button. How it worked now? 
I Already Figured It Out. 
Another question. I now move and highlight the brushes with the right mouse button. This creates complexity, because if I accidentally clicked the right mouse button with CTRL, then all the surfaces that were highlighted are canceled and only one is selected. Can I somehow disable a selection of CTRL + right mouse button? Now the selection works as a left button and this is enough 
ctrl + m2 is tunnel face selector, allows selection of face behind face and to avoid hitting 'deselect' all the way.
It's not optional.
This is expected problem, when adding new actions to combinations, which were doing nothing before; afaik it's not too costly to get used to.
Mouse shortcuts are documented btw, help->mouse shortcuts. 
Yes, I'm just used to navigating with m2 and Ctrl + m2. Therefore, I accidentally select something. I hope that I will get used to it. Thank you 
For the future (if possible): please add to the map info the number of clip brushes.

Now I do map for 100brushes, and can't see, how many clip brushes I have 
Ic; m2 alone does navigation in Ctrl + m2 style atm.
Hopefully this solves the problem. 
Yes, But Not Yet Customary :) 
I will be retrain 
Clip Brushes Info 
is quite specific.
I think about 'show selected objs count in statusbar, when selected; total when not'
Atm you can use 'm3 on clip face, shift+a, i, z' combo to get this info. 
Wow! Cool ))) 
Regroup Entity 
Did you break or change the former regroup (now "move pritimives to entity") function in the latest WIP build? Originally I would select the brush entity with shift+a, then the world brush and hit regroup in order to add the brush(es) to the entity, but this doesn't seem to work anymore?! 
Old one had some bug so was replaced. Now you select brush, select entity and link. 
Regroup is replaced by 'move primitives to last selected entity', requiring no shift+e and determining target entity by ultimate selected primitive.
Also EntityMovePrimitivesToFirst command is added to be used, if old logic feels more convenient.
Entity menu->worldspawn does 'ungroup selected primitives'.
Entity menu->worldspawn rmb does 'ungroup whole entities'. 
Free vertex editing and uniform merge for your best pervertion! 
Good stuff as usual. I found the "Trenchbroom lines" a bit overpronounced at first, but I suppose I'll get used to them. They are helpful. And I like the new brush size display in camera mode.

Odd, though: suddenly the textures in the texture browser window are overly bright vs. the camera window where they are fine. 
Can't Wait To Give This Update A Whirl 
NetRadiant is the fine leather Chesterfield of Quake editors. 
Blown Out Gamma 
Has something to do with new nvidia drivers negke, 399.24 is the last version without the issue, unless latest is fixed 
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