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First Blood Source Port
BloodGDX is a new project from the maker of BloodCM. BloodGDX is a java port created by decompiling the original blood exe.

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Steam discussion thread
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Version 0.768 Is Fantastic 
Been playing Death Wish with it and I'm having a blast. It's amazing being able to revisit this masterpiece in high resolution and with more than 20 frames per second. The voxel support introduced with this version makes it pretty much complete now.

The port is also very stable; not a single crash so far. The only problem I encountered was a bug with portals that create halls of mirrors, but that's it. 
Hey skacky, were you able to complete finish Death Wish using BloodGDX? is it completely playable? 
I haven't finished it yet. I'm a couple maps into the third episode. The only issues I've encountered is the room over room portal and some strange warping on the first map of episode 2 in one of the convoys. 
v0.766 (4 June 2017)
1. Added GUI lancher with version check
4. Added time delay in statistics screen
5. All savefiles and config file now stored in user.home folder
6. You can put usermaps in "MAPS" subfolder
7. Userepisodes detecting in subfolders now (ini file and map files must be in same folder)

v0.767 (5 June 2017)
3. Added map v6 support (not crypted, shareware version)
4. Added QFN support

v0.768 (16 June 2017)
1. Voxels support
2. Dynamic fire is workng now (tile = 2342)
3. Added cutscenes (without sounds yet)
10. Added load screen before loadgame
11. Slope tilting added
13. Added akimbo tesla
14. Alpha maps can now be launched

v0.769 (24 June 2017)
1. axisY of mouse more smooth
2. projectiles flying up to parallaxed skies now
6. mario cheat without numbers input will end the level
8. saves game from v1.21 support
17. "fire" effect now working with all palettes 
The newest version has proper widescreen support now 
Finally HD Blood ! 
This Might Be One Of The Worst HD Packs I've Ever Seen 
I Just Vomited 
Nostalgia For Mid-2000s Rising... 
Newest version has ROR support 
Latest Version Has Lots Of Slowdown 
at least when I am playing Death Wish. 
Try deleting the voxels 
That Certainly Helps 
It could be worth adding a feature where voxels only show up within a certain distance? Kind of a 'level of detail' thing for performance? 
As an aside I am running a pretty decent machine. I7 4790k and a GTX 970 gpu, so it's surprising to have performance issues for such an old game. 
Now it only needs audio playback on the videos, it seems.

Too bad it requires Java, but I may install Java just to play this. 
Too Bad It Requires Java 
just play the previous version instead (duke32) 
There is a portable version that does not require installing the java runtime 
Newest version has cutscene audio now 
<a href="">Here's another standalone (no Java) launcher.</a>

Ive followed this guide and I still cant get the cutscenes to play.

It seems as simple as putting the .wav and .smk files from the .bin into the Blood directory with BloodGDX and everything else...but it doesnt work? 
Look at the post by gordon81 
Standalone BloodGDX using OpenJDK, just drop your Blood install into it and double-click the EXE. Works wonderfully! 
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