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New Q1SP: Temple Of Quake By Esrael
Since Spirit is even more useless than I am, this is now up on Quaketastic: Temple of Quake, a new SP and DM level by Esrael.

An around medium-sized runic temple with a graveyard surrounded by rocks. It is somewhat unique in that the level can be finished fairly quickly, but in order to visit all areas and get better equipment it requires exploration and secret-hunting.

This is Esrael's first attempt at mapping. Using Trenchbroom, the author went nuts on terrain which caused some problems for compiling. The original release was leaked, boxed and unvised, in addition to exceeding some stock Quake limits. Since the map map source is included as "public domain", I took the liberty of fixing the aforementioned technical problems. The rest remains unchanged.

Screenshot Screenshot
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Realtime Lighting Patch For Dark Places Players And More 
Hi everyone!

A little over a year ago in June, I worked on and almost finished making realtime lighting for the map. After having completed my newest map, I finally found the inspiration to finish the lighting and decided to upload version 3 of the Temple of Quake here, so all you who play on Dark Places and have just been dying to play the map with rtlights, your wishes have been answered! ;D

Download link

Complete list of changes:

- A few minor texture corrections.
- Fixed a teleporter in deathmatch so players won't get stuck in the pentagram room.
- Removed unnecessary functions from entities to make the map compatible with Omicron bots.

Changes for playing on the Dark Places engine:
- A slight relocation of two entities, to prevent them from falling off the level.
- Realtime lights added.

Note: If you play with high/ultra-resolution textures and the realtime lights simultaneously, be prepared for some terrible performance in the main temple room, especially. (I play on 1440p, 100 degrees FOV and QRP textures with normal/bump maps, and my i7-8700K/GTX 1080 machine crawls down to 40-50 FPS at worst, when it's normally around 150 FPS.)

So what you might want to do is play on a lower resolution (maybe on windowed mode to keep the HUD nice and crisp), decrease texture quality to -2 or lower in DP settings, turn off normal maps or turn off high-res textures altogether etcetera. 
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