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"New" Q2SP: Citadel V3.0 Released
Hello everyone, long time no see. Some of you may remember Citadel, a Quake II unit that I released in 2007 (version 2.0 came out in 2009). Two years ago, having noticed that my levelpack had disappeared from the web, I decided to bring it back to life, but this is more than a re-release. Citadel 3.0 contains two more maps than the previous version, bringing the total to nine (eight regular levels and a secret level). All the old maps have been revised and re-compiled, with more or less evident changes in visuals, layout and gameplay. For those of you who have never played it, Citadel is an old-style unit featuring a wide range of entities from Ground Zero, The Reckoning, Zaero and Lazarus, along with completely new entities. I hope you will enjoy this levelpack, comments will be most welcome.

Download Citadel for Quake II (31 MB)


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Citadel is not compatible with Knightmare, because it contains special entities that are not recognized by the custom engine. If you play Citadel under Knightmare the game will apparently work, but at some point you will end up stuck since critical entities are missing. If you have Knightmare installed on your computer you can still play Citadel: carefully read the instructions on how to setup the game in the correct way.
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Is there anyone willing to make an idiot-proof config/executable to make this run on kmq2? 
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