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Why Did You Start Mapping And Why Are You Still Mapping?
For me it was because I was a kid in school and I wanted to do 3D because it was the cool thing to do, but I couldn't get my head around 3D Studio MAX (however I know now it was shit back then and it still is!), so I decided to try UnrealED after being so mightily impressed by the unreal setting of Unreal. I then couldn't get my head around how to make stuff in UnrealED because it was so... different, but then came Radiant and it all made sense and I found the joy of my life and from the year 2000 until around 2003 I made a shitlode of maps.

From before and around the same time I did a lot of 2D-level editing for Stunts, The Incredible Machine, Red Alert and Red Alert 2 (including Yuri's Revenge).

Then from 2003 I had my "art" period that lasted until 2016 in which I only did level design not for functional purposes but to complement backgrounds of artwork I did or to just plan out environments and settings, but last year, I started doing Quake 2 level editing as a hobby (I started a new job as a software developer and moved towns etc.) and I've been on the grind ever since because IT. IS. FUN.
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In my head Text_Fish was talking with a Max Payne Voice. He should become an author of epic intermission text walls. 
@brassbite lol yeah, the Max Payne voice really does suit that bullshit story. 
It's Addicting. 
I was always fond of game editors, so the availability of tools was as important for me, as anything else. I remember picking Serious Sam and being so glad that there were editing tools right here on the disk ! BTW, there was a neat option to change the hue of textures. I made some maps for CS and HL1/2 ('cause they were and still are my favourite games and game magazines published articles about Hammer quite frequently), but never was able to launch them (it was a pure graphomania), until the last year or so. And still, I hardly ever finish anything. My biggest accomplishment is the map Wolfenberg 3D that was featured (and maybe still is featured, 'cause the game's pretty dead) in Gunscape.

Also sunk countless hours in Little Big Planet. Funnily enough, I approached it most seriously, like planning ahead, drawing schemes and stuff. Usually I just put whatever I feel like. 
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