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Quake Christmas Calendar Jam
sock talked me into this!

I considered doing some Xmas event for years, but it never happened for the usual reasons. Something like a Christmas calendar where there's a new little singleplayer map behind each door. Based on this and the fact that a big update for Arcane Dimensions is scheduled for Xmas, we came up with the idea for this mapping event:

24 x 1024^3 maps for AD

Essentially a mapping challenge. The maps should use AD and fit within a 1024*1024*1024 box, similar to what we did in SM127.

The restriction is tricky, and it should be interesting to see how people tackle it and make the most of the limited space. Think inside the box. Part of the reason for this is to keep the maps managable in terms of size and playtime. Small 5-10 minutes levels instead of huge limit-breaking megamaps that may not make the deadline. We need 24 in total!

The key is to re-use the space. Something along the lines of "climb up, drop down and the existing area changes, stuff spawns, stuff moves etc." This is where AD comes into play, as it offers a wide range of options and possibilities. Check out the test maps, use them as templates, experiment. This may be good practice and fun.

The deadline is 30-Nov-2017 18:00 (Func time).

Send to the email address in my profile. Needless to say, the maps need to be fully compiled and tested, have skill settings and run on AD 1.6. Must use standard BSP format and not exceed protocol 666 limits (aim for protocol 15 if possible).

If you have technical questions, sock can be messaged through the usual channels, preferably the Terrafusion discord. Or drop them here to be forwarded.
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18 Func Time (24hr Clock).... 
Would be 12 Eastern Time here in the US, 11 CT, 10 MT, etc...

Func time is Germany time. 
Map Sent! 
Happy Holidays everyone. Will be gone until the New Year. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work then. 
Due to the heavy workload at work at the end of the year I missed the deadline. I will finish and release my map separately in the second half of January 2018.

Sorry guys. I'm failed all my mapping projects in 2017/ 
Dont Worry About It, Im Not Done Either 
My time management is as poor as ever, it turns out, but after sixty-two hours awake I popped off an email carrying xmasjam_tens just before noon local time (EST). I had no end of other stuff I wanted to do with this level, but given the unfathomable frequency of distractions tugging me away from Quake mapping, I was only able to do so much. Luckily most of that is stuff I'm content with.

Now I'd love to stay and chat but I was honest to god hallucinating during my mapping earlier today, so if you'll excuse me. 
Dude. Sleep!

Looking forward to seeing whatever you created in your altered state, but... don't do that. :-) 
I Dunno 
Some of my best mapping ideas cam from dreams. Curious to see how trippy his map is. 
My retro jam 6 map was made on sleep deprivation, cannabis and caffiene. 
I Do It Because I Love You 
And because I'm an overgrown child who can't make responsible life choices, but mostly the love.

Do keep your expectations low though! I should be so lucky to wade into the deep end of the creativity pool.

Interesting (to me) note: I shit you not I ended up building an area in this map that, though mundane, was something I swear I distinctly remember building in a dream. Yes I have dreams about mapping, and I think I did this one already. Had the same kind of problems with it, too. Feels creepy, in the best possible way. 
Received A Bunch Of Maps 
Thank you, guys! 
Yeah, don't do that shit Tens. It's not worth it, take it from an old burnt out mapper who regularly used to do that. Stupid little hobby Quake maps ain't worth killing yourself over.

I put off my map too long, tried to hack together an old scrap these past couple days, and didn't end up finishing either. Oh well, another couple scraps on the pile to be finished someday. 
Little Heads Up 
Sorry for the delay. Just waiting a little while longer for FifthElephant to finish his map. It's almost done! 
I'm out of town and don't have access to a computer, but I'm still hyped! 
Can't Wait 
As long as it's out for the 28th (my birthday) there'll be no law suit from me. :P 
lol jk im not negke 
Oh no! *Rage quits forum...* 
Will Be There A Start Map ? 
And how many maps are expected ? 
Bloody Hell 
So after all the delays and then some extra shit hitting the fan because why not, I'm finally packing it up and am going release the thing today!

The pack features 11 cool maps by 11 cool people; 0 start maps. Even if the advent calendar idea didn't pick up, and I failed to live up to the task of jam organizer hype train chauffeur, it's a very nice outcome. Thanks everyone for participating! 
I know what I'll be playing tomorrow. :) 
Don't Forget A Freaking Poster! 
I know there's already a cool video. But I poster/preview in the pack would be great too. 
By the way, the 2017 Dedication Award goes to ItEndsWithTens! I can imagine the delayed release must feel a little bit dickish considering your crunch mode, even if unintentional. 
I wouldn't say "dedication" quite so much as "lack of time management skills and respect for his health", but thank you anyway.

Really the only thing I'm worried about with the delayed release is my map not being able to live up to what people might expect. Sleep-deprived, hallucinatory madness sounds exciting, then "oh, this is just...this is just a map". I'm quite happy with what I made, but it's nothing crazy. I shouldn't have even brought up how long I spent toward the end there, I sounded awfully proud of myself when it was meant to be more "hey look how dumb I am". 
Does this put us up past 100 maps in 2017?? 
Ooh great idea, you seem to be really passionate for that poster inclusion. Perhaps you can make one for the release! 
It Was My Birthday Yesterday... 
...and having this to play through was the best gift I received!

I haven't finished all the maps yet but I'm loving what I've played thus far.

Thanks for making a middle aged manchild feel young again. :) 
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