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New Q1SP: The End Of Solace
Inspired by E1M3 and started way back in late 2015, this is technically my first solo single player release.

Since starting "The End of Solace" I have contributed to RetroJam 6, MapJam 9 and sm179 but I finally decided to finish this one. I'm pleased with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it!

11 Secrets / monster counts are:

Skill 0: 82
Skill 1: 93
Skill 2: 101

Coop is supported but not tested.

[Includes bonus screenshot you've probably seen above]

Tested with Quakespasm, Darkplaces, Mark V, FTE and others.
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Great Map Dude! 
Loved the gloomy look and retro feel of the map. Gameplay was very fluid and fun. The 2 Ogres in that first hallway attacking from above really brought back memories of the original E1M3.

Just wanted to let you know I played using the Quakespasm-spike engine and it work flawlessly; absolutely no issues whatsoever! Some screenshots: 
Going To Be Playing Through This In About An Hour 
Congrats On The Release, Buddy 
skill 3 demo, 20min of actual play and 10 minutes of me wandering around and looking for secrets 9/11

thank you 
Congrats Dumptruck!

Had a great time on this one, felt retro and pretty believable that it could've been released back with the old id maps.

I'm not much of a mapper so I can't speak to detailing the map much, but what I can say is the language to the player and the flow of the map is really good. I love that the shooty button at the beginning lets you know, hey, there will be some of this in the map and then the rest of the map keeps that shooty button theme going for secrets and the one trap hallway.

Speaking of flow though, I loved how this map bounced form area to area. I never felt lost and each room offered up a new and different challenge. From platforming, to traps, to ambushes. Nice work on the variety here!

I didn't really get that shortcut area with the teleporter an d ogres at the end that leads over to the main exit. Was that a joke? I was a little confused by that. =) 
Thank Guys! 
@Butane thank you for testing it out. Those shots look great! Really glad you liked it.

@Spy - will watch your demo this evening THANKS for playing it.

@ionous - will def watch the replay tonight as well thank you!

@Arrrcee I posted this on your channel but it's important that others find out about his little bug:

Hey Arrrcee. Thanks for playing the map! What source port do you use to play your maps? There seems to be a bug that occurs on that smaller teleporter across from the larger Stargate looking exit. When you approach the teleporter there should be a message that says: "Explore?" The message should go away when you hit the button and lower the spikes blocking the teleporter.

I obviously messed this section up though. You definitely will not be able to enter that little teleporter until the spikes lower on the main exit. Weird that the "Explore" message didn't trigger for you though. I've seen one other instance of this but it works for me.

The two monsters you missed? I think they were in the first spike trap area. You bolted thru that. Two Ogres above. Thanks again! 
Posted My Playthrough

~18 mins, 6/11s, 101/101k.
Be advised it's all in french, but whatever. 
Had fun watching your playthrough and was much more careful with the readme this time! No Quoth required. LOL.

Thank you for playing! 
Yours was my favorite demo so far. A few funny things like the grunt's head bouncing in your view in that final area and how you lured another grunt to walk on top of a grenade... hilarious!

You are the only person who rocket jumped up into the Ogre platforms near the "zombie chapel." I feel bad for not putting at least a clue or secret there!

There are two secrets in that same chapel area you missed. Both in plain view. You were very close to one - recall the clue: "The darkest light the way." I think only two other players have found that. Also, you get the rockets but didn't trigger the secret correctly. I need to clip and killtarget stuff like that for expert rocket jumpers like you. I usually will not require rocket jumps for secrets. Just a preference of mine.

I don't want to spoil anything for subsequent players... so that's all I will say. Thanks for the demo was great fun to watch! 
where exactly do I put HD shambler files to be used with these ID/vanilla only releases/maps pls? 
where exactly do I put HD shambler files to be used with these ID/vanilla only releases/maps pls?

The mdl files go in id1/progs. Alternatively, you could create a directory called e.g. "ShamblerHD" in your Quake directory, and put the mdl files inside ShamblerHD/progs, and then launch the game with "-game ShamblerHD". That way you can always decide whether you want to play a map with the HD model or without it. 
Anyone Order A Demo? 
Full playthrough with commentary, 1st run hard skill, no deaths:

Really enjoyed the old school feel, and all the broken bricks and parts where you could see into other sections. Combat was ok, never too difficult and ammo was plenty.

Some strange parts I got stuck at, a portal that opened but I couldn't enter, and figuring out how to progress past the rocket launcher, but otherwise no big deal. Couldn't find the super secret...

Good job. E1M3 lives again! 
Glad you like it. The teleporter bug was caused by a late addition of mine in that area. So frustrated that I let it out that way! I explained it above in #26

Lesson learned. Don't be in a rush to release your map after making a change to teleporters! Test and test again! 
Good one, cheers for finishing it eventually. Classic-feel map with a touch of Zer thanks to the red liquid. Many easy secrets which seems to add to the classic feel.

Not sure why this has to break the limits.
Enjoyable level, and a fairly useless shortcut (should have been at the bottom instead?)..

Thanks for the demo - will check out.

Not sure why this has to break the limits.

I'm fuzzy on limits overall TBH. I've mostly made DM maps over the years so SP is kinda new for me. I playtest in multiple engines that are readily available. If you have any suggestions or can point me where to learn up on what you're referring to, fire away. 
Quakespasm prints warning messages in the console when loading a map in developer mode (developer 1 command). Depending on what it is, there are a couple of things one can try to fix it. Usually it's about optimizing the map towards using fewer entities or simpler structures. If anything like this comes up in your next map, let's see if we can figure something out. 
In addition to that, I often use winquake.exe for testing things, since it's the official id engine, and still works on modern Windows. (question, is that the right one to use?) 
Cool beans. Can Quakespasm dump those errors to a log? 
Quaddicted Link 
Here's the Quaddicted link if admins want to add to OP - if not here 'tis. 
Can Quakespasm dump those errors to a log?

yeah, use the "condump" console command (saves current console log to gamedir/condump.txt)

or alternatively add the "-condebug" commandline option (saves console output to 'working directory'/qconsole.log) 
Awesome. For my reference and anyone else who cares, here's the dump:

SpawnServer: endofsolace
Clearing memory
Programs occupy 403K.
maps/endofsolace.lit loaded
47 entities inhibited
walkmonster in wall at: '-352.0 480.0 441.0'
Warning: 10314 byte signon buffer exceeds standard limit of 7998.

Server spawned.

Serverinfo packet received.

The End of Solace
Using protocol 666
Warning: 260 models exceeds standard limit of 256.
FindFile: can't find music/track11.ogg
FindFile: can't find music/track11.flac
FindFile: can't find music/track11.wav
CL_SignonReply: 1
Warning: 242 static entities exceeds standard limit of 128.
CL_SignonReply: 2
CL_SignonReply: 3
233.0 megabyte data cache
CL_SignonReply: 4

I missed the monster stuck in the wall. Poor guy. Spawned directly into rock!

As far as the other limits, I assume static entities are func_wall, doors etc. Models are obvious. No idea how I exceeded the signon buffer or what that or how to avoid it.

Am I really supposed to stick to limits from 21 years ago if I am making a vanilla map? 
Models = precached mdls + individual brush entities. Simplest way to reduce is turning triggers (e.g. monster teleporters) into point entities.

Static entities = torches, flames, illusionaries, ambient sounds. Trickier in your case, but there are some things one can try.

Signon buffer = all visible (or audible) things that spawn on map start. Not sure, hard.

Basically, what I mean when addressing issues like these is:

1. Unless it's a huge map that's way beyond the limits - if there's a chance to optimize a map to work within 'vanilla' limits, it's worth the effort for players outside of the Quakespasm+ circle.
2. Even if it's only for the learning effect - assuming you also want to acquire some deeper understanding of the tech and not just content yourself with 'duct tape releases'.
3. Ignore OTP. 
You can be sure I always want to learn and improve. So #42 is appreciated. :) 
Hey Dumptruck 
I did a stream yesterday and thought I would share my thoughts on your map.

The area directly to the right of the start area, the hole in the wall. If it looks like the player can go through it, they will try. Please don't do this =P

Theme wise, excellent choice and execution. One thing that I really liked was the green runic stuff on the pillars which contrasted really well with the red blood/water texture.

Very good visual language at the start with the gates and doors, makes it easier to remember paths when there are bold memorable colours to the areas. The names of the doors probably help reinforce this.

I really liked the long hallway area with the extending bricks. Very cool.

Some of the secrets were waaay easy. But thats ok I guess.

Gameplay was pretty good too. I have no real complaints here man. Good job. 
Thanks! I'm glad you got a chance to play it. That area at the beginning was literally the last thing I added and I was a bit careless. Lesson learned for sure. :)

The question is: Would Repus like it? 
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