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QuakeDroid - Quake For Android
QuakeDroid is Android Quake that should run on any Android phone made in the last 5-6 years, but has only been tested on 2 phones (one 32-bit, one 64-bit).

Designed to have controls similar to popular mobile games (/cough Minecraft). Went deep on the documentation to try to empower the user.

Does not require Quake to install, it downloads Quake shareware on startup.

* How to put your TrenchBroom/J.A.C.K map on your phone
* Where is your Quake folder?
* Difference between shareware vs. registered Quake
* Put registered Quake pak1.pak from Steam/GOG on your phone
* How to set a startup command line.

The menu has 2 methods of navigation, you can touch items like "Single Player" or manually slide the volume slider bar or use the menu nav buttons.

* Tap-fire (double tap on an Ogre to shoot it)
* Drag-look (like Minecraft)
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You can put it on FDroid if you like.

You don't need my permission (that defeats the point of open source), but you have my permission if some form requires it. 
Is This Actually Buildable From The Source Vesion On Here? 
I have tried to build this from the source on here in both Linux and Windows, and just get error after error. I have tried this version and git cloned the repository as well with no success. I have no idea if it's the source, the dependencies or just gradle. I have compiled Doom 1, 2 & 3, Quake 1, 2 & 3 and Duke Nukem on both Windows and Linux, but cannot get this to build for Android. Is there an actual step by step guide, as I am obviously doing something wrong if the source does work for others. 
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How's Music Support? 
Downloaded QD not long ago, very nice port. I've been wondering if music support has been added yet, cause being able to play the original soundtrack ingame would be really nice. 
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