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Q1SP: Mire Prison
Hello everyone, here is my first map. I had a great time learning how to use Trenchbroom and receiving feedback while working out the final kinks. I designed it with the loose idea of e1m3 meets techbase..sort of. I'm looking forward to improving and bringing you guys more in the future, and hope you enjoy this for now!


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Here's my playthrough (skill hard/ all secrets and enemies)

I already played the beta version, so it's not a "blind" playthrough. In the beta, i went into the water first, so this time i went first to the prison, just to make the playthrough different (and more challenge without the nailgun) =D

I love all the changes you made, the gameplay is more enjoyable without the handrails in the prison, the lightning-gun is easier to reach, the zombies in the last arena are more menacing (and now i can go to the second floor) XD

This map is great! Thank you!! =D 
Good map, but the last door didn't open after I killed all enemies. 
Thank you all for the feedback, I really appreciate it. 
Mire Prison On The Quake Grave

First of all, welcome to the community!

I have a lot more notes for you in the playthrough as I traverse the map, but I will say that you have a lot of ideas here all meshing together which is good! I love the waterfall area with the secret and the idea of the zombie prison in these terrible conditions was very cool too.

I do have a few issues with texture usage, some of the brush work and how you get around to certain areas (watch the video for more) but overall this is a very strong first map! Nice work! 
Cool Little First Map! 
Nice architecture, decently detailed. Love all the ruined bits. I noticed a graphical bug under one of the staircases (see demo).
Skill 2 combat is a bit on the tough side (died 4 or 5 times) but not too unfair. I liked how you used the zombies as unkillable turrets until the player gets a GL and/or quad.
Secrets were nice - only got the YA one after it could be of any use, though, but that's totally my fault: I should've known that these tiny ledges near the stained glass windows were there for a reason...
Here's my blind skill 2 demos, 100% kills, 100% secrets. 
First Map? 
It is hard to believe cause its very detailed and polished for a first map. Congratulations!
Lots of cool ideas and nice underwater areas. Really good job. Hope to see more from you.
Thank you 
Check out SM184 & SM185, he has one map in each pack. I haven't played SM185 yet but his SM184 entry is pretty good. 
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I just finished watching your demo, mug, and I appreciate how much time you took to check every little corner of the map. I've learned quite a bit since this release and it's great looking back! 
You're Welcome! 
Yes, I'm the slow kind of player that likes to look at everything. Not only to gorge on the scenery but also to hunt for secrets - I don't enjoy doing it after completing the map, as I like the extra supplies within to actually be of some use. I've just posted a review (with demos, yay!) of SM184 if you want to check it out. 
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