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Quake 100 Brush Competition, Version 4.0, Released
The fourth iteration of the 100 Brush Competition has been unleashed. Nineteen Quoth maps to whet your single player Quake appetite. Congratulations to WW on his glorious victory.

Download it here:

Composite screenshot:
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To be honest, i didn't remember that i had the grenade launcher at that point. Thinking about it now it would be easier to kill the vores with grenades too XD 
Two blind playthroughs =D

"Between Dimensions" by JCR:

Action packed from the start to the end! I love it! =D
But at the end i noticed that i didn't find any secrets and i played it again, and this time i got them all... but the last fight became too easy with all the goodies from the little floating island, i killed all the enemies in seconds, that's why i decided to upload my first run when my last fight was way more exciting... sometimes powerups just ruin the fun :P

"Beyond and Within" by Artistical:

Gloomy, lovecraftian and more slow paced, i love it too XD
I just didn't get why the judges were complaining about fight the Droles with a shotgun, since they are weaker than shamblers and we fight shamblers all the time with a shotgun. A single shambler can take more than 25 shots before die, and droles only taken 17 to 20, so they are easy to kill ;)

After i finished the map i noticed that i missed 3 enemies (i killed 8 of 11) so i noclipped back to the map to find them, but i didn't found any. Maybe they got stuck in the geometry? I don't know :P 
thanks for the demos and the videos guys :) 
Four more playthroughs =D

"The Teleportation Complex" by Newhouse:

After this map i want those flying robots in every base map. They are so cool and fit so well in the theme XD

"The Vale of Dreams" by Redfield:

Beautiful, psychedelic and surreal... i didn't even know that quake palette could be so colorfull =D

"With Apologies to Insomniac" by Spud:

Somehow it reminds me a Doom or a Chasm map, maybe it's because it doesn't have any vertical fights.

"The Di[g]stortion" by Digs:

Brutal! I barely came out alive XD 
This is the correct link to "The Di[g]stortion" by Digs, sorry :P 
QUAKE: Quoth ⚡ 100b4 Playlist 
"There's a button next to the silver door (it shows on the video at 00:38)... i shoot it many times. what is it supposed to do? :/ "

given that this is very small map, I boldly assumed that it will be easily associated with one secret this map contains.

as for secret itself, there is somewhat visible, but not accessible area with nice bonus.

I thought it will be easy. I was wrong. 
Finally I was able to upload the last four playthroughs =D

These maps are incredible! Hundreds of enemies, huge scale and epic fights!

"Immortal Reach" by Spipper:

"Ioian Shorelines" by Ionous:

"Deflan'Ka" by WW:

"Frostbitten" by Ionous:

The last playthrough is Frosbitten because it was the last map that i played from this pack. It took me several tries to finally finish it! On my first run, i didn't read the text about the moving platforms, so i missed them. I even managed to make a grenade jump from the mountain to it, but the enemies didn't spawn and i had to restart the map. On my second and third runs i just rage-quit after dying so many times falling from the platforms XD
On my forth try i didn't have any ammo at the end to kill the Gug to trigger the exit door :P

So, this playthrough is my fifth try, and i made it XD

Awesome maps! Thank you everyone for this amazing journey =D 
I knew it was a secret, but i couldn't see or hear what was being triggered :P

Maybe a text saying "I hear something moving on the upper floor" would help =D 
Defied Expectations 
The 100 brush limit is so low that I wasn't expecting too much from this pack but even if my expectations had been high, I still would've been impressed. It was hard to believe that some of these maps managed to stay within the limit.

Ideally I'd say a little bit about every map but frankly, I don't think anyone cares and enough has probably already been said at this point. Dumptruck's, Redfield's, and ww's maps were pretty big standouts for me. I've never seen a map with voice acting and I thought it was really cool how Dumptruck's map had a lot of interactivity and a sense of pacing, as well as a story. Redfield's map was on another level. One can clearly see how much effort he put into the tiniest details. The models were extremely well done and I'm a sucker for maps that fall outside the scope of traditional Quake maps. It wasn't long into ww's map that I began wondering how he managed to accomplish so much while staying within bounds of the rules.

It seems like the limits led to a more abstract approach by many, and this is a very good thing. Even some of the more lower ranked maps were oddly pleasant. Bear's map kind of had a nightmarish quality to it, as did Artistical's Beyond and Within. I also really enjoyed Locus Genus. Something about the sunset atmosphere and the huge brushes lent to a sense of surrealism - that's the best way I can think of putting it.

Ionous has a gift for getting the most out of a relatively small space. This is evident not only within this pack but also from his previous works. I could say the same about JCR's Between Dimensions - good use of space. Newhouse has a talent for abstract brushwork and layouts, and his signature style surfaced here again.

Very enjoyable maps overall. Some of them felt like full-fledged maps where the author laughed in the face of the brush limit. Digs and ww pulled that off really well. Props to everyone who submitted something for this. 
Apologies In Advance For My Fucked Up Demo Filenames. 
I finally finished playing the bronze winning entries.

Roman: Really sorry that I don't have a demo for you after the map itself had a sign asking for them, but I simply cannot even pull off the first several jumps, let alone complete the map. :( Props for doing something completely different to everybody else, and doing it well too. I did like how the map looked, it's as if Quakeguy ended up in some UE4 test map after a spectacular slipgate accident.

DelusionalBear: I think the judges were exceedingly harsh here since I don't think this map was anywhere near the worst of them all. Obviously it wasn't perfect, even considering the 100 brush limitations (ran out of time for a betatest?) but I found it enjoyable.
Second attempt demo, the first one ended in the void rather quickly.

Shamblernaut: If you're going to bend the rules in the most ridiculous way, at least make something interesting instead of a box map with a worse version of Qonquer for gameplay.
No demo, sorry not sorry.

Dumptruck: Perhaps you should have tried to make the worst map, so everybody would try out the "last place in the contest" to maximise the actual education potential. ;-) Fun concept, and the map looked fine for 100 brushes, but the rocket room was far too hard for a tutorial, and the invisible room wasn't the best way of showing changing gravity. Good work on the sound effects across the map too.
I made a first attempt demo but I somehow misplaced it, sorry. I gave up recording after dying several times anyway.

JCR map 1: Nice map, I tend to agree with the judges that while visually the map wasn't much (though props for attempting a base setting with non base textures), the gameplay was pretty fun, and fast paced. The thick green fog and Quoth enforcers abundance tickled my Warp Spasm nostalgia bone well.
Skill 2 demo, I missed the only secret.

Shotro: Cerebral Enema more like. Felt very much like a sequel or a b-side to your jam 9 map, with the difficulty and rather unique texture combinations. I had to come up with some creative ways of avoiding damage, gave me flashbacks to playing some Orl maps. I cheesed some of the Vermis fights but I don't see how else would they be beatable.
Three skill 2 demos.

Artistical map 1: No offense but I'm rather surprised by how this map scored higher than some of the ones I've just covered. It feels like there was no effort put into either the visuals (extreme darkness) or the gameplay. I ran to the exit as soon as possible (which was too soon?) as I wasn't very enticed to explore.
Skill 2 demo.

Newhouse: My favorite so far probably, the first map of this bunch that I played with an actual sense of place. The "barbecue" was a nice touch but I think I'd have preferred a map with strictly non-base monsters. The layout was interesting in how it looped around itself. Quite surprised it all fit within 100 brushes.
Two skill 2 demos.

Artistical map 3: Still pretty dark, though not unbearably so. I appreciated that the map attempted a monolithic visual, very appropiate for the quothic monsters, though I don't think Quake pulls off extreme minimalism too well. I go into more detail in my three skill 2 demos.

What a fucking long write up. The other half of the demos will be coming today or otherwise soon. 
Thanks for the write-up. And no apologies necessary. I have only played two of these so far! It's a lot of content. 
No worries. I just finished playing the silver medalists and I'm knackered.

Demos within 12 hours guys. 
Here Come Dat Writeup. 
JCR map 2: This was cool, still a bit rough around the edges but better than the first map. Still had that same frantic Quoth 2 gameplay to it. I wasn't too enthused by the jumping bit at the start (though I admit it was clever). The visuals in the area past the slipgate were good, surprisingly effective in their simplicity.
Skill 2 demo.

Artistical map 2: I understand this map is supposed to be Quakeguy living in a dream, and the general atmosphere was appropiately dreamlike, but I'm not sure the anoxia-level brushwork was the best way of conveying the feel. The sky textured door was cool, I was under the impression it wasn't doable but I suppose modern compilers can do miracles. Shame the gameplay was basically nonexistent.
Skill 2 demo.

Newhouse map 2: Didn't find it as impressive as map 1, the single slipgate idea felt a bit contrived to me, and I prefered exploring one cohesive area instead of small fragmented bits (even if the two of the bits form one area, in theory). Very boldly red without looking garish, which was an interesting design choice (especially with the contrasting green sky).
Skill 2 demo.

Redfield: A Coagula Contest 4 map in disguise. Lots of platforms in the void is a way of dealing with the 100 brush limit, but not really the most inventive. (And neither is the obvious cheating, for which this map should have been entirely disqualified, IMO). Pretty amusing overall but also tries too fit too many monsters into crampt areas. At least falling wasn't instant death.
Skill 2 demo.

Spud: Another void map, but this time a single solid piece that just happens to float in the void - that's preferable. No idea what was the deal with all the ridiculous hacks employed in this map - but some areas really suffered for it, in particular the cavern with the cages. Otherwise it was a pretty fun and good looking map, though! I managed to mess up the ending, as is evident in my
Two skill 2 demos.

Ionous map 2: Lots of good improvements since the beta, but still quite unpolished a bit. The layout really evoked some older maps I played, with the revisiting of old areas from above, so that's my Quake nostalgia bone tickled. I understand the concept behind the four-fold flying platform but overall I don't think it works very well - the platforms moving diagonally and clipping into eachother makes it feel buggy. I think I was wrong in my old demos about removing the linearity at start - it would make more sense to keep both ways open, considering how the platform needs both keys to activate and not just one.
One skill 2 demo and one skill 1 demo.

Saving maps 4-1 for dessert (aka the weekend). 
PS Redfield. 
Not being able to gib Alice at the end was a big foul. 
Gibbing Alice is how you make American McGee wake up in a old sweat on his boat in China, knowing someone has defiled his daughter-fu. 
Wow, Haven't Had The Time To Check The Play Throughs 
Thanks everyone who played amd liked or got engaged at my map. I put it together in the final few days from scratch. No intention to win, just push some limits with the concept. 
Auto Correct 
You can guess what I meant. It's late. 
On getting engaged in the map. When is the wedding date? 
That was like the best puzzle I've seen in a long time, the clipping could have been better but it was totally awesome!! 
Great Maps! 
All of the maps in this pack were quite unique, had fun with them.

@OTP this is what happens to people that think they can gib Alice!!!: 
You've stumbled into a really dark corner of YouTube there :( 
19 New Maps! 
Woow, so many great mappers participated. Looking forward to play all the maps this weekend. Cheers! 
My Personal Rating, 1-5 
2 100b4_roman
3 100b4_DelusionalBear
3 100b4_shamblernaut
3 100b4_dumptruck
4 100b4_jcr
3 100b4_shotro
2 100b4_Artistical01
2 100b4_newhouse
3 100b4_artistical_03
4 100b4_jcr2
3 100b4_artistical_02
3 100b4_newhouse2
4 100b4_redfield
3 100b4_spud
4 100b4_ionfrost
3 100b4_digs
4 100b4_spipper
4 100b4_ionio
4 100b4_ww

Overall, 3.2 
I Love That "Alice" Inspired Map! 
I know it's a few years after all these comments but I have something to say, I really like this map pack including the "Alice" inspired one. I have also been working on an Alice-inspired Quake map. Can anyone support me? 
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