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Making A Game In Quakespasm, Yamagi Quake II, GoldSrc Or Cube 2?
What are the strengths of each engine? Which would be easier to use? Is it possible I would I be able to use the QDOS or Q2DOS ports to make a DOS port of the game? Is it possible I could use vkQuake to make a Vulkan version? It wouldn't be anything too crazy except AI maybe. GoldSrc is also an idea but it's proprietary. Also Cube 2 but idk what Cube 2's sysreq are and I'm aiming for something that would run on a 300-400 MHz CPU.

Thanks in advance.
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You Wouldn't Happen To Be A Masochist, Would You? 
Not Really 
It's an obsession with optimization, one of these engines has to be easy enough to make a game with. 
300-400 MHz CPU. Are you planning to port it to old consoles like the PS2 or the GameCube?

Even smartphones have higher clock speeds nowadays.

The one that's easiest to work with is the one that you'll spend the less time learning. You will be more productive with an old engine that you know inside out than with a modern engine that you know nothing about. Always factor the learning time into the work time. 
I know nothing about any of these engines, so I mean, it's a bit of a crapshoot here.

No plans to port, the idea is for it to run on old PC hardware, maybe even DOS. 
Why running it on old PCs? 
Just An Idea I've Had Too Long To Give Up 
Someone suggested UE4 can actually be hugely optimized but I'm not sure I buy it. To the point that it would be able to go down to that level 
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