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Making A Game In Quakespasm, Yamagi Quake II, GoldSrc Or Cube 2?
What are the strengths of each engine? Which would be easier to use? Is it possible I would I be able to use the QDOS or Q2DOS ports to make a DOS port of the game? Is it possible I could use vkQuake to make a Vulkan version? It wouldn't be anything too crazy except AI maybe. GoldSrc is also an idea but it's proprietary. Also Cube 2 but idk what Cube 2's sysreq are and I'm aiming for something that would run on a 300-400 MHz CPU.

Thanks in advance.
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Rendition, S3DTK And SGL

and those are still publicly available where? 
What about this? Made for standalone games: 
Chosing An Engine... 
...also depends on the specifics of the game you have in mind. For instance, AFAIK the Cube engine is the only one that has a gravity flag that you can apply to any surface. This allows the creation of pretty wild Escheresque designs. I wish someone would port this feature to Quake... 
Cube engine is great, no idea why it did not took off. 
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