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Quake1 For Girls
I was wondering about the dude's sounds (jumping, hit, face at the bottom, etc). Would it be possible to add an option to replace those elements with some female marine sounds? My GF likes the ambiance and exploration features in Quake, but she said that she can't identify herself with the marine, so the game gets boring for her.

What do you think about a female version of the quake hud? (please, no Barbie jokes).
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Hotter than Shub-Niggurath. 
U Wot 
You don't identify with ranger, I personally identify with the Widowmaker shotgun. Shes my girl. 
What about the bondage aliens from Unreal Tournament 
Minako Mod 
.., and now I have the manga mania in minako,
thanks to Nick Cureton,
but I can only move sideways.

Do I need a chinese keyboard? 
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