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First stable release of QTV is complete

EDIT: updated link
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You are doing positive things with your growing talent; kick ass.

on a side note, please make a welcome/info something so i know waduheck im looing for~at. ?

im just saying the interface is a little nerdy and im kinda lost at the whole. im looking at a 'fish' in a pond where i should be looking at a map of the ocean.

either way, congrats on your achievement! 
Very Cool! 
You are what the Quake community needs more of. People who do fresh stuff. 
Thank You Both 

There are extensive documents in the right tab section under help. If you have any concrete ideas on how this can be done better I am all ears.

@Very Cool

I have more ideas. Just give me some time. Some of my ideas involve needing SSH access on my site and I haven't upgraded to that yet but, I will.


I spent a bit of time last night auditing my app on my phone (I have a pretty big phone ~ 5.7 inch). Using some generic full-screen browser and my stylus the app was almost perfect. I missed a piece of text in the documents for rescaling. the right page button for search refuses to be pressed (I think it is too close to the edge of the screen), and the video description section overflows the available area by just a little bitty bit. I will fix all of that today ~ probably in a matter of minutes. Other than those 3 things, I want to say that I am pretty confident if you have a big phone and a stylus the app is completely usable. For the fullscreen browser I used an app from the play store that is literally named "Fullscreen Browser". I do not know what browser tech that app was built on (I am guessing webkit) but, there didn't seem to be any browser related issues. 
This looks like a cool resource for Quake media. What else does anyone need? (goes and cancels Netflix subscription.) 
Videos With Other Subjects 
I was considering creating channel slugs in the 200's, 300's, etc. that contain non-Quake material. The idea would be that the 100's load by default and a little drop-down box would allow the user to choose other channel groups. Upon selection the visible group would be completely removed from the DOM and the new group would take it's place. Of course you could always switch back to any other group.

I'm just not sure what to add. I know what I like to watch and odds are that at least some of you watch the same stuff but, I don't want to start filling up the player with these massive guide lists (the current guide is over 24000 lines) if they would be primarily unpopular or even possibly offensive videos. What I mean by "offensive" is politically, socially or by personal perception. I guess I'm saying that including other media could open a huge can of worms and is probably more headaches than it is worth. 
What Exactly Is This? 
@What Exactly Is This 
It's a Continuum Transfunctioner. Press Alt + F4 to see it's mysterious powers. 
Hardy Har Har 
Seriously though what is this 
i think, it basically finds videos from youtube that relate to quake and puts it in a localized interface. 
@What Is This 

The nicest answer I can give you is: If you seriously can't figure it out with a very low level of observation ... don't worry about it. It's not for you. 
Are You The Same Guy As Echos? 
Similar sort of attitude...just wondering... 
Looks like some kind of gui for darkplaces videos 
"How not to evangelize your platform" a master class taught by gypsy 
Oh...I see. Looks like a guide from one of those old fashioned overpriced satellite TV services. Except free. And all Quake. Cool! Took me a while to recognize the interface, haven't seen a satellite Guide screen in like a decade. 
Can a mod update the top link? 
@Gypsy = echos

No. Gypsy = Gypsy in this community for the last 8 years and about as many 1000's of posts.

@ "How not to evangelize your platform" a master class taught by gypsy

I don't have a platform. You do. All I did was build it and give it to you. Regardless, I never pretend one thing to promote another. If you can't be true to yourself, you're just a lie, period. 
How selfless of you to organize youtube videos into a different less intuitive UI and then gift it to us. Thank you. 
i made this years ago, but no one ever used it... 
I wasn't referring to NGQTV.

@less intuitive

How is it less intuitive. Explain.


Are you saying I can use that graphic? 
Just saw this Gypsy and wanted to say thanks for including The Quake Grave in there! The show gets its own channel? How cool! 
I'm Glad You Like It, Arrrcee! 
Once I finish with the purpose of the BSP parser that I am working on I intend to bring NGQtv up to version 1 (it's only 0.7.0 ~ cause I feel about 70% done).

@your own channel

pbbbt... how could it be any other way? You're like the "HBO" of quake videos. I can't just slop you in with "CBS". The same goes for Dumptruck's Trenchbroom tutorials. Content with consistent quality deserves it's own channel 
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