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Modding Jam - January 2019 - Forbidden Technology
Theme: “Forbidden Technology”

Deadline: January 25th, 23:59:59 UTC (~2 weeks)

“Imagine you brought some forbidden technology through a slipgate. Something that Shub Niggurath and it’s spawns never expected. Powerful plasma gun? BFG? Huge slapping machine? Pie thrower? ...or maybe some black hole generator? Traps, guns, items, new enemies. You decide!”

Create a simple mod for Quake.

Mods that are allowed:
- Weapon mod - skin/model/code modification or totally new weapon;
- Enemy mod - skin/model/code modification or totally new monster;
- Entity mod - can be anything like traps, new doors, new items etc;
- Custom sounds and music are welcome too!

Teams are allowed. Collaboration is highly encouraged.

If you feel that your idea doesn’t fit this theme, don’t worry! You are welcome to create it anyway. Core rule of this jam is to have fun and learn new skills.

1) Share your ideas and what you are working on.
2) Use provided codebase: Mirror 1 Mirror 2
3) Don’t make huge game-logic changes. Keep it rather simple;
4) Direct porting of stuff (enemies/weapons/etc.) from other mods is not allowed. Although you can modify or base your work upon them.
5) If possible, keep your code in separate qc files. Stuff like monsters and custom entities can be stored in separate files like: mj_khreathor_newknight.qc
6) Name your "assets" (models/sounds/etc.) in a way, so they don't collide with asset names of others.
7) Don't PAK your mod. Place your files in separate directories: progs / sound / music ("progs" is where you put models and sprites). You can even create sub-folders in them.
8) Make an example map showing your modifications. It can be a simple box map with all stuff you created.
9) Have fun!

Optional, after jam is over:
1) If people are interested, I can merge code into one mod;
2) If code gets merged, we can organize map jam;

If something is unclear, feel free to ask!
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Thanks to:
shamblernaut, dumptruck_ds, queenjazz for help with organization, QA and coding 
Is This Intended To Be Modular? 
ie, is our stuff meant to be able to combine into one final mod all together or individual modlets? 
From #1 Looks like modlets first.

Optional, after jam is over:
1) If people are interested, I can merge code into one mod;
2) If code gets merged, we can organize map jam;
Very Cool 
Amazing OP.

I've wanted to implement some sort of combo mechanic for the axe ever since I first played Hotline Miami, maybe this is a good excuse to code something. 
TY Preach 
I appreciate that new map hack idea a lot Preach <3 even if it isn't exactly/fully what I needed (since I had ideas for patrolling monsters) I still will definitely look into it. I'm putting off my Metal Gear Solid map for now until my 2nd Kaizo Quake episode now since, as you can imagine after making this hack, getting what I want is virtually impossible in vanilla Quake sadly. :[ 
Oh Woops Nvm This Lol 
My bad haha. Accidentally posted this here instead of the Progs thread lol. Clicked on the wrong thing in Snaut's chat :P carry on folks <3 
I wish I could join,but I've got exams coming up soon.
I have an old progs.dat with some new weapons,sounds, and mdl instead of bsp for health,as well as a 5 health pack. 
You Know What 
I'm in 
There are some cool mods already cooking. I'll tell people to share stuff here asap :)

Meanwhile here is my silly stuff:

I'll show more soon :) 
Ranger deserves a true break-action:

Secretly, you know deep down that you love Doom3:

Ok, if you don't like gifs for some reason:

Quake^3: Eternal. Coming Soon? 
Doom 3 Textures 
Are the epitome of forbidden technology in Quake. 
Here's what I've been working on: 
That's Pretty Sweet 
Reminds me of Doom 20165

Here's what I whipped up today: 
Personal Teleporter 
Quick Update 
Deadline Extension !!! 
You all doing good job! I'm giving you few extra days to polish stuff!

New deadline is: February 3rd, 23:59:59 UTC 
#15 - Scrama - nice! Maybe you would like to add some weapon model for this? I can help with that.

#16 - jcr - Nice! I'll have a little surprise for you this weekend ;) 
Good point! Should I wait it on e-mail? scrama-AT-ya-DOT-ru
So I will expand code and build a test map tomorrow 
Next iteration - weapon_telefragger

P.S.: tried to make avi with mark v: 6 G for 1+ minute and visual glitches, so no pretty youtube content 
My contribution is over for this jam, this is the first time I'm actually on time for a jam lol

Anyway as I was working on my own mod the modjam was announced, so I took the opportunity to make available to the public what I've accomplihed so far, which includes (amongst many others) new weapons, monsters, a new powerup that slows monsters and their attacks down, and it is also compatible with any maps that can be played on id1/vanilla quake.


-HUD accurate armors

-Shotcycler (super shotgun replacement)

-Chaingun (super nailgun replacement)

-Hammer of Thunderbolts (new weapon, BFG-like)

-Hourglass of Kronos (slows enemies movement and attacks down)

-Butcher (Flak Ogre-like)

-Nail Infantry (Chaingunner-like)

-Shell Trooper (Buckshot-loaded baddie) 
Last Call!!! 
To all people who participated, please send me your stuff asap :)

I want to release pack tomorrow evening.

Scrama I sent you an e-mail, take a look when you have a minute. 
Files submitted.

A few more teasers I didn't link here earlier:

The curtains

The Shrine 
Both Very Cool Mods. 
@adaya @redfield 
GG guys!! I can't wait to try all these out. 
Is it bad taste to beg? Can't wait to see this jam. 
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