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Modding Jam - January 2019 - Forbidden Technology
Theme: “Forbidden Technology”

Deadline: January 25th, 23:59:59 UTC (~2 weeks)

“Imagine you brought some forbidden technology through a slipgate. Something that Shub Niggurath and it’s spawns never expected. Powerful plasma gun? BFG? Huge slapping machine? Pie thrower? ...or maybe some black hole generator? Traps, guns, items, new enemies. You decide!”

Create a simple mod for Quake.

Mods that are allowed:
- Weapon mod - skin/model/code modification or totally new weapon;
- Enemy mod - skin/model/code modification or totally new monster;
- Entity mod - can be anything like traps, new doors, new items etc;
- Custom sounds and music are welcome too!

Teams are allowed. Collaboration is highly encouraged.

If you feel that your idea doesn’t fit this theme, don’t worry! You are welcome to create it anyway. Core rule of this jam is to have fun and learn new skills.

1) Share your ideas and what you are working on.
2) Use provided codebase: Mirror 1 Mirror 2
3) Don’t make huge game-logic changes. Keep it rather simple;
4) Direct porting of stuff (enemies/weapons/etc.) from other mods is not allowed. Although you can modify or base your work upon them.
5) If possible, keep your code in separate qc files. Stuff like monsters and custom entities can be stored in separate files like: mj_khreathor_newknight.qc
6) Name your "assets" (models/sounds/etc.) in a way, so they don't collide with asset names of others.
7) Don't PAK your mod. Place your files in separate directories: progs / sound / music ("progs" is where you put models and sprites). You can even create sub-folders in them.
8) Make an example map showing your modifications. It can be a simple box map with all stuff you created.
9) Have fun!

Optional, after jam is over:
1) If people are interested, I can merge code into one mod;
2) If code gets merged, we can organize map jam;

If something is unclear, feel free to ask!
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Is it bad taste to beg? Can't wait to see this jam. 
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