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Quake Mapjam - "Qzone Redux Project"

Q!Zone for Quake was another Wizardworks cash-grab in the 1990's, an officially recognized expansion pack along the likes of Quake Mission Packs 1 and 2.

Take a good look at the awesome levels within, the astounding quality, the cool new enemies....

IT SUCKS, more or less. So my little project involves using the Quoth2 (or Hipnotic) resource .fgd as a base, and remastering some of the original maps into a new episode - and yes, I'm aware this originally had 3 episodes plus a DM episode. Besides the .fgd, you can use whatever textureset you like, though HIPNOTIC.WAD is *highly* recommended.

Watch it on youtube if you don't own it - the levels are simple enough that you have PLENTY of creative freedom in expanding them. But give it a Mission Pack #1 vibe. Things to consider:

- the green goblins are thematically the crappier versions of Hipnotic Gremlins. Quoth2 doesn't have Gremlins, but more OTHER things (not even found in AD). Flying Polyps are a superior version to the Q!Zone blob, for instance.
- each Q!Zone map was a mish-mash of themes, so that can and should be completely redone. Even the level names sometimes were hokey, so just be sure the general layout shines through.
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These Levels Sucked 
Sorry, but these levels were worthless. I don’t see the point of remaking them. 
Better idea would be to port the new monsters to the Keep mod. This mod was the one with the lava boss, right? 
The Point Would Be... 
to just do it. It's a challenge and a middle finger at the same time. Besides, there is some worth in remaking these levels, even if it's just the equivalent of knowing you're a better mapper than supposed professionals from 30 years ago. 
Middle Finger? 
to whom exactly? People who made this pile of garbage 20 something years ago? I'm sure they're going to have a good laugh upon learning that two decades after they've ripped off a bunch of folks, someone decided to show them how its really should be done. lol

If you want a challenge just google random dungeon generator and try to make a level from whatever layout it will give you. At least you won't have to waste your time on watching youtube videos 
People barely have any time to make the maps they want as it is, when I see a call to remake maps from a bad expansion pack that literally nobody else even remembers it makes me want to catch up on my book backlog instead.

This was already said multiple times on QM, so it's really weird that you decided to go with this regardless. 
sounds good if done well, the doom community done something similar with bad quality maps turning them into worthy maps 
anyway aftershock is a bit less crappy than Q!Zone. Only good release of the !zone series is H!Zone for Heretic (also Starcraft Retribution unofficial add on is quite good) 
I think that lackluster products deserve remaking, but they must be somewhat significant. And nothing is more frustratinf than fixing someone else's... garbage. 
Easy Comment 
Q!Zone also has 4 crazy new Monsters - Headless! Nucker! Flyer! Snapped!
Q!Zone also gives you a wicked new weapon - the Slicer!

Where's the one who actually did buy the CD¿
Money talks! 
What The Fuck 
This is like asking for a remastered, Blu-ray boxed set re-release of "Me and the Chimp"... 
I'm Just Throwing Out Reasons 
You don't need to use that as motivation, but it would be fun to see this stuff be improved, if for MP purposes as much as SP. They did advertise the maps as MP compatible too, after all. 
Really Though 
~=* Opinion Incoming *=~

For a project like this to stand a chance of gaining traction, there needs to at least be some kind of existing awareness, appreciation or nostalgia for the original maps. No-one cares about or remembers these turds, which is why I can't see this being an idea that would interest too many people.

It's not because they are bad, it's because they are utterly insignificant. It could be fun to "update" a famous bad map that everyone knows about (I don't have too many examples to hand). 
yeah i kind of aggree with Kinn.

Remixing a map that is already great -- pointless, because you can't improve it much.

Remixing a map that is kind of bad -- a lot of potential to improve it which is good.

BUT, if the bad map is not iconic/famous, there are few people that would care or appreciate the improvements you made. 
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