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Map Jam X - Insomnia 2019
Map Jam X – Insomnia 2019

Deadline: April 21, 2019

Continuing the time-honored tradition of mining CZG’s grand notions for inspiration, arrives Map Jam X. Based upon the blood-soaked nightmares of Q2 base and Q3 gothic, CZG07 was a marvel for its time. He truly pushed the boundaries of the Quake at the time, not only in the gargantuan size of the maps, but in the architectural prowess. Namely, entire maps based around curved brushwork was a novel concept, as between this and his wonderful curve tutorial, he expanded the idea of what a Quake map could be. (

With the multitudes of talented mappers this community has unearthed over the past few years, the time is ripe to pay tribute CZG’s masterpiece. Here’s the package for the jam:

Dumptruck has been gregarious enough to put together a custom progs for this event, using his wonderful custom progs as a base, with a few new additions specific to this jam. See the documentation for further details. However, that’s not all. Also included is not only the textures utilized by CZG for the original maps, but a custom wad of CZG07 variations generously painted by none other than our resident French AAA extraordinaire, Bal.

For those who have not born witness to CZG07’s majesty, check out this selected screenshots:

And tantalizing glimpse doesn’t whet your appetite, I’m going to be doing a full stream of the episode on my Twitch channel on March 30th, at 2200 GMT.
Other people probably will be playing through the pack as well, so watch this space for others making the journey to dreamland.

The rules:
1. Maps can be of any size, or any detail level. This isn’t a competition. Just make sure yours maps vis and load in Quakespasm without crashing, and you’ll be fine.
2. Maps must be inspired by CZG07. Feel free to use the wads provided, by if these maps prompt a new and unique notion based upon the original idea…run with it.
3. Maps must exit to ‘start’. I’m making a custom start map for this.
4. Important: These progs has a new spawnflag on the ‘trigger_changelevel’ entity, Use info_player2_start. Please utilize it in your maps; it will allow the player to skip skill selection upon returning to the start map.
5. Post pictures of your WIPs! We want to see the wonderful things you’re all cooking up.

That should cover it all. Good luck to all of you, and most of all, have fun.
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Jam X Mappers 
I am planning on editing a promo video for Jam X. Please consider forking a playable (or viewable) version of your map for me in it's current state and send it my way. If there are areas you want me to keep spoiler-free just let me know ahead of time. Any maps without gameplay will be used strictly for"beauty" shots. I don't need something that is completed at all. Just something presentable, at least partially lit, and containing an info_player_start. :smiley: The workflow is to record fly thru shots and then a bit of gameplay. I only need about 30 seconds or so from each map and that doesn't have to be contiguous. 
I have sent you an email regarding this issue, but I'd also like to mention it here: this board as well as quaketastic will go down on Sunday for a bit, and I can neither say when it will go down nor when it will be back up.

Please consider this when planning your release date. Sorry for the inconvenience! 
Fifteen Hours Left 
Fifteen hours left. Even if your map isn’t 100% finished, send it over. It will take me about a week to pack up everything, and I’ll accept revisions up until the release. 
JamX Release Plan 
I’m working on the start map and sorting out the pack this week. I hope to have the pack ready for release on Sunday, but there things are always vulnerable to RL. Looks like there’s going to be 13 maps total. Some really nice maps, and quite a few new mappers, which is always nice. 
13 maps? Cool number. 
JamX Trailer 
Dumptruck was kind enough to make a trailer for this pack.

Almost there with the pack. Found some late stage errors on the start map, sonahve to correct those. Also, waiting on a final version of one map. Maybe tonight; we shall see. 
Moddb Entry 
Alternative download for Jam X here on moddb 
Thumbs Up! 
My map breaks the jam. When I was playing the jam, I noticed that my map teleports the player to the very beginning (to set your difficulty map) with all the weapons and hp/armor intact.

you needed to set the reset_items key to 1. 
I double-checked to be sure – yes, there's no "reset_items set to 1", but I was watching Balbafu's stream and he didn't have this issue. Also, I want to say that the elevators in the very beginning work funny and that the monsters in the 1st level spawn dead for me. It's like I'm running the jam wrong. 
I'll play your map this weekend and let you know how it plays for me. 
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