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OTEX Texture Pack
The OTEX texture pack for the original Doom has finally been released.

During development I decided I wanted OTEX to become a de facto standard for non-derivative DOOM textures, and realized that meant I’d have to outdo all other texture sets in terms of versatility, and do so while sustaining a very high quality level. The incredible work in BTSX has remained a major inspiration in this pursuit, but I also wanted the broad range of CC4-TEX so that mappers would be happy to use OTEX as their one and only texture resource. These are more aspirations than quantifiable goals, but served as my guiding principles.

It's most notable for having powered the well acclaimed custom wad Eviternity, as well as many others.

It's brand new, mostly hand drawn, and fucking huge (over 3,800 textures). And it looks great!

For those reasons, I've decided to port it to Quake.

In lieu of a development blog, this thread will serve to document my progress and provide updates.
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Executive Decisions. 
Despite sharing a lot of the id DNA, the fact remains that Doom is a different game than Quake, and their engines do many things differently. (Moreso for Doom's wide bench of source ports.)

The sad consequence of this is that porting a modern Doom wad to Quake can't be done on a 1:1 basis.

One of the most notable omissions in the Quake version of OTEX will be the animated assets used to denote teleports, i.e. animated telepads and animated "slipgates".

The reasons behind this are:

1) Quake's texture animation speed is a fixed 5 frames per second. This is much too slow for the vast majority of animations provides in OTEX. While there is a way of circumventing this limitation, having the wad rely on them would create yet another barrier of entry in a texture pack already more complex than usual.

2) There are several such animated textures in OTEX, and they have a considerable number of animation frames. Because of Quake's texture format, this would mean that there would be multiple animations at the very top of the wad "obstructing" the view to the rest of the wad. I find it quite frustrating even in wads with relatively few animations, and I'm deciding to spare myself from the extra aggravation ;-)

3) The way I see it, making these textures animated was a way of drawing the player's attention to important progression points. Quake has better tools of achieving that goal than a small spinning heptagram - including actual rotation of 3D geometry!

4) Possibly the most subjective reason - the anims simply don't fit in Quake the way they do in Doom. The latter, whie not really Keen or Wolf3D anymore, still has a more "video game-y" feel than the solemn, edgy favorite of ours.

With all of the above in mind, I've decided to cut out most of such animations. What will be remaining is:

- Two opposite-facing frames of each heptagram, since it's a cool graphic and it would suck to see it go entirely,
- One frame per each of the "slipgate" exits, to be used as liquid textures in typical Quake fashion. It's a mediocre compromise but it's better than nothing.

While it does feel sad to have to make decisions such as these, I can already feel a great load gone off my chest (no, not yours, Shambler) - not having to worry about these animations has given me more time and brainpower to tackle the remaining problems.

Hopefully by next week I will be able to provide proper screens of proper maps! 
On That Note 
Another big omission will be the skyboxes. Sorry, but the sky textures in Doom are just completely irreconcilable with how Quake does things.

Luckily, Quake has no shortage of skyboxes or custom skies, so this should be a very minor, of not almost irrelevant, issue... 
Starting To Take Form... 
Incredible Work 
I converted a few textures myself as "design tests" but converting everything is an insane and thankless task.
This might spark a slew of new and interesting maps/jams :) 
GG Ootp 
We've needed new wads for quite some time. This is gonna be crazy. 
Guess Who Went On Vacation With A Broken Charger? 
That's pretty much a "no" for a Sunday release. 
Gimme Dat OTEX 
Looking forward to this. 
So What Ever Happened To This? 
Too optimistic to hope for a 2020 release or not? 
I've done some small steps here and there, but I've been hearing that ukiro is planning a v1.1 release in the near future, so this is on hold until then. 
Great News! 
Ukiro has released OTEX v1.1:

Production will resume momentarily. 
It's a shame there's no easy way to convert them to the quake palette. So many times I have tried to convert them and greens will turn to browns, whole swathes of detail is lost because quake doesnt have enough greys, red highlights completely disappear etc etc.

The only quick solutions I can think of are either converting the whole lot to the quake palette without really caring how it messes the textures up and then having external textures enabled
converting the Quake monsters etc to the same palette as OTEX and dropping the .pal file into the folder

Or you can just convert all 5,352 textures and slowly descend into madness 
I think the best way to go is making OTEX an external texture source. It's easy, quick and you don't lose any colors since there's no convertion.

Changing the .pal of quake will screw up every texture in the game: monsters, weapons, ammo, powerups, all the mdl and bsp models, all the number and letters of the HUD, all the animated sprites... everything would have to be converted and replaced. It' too much. 
Fifth, Tribal: That's exactly what I've done before, yes.

OTEX v1.1 made this all that much simpler because it already provides a 24-bit PNG download for UDMF mappers.

However I will still be doing manual texture extraction in some cases because of... reasons that should be apparent quite soon. 
having external textures enabled

FitzQuake has had this feature for almost 20 years now. ;-) 
Got Any Updates On This? 
I've come over from Doom mapping, and several months back i've seen some people use OTEX in Quake and Heretic 2... But the only place i've seen the conversion actually discussed was here.

Did this get anywhere? If not, could you at least give a download to what you've got so far? I'd be willing to see if i can finish it myself... it'd definitely be better than starting my own conversion from scratch :P 
Not currently, sorry - it's not in an useable state nor do I want to hand it over.

I don't know about OTEX in Heretic 2. I've only really seen one screenshot of OTEX in Quake that didn't come from me. 
I know it's been taking a long, but I really hope nobody starts their own conversion from scratch (because they'd fuck it up). 
Well it's been over 2 years of waiting for it so maybe best to let someone like Matt Fright actually finish it, if it's just a matter of folder sorting now. The screenshot above looks really good, dark marble and yellow lights nice. 
There's a ton of work left, including animated textures, transparent textures, fullbrights, etc. 
But since you’re asking so nicely I'll see what I can do in the next couple of weeks. 
This is now on hold until OTEX 2.0 sees a full release.

More information here: 
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