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Scrap Thread
How many unfinished/unreleased maps do you have lying around? I'm sure there's quite a few for each one of us.

If you no longer have the energy and/or will to finish them, why not share them online so that some other mapper can have a look - and possibly finish them??

It might be a good idea to have one central "repository" type place for ease of access, and also to encourage others into not condemning their unfinished work to rotting on their hard drives.
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As A Start. 
czg's scraps:

Lots of scraps, ranging in quality and size. All of them probably very old, but still usable (as evidenced by how often they're recycled in newer maps).

Bal's Nehahra maps:

Made for a Nehahra episode that never materialised. Huge and old. Posting them here only for historic value since he's been making new stuff based on them instead.

RemakeQuake scraps:

Lots and lots of stuff, maps, models, sounds, code etc. All (presumably, never got a proper license) ripe for grabs. There's some real gems to be found if you dig deep enough. 
Thanks otp!


The map was for AD and was to be called "Azure Anesthetics," a hybrid medieval/base-themed map built out of blue stone, metal, and runic textures. There are some monster/item placements and moving parts, some areas are lit and detailed, others are obviously incomplete, others are not even laid out yet. There are a few places with jumbled bits that I had meant to delete but hadn't got around to yet, and some floating bits I had copied from other scraps and wanted to incorporate somehow. (Yeah, terrible workflow, I know.) I've included all the necessary texturewads (you may have to re-add them manually because I think I had added them according to absolute filepaths); the one called "animated tech" is actually a jumble of miscellaneous textures copied from other wads and individual maps.

Anyone has my permission to do anything they want with the scrap, just credit me. If someone actually finishes it, I will play it, even if I don't play much of anything these days. 
May As Well Drop This Here 
Scraps from an old Rubicon chainmap project where everyone lost interest after few brushes. & by Vigil (iirc "2" is the same map converted to regular map format) by Scampie by negke by onetruepurple (lol) 
On Chainmaps... 
Does anyone have / know where sm69 stopped? Some promising shots for that one, using the Am-Bezek (sp?) industrial style. I think RPG and Metlslime where involved. 
I have it on my computer, RPG and I were passing it back and forth for a while, then he gave it to me to finish.

• Brushwork is 90% complete (needs a boss fight or final combat arena.) It's decent quality brushwork in most rooms, but very 2008 in terms of detail.

• Lighting is passable but could be better (I started using orange lights for the lava but didn't carry it through the dungeon yet.)

• All gameplay triggers and logic is working

• Needs enemy placement. I was considering repopulating it with rubicon 2 enemies.

Realistically, someone else could finish it. I don't map anymore. 
If you want to email it over, I could take a crack at it in about two weeks. 
I guess that’s the nail in the coffin of Rubicon 3 (providing you hadn’t already said as much elsewhere). 
I have one map, but it's just a few brushes.

For the rest of my maps I always released the .map-files along with the .bsps so that anyone who loads them down can also see what they look like before compiling, and also so that anyone who complains about me not using phong can just take the time to compile it with phong themselves. 
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