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Quake Re-release!!!
Id/Bethesda just announced a new release of Quake with a bunch of enhancements.


More info:
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Is There A Comprehensive List 
Of vanilla bugs which have NOT been fixed in the re-release? Speaking of code-related issues like the fish count bug or Megahealth rot issue, not map-specific stuff like incorrect spawns. 
The remaster has a number of classic bugs in the gamecode, while also introducing a few new ones in the engine. But as it is I don't care about fixing bugs in the remaster's gamecode, because if the fixes aren't released in an official update, they won't be compatible with achievements and such.

If there was any hope for another official update addressing community feedback, sure, I'd do a lot of research to help. I don't care about fixing my experience, but I would certainly value being able to provide bugfixes to improve everyone else's experience.

The whole point of the remaster was to give an updated experience for everyone who bought a (digital) copy of Quake. If we have to go back to unnoficial fixes to use it, I prefer to simply stick with the classic community-made engines and mods we have with over two decades of improvements. 
Did Anybody 
Ever encounter this issue here in SoA?

I dunno if it's port-specific, but at least in Ironwail, the exit of HIP2M4 doesn't look the way it should. 
At Any Engine, Three Different Hipnotic `21 Maps: 
that door texture on hipdm1 is not a bug, it's the same in the original 
Checked HIP2M4 
That map is missing a couple of textures in its BSP file compared to the original, especially "black", "names", "wexit01", "exit02_3", "+0butn" and "wizwood1_3".

However, even if you copy those over manually from the same map in the original release, the exit isn't textured properly, misalignments all over the place. 
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