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Quake Re-release!!!
Id/Bethesda just announced a new release of Quake with a bunch of enhancements.


More info:
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I have reported your ExM5 music issue over at Doomworld where the Nightdive guys are watching.

In the meantime, I found a new glitch on my own: Flying gibs have low gravity. Looks like there's a dedicated variable for this and it's set to lower than normal. 
AD Support + Others 
Some maps like ad_swampy seem to work. Some others like ad_tears definitively not. I´ve also tried some maps of Alkaline. They seem to work although the original menu is gone.

I´ve finally run the new episode mg1 with QSS, which despite some error messages, it runs until it crashes randomly during the game play.

So, for the time being I will stick to QSS or QS. I´m not playing Quake for just playing quake. I´m playing Quake for playing quakes´s mods. 
I would say it's a safe bet they will eventually do a conversion for the port and make it available as DLC. It's pretty much the most popular Quake mod by now after all. Might take a while, though. 
You mean to make Arcane Dimensions as downloadable addon for the Quake Enhanced version?

That would be great of course!

But to do that they have to ask permission from every author involved in creation of the assets. And also those, who's assets were borrowed - since mods often borrow such stuff from each other. But even if they manage to contact everybody, some stuff would need to be changed or removed, like the textures and models from other games that AD or other mods use.

I mean, imagine overhauling even like 25% of that gargantuan mod. 
Has anyone reported the r_gpuCulling 0 bug/fix? I've seen this bug and the dude had a 1080 Ti and was getting <1 fps :D 
Over On QM Discord 
We've had a lot of posts from sponge, an id employee with a ton of great info. Here are some interesting bits from he and some others:

white is quoted (with some edits)

1. they are actively looking for content for their add-ons with some parameters i'm starting to look around for stuff that's newer, popular, doesn't have assets from other games, and the authors are small in number and still contactble. i tend to have a recency bias since the new stuff is usually way cooler than the 90s stuff, and people are way less likely to be familiar with the modern community output contactble: fewer people to track down for legal docs

2. don't expect AD any time soon and not in it's current form (way too thorny due to use of H2 and other assets, team size and see #1 re: legal) you are free to load it in the engine as an add-on but expect issues if and until some tweaks are made to the engine

3.Henry -
the MG maps have doors with angles that are impossible in id1

Mclogenog —
yeah the doors use "movedir" which is a position offset rather than using "angle" and "lip" -- to be clear, that's just with the mg1 and dopa maps though, that's not the base engine

4. yea i don't expect QW players to play the new port seriously at all, completely different audience and requirements there heh

5. also re: soundtrack chat either here in the other channel, i ripped em myself using EAC, didn't bother to tag them though. the de-emphasized stuff i know is contentious but that's what EAC did by default so i went with it. it sounds like one of those cases where no matter what you do someone will complain heh

6. Speaking of which, why is nightmare a weird hybrid of Copper and id1?
sponge —
was an easy thing to do and it was one of the more blatant problems with the base game. nightmare shouldn't be easier than hard

7. Here's something from r/quake about getting mods to appear in menus etc.

8. and related: a project for hosting downloads that show up in the Add Ons 
One Other Thing 
The amount of entitlement, whining and simple rudeness centered around this release is absolutely mind blowing. I am embarrassed to be a part of this community right now.

id tastefully updates the game as opposed to a horrid reboot, a fantastic new episode from community veterans with DM maps, they make matchmaking a thing, coop is doable and you can sideload mods. They included the OST for Quake and both the MPs! WTF? It's not perfect but man at least they did something. And you can play cross platform MP too!

The responses I've seen on QM from people who are supposedly adults are completely bonkers.

The good news? From a sampling of YouTube and Twitter the response outside the community has been very positive. 
Forgot BOTs 
Built-in and you can edit the navs for them in-engine. 
And most complaints don't make any sense:

"I hate the new models" (you can turn it off)
"I hate the dynamic lights" (you can turn it off)
"I want my old quake back" (it's still there)
"The new engine doesn't run my old mod" (you can still play it with quakespasm, like you always did)

imagine willingly performing damage control for id/bethesda/microsoft in the year of our lord 2021 
It's Almost Entirely Positive 
Absolutely. It's a good release. It's not perfect but, hell, it has put Quake in the spotlight temporarily. That can only be a good thing.

I do wish the MP support wasn't so barebones. I know it's NQ but they could have at least allowed custom maps, dedicated servers, some kind of matchplay (not full-blown KTX/KTPro but _something_ other than straight DM).

The engine definitely has some bugs and differences from Q1. I've finished 95% of the content in Nightmare and I've seen a few glitches in my 28 hours (lol, I have a problem) of playtime; scrags phasing through walls, lifts and doors causing monsters to glitch through geometry and pop through walls, etc. For the most part it's been great though, and the little visual touches (relit maps, clever and judicious use of dynamic lights/shadows) are really nice without detracting from the experience.

I played the bots for a few minutes just to cheese the LG discharge achievement (I did it legitimately in DM first but it didn't unlock) and the bots seem decent. Haven't done a side-by-side comparison to fbca or frogbot but they're certainly good enough for a quick match if you don't want to put up with the slightly weird-feeling prediction code in MP.

In general, I have very few complaints about this release. Yeah, it's not the Quake engine we're all used to, but they've got Kex behaving really, _really_ closely to it. Performance seems good out of the box, custom SP content compatibility is impressive considering they basically started from scratch, and the feature set is great for casuals and people who haven't touched Quake in years, if ever.

It doesn't make existing source ports obsolete - if anything it makes them more important. It doesn't replace QuakeWorld. It's not the be-all and end-all of Quake. It's just a new facet, a shiny toy for the community to play with, and that's fine.

Considering I essentially got it for "free" since I already had Quake on Steam, I'd say this is an example of id and Bethesda actually getting something right. That, if nothing else, is cause for celebration. 

In what world does this situation require "damage control"? 
Let Me Count The Ways... 
well, considering that we're living in a world where bethesda wants you to make a fucking bethnet account and sign a dozen dense anti-consumer eulas to play netquake(!) matches... in nightdive's janky, closed source, windows-only engine with borked movement that caps the framerate at 60fps instead of 72 for some reason... but it's portable, so that means it's automatically okay i guess.

>It's not the be-all and end-all of Quake
most normies are going to be introduced to quake with this version for however long it's sold (because setting up quakespasm is hawd!!) so... then again, it's a nightdive remaster, so they'll probably abandon it entirely in a year from now ;) 
I'm still trundling through it on the Switch at a rate of a few maps per day, currently just over halfway through e3.

Yes, there are a handful of bugs and performance regressions that weren't in the original game. Yes, if I had source code (and a Switch devkit) I could go in and fix them. Hell, even if there weren't bugs, there's still stuff I'd have done different. And it'll never replace my preferred source port on the PC.

You know what, though? I don't give a bollocks. It's Quake on the Switch and it's an absolute blast. The developers have totally NAILED the controls; it'll never beat keyboard and mouse, but for a controller setup it's as good as can be and feels very natural. It's a Switch so I can carry it around with me, pull it out for a quick scoot through a map or two if I have time that needs killing, it's just the perfect match of pick-up-and-play gaming simplicity with the platform best suited to it. 
Personally, I don't understand why they had to break compatibility with mods by introducing new code. Maybe it was easier to adjust the game to their engine instead of doing it the other way, but now you can't just simply play Kex-optimized paks outside of the official port. I dunno how it is vice versa, though. They will want to push their own addon distribution system, I guess. 
VkQuake is starting to push some updates to allow for compatibility with the new content. It only seems a matter of time before this is a fixed problem for everyone. 
Compatibility With Mods 
The main constraints here seem to be: BSP2 (not sure if the new engine supports it) and licensing (mods using e.g. Hexen 2 assets would need legal clearance from the owners of those assets). I don't think it's a code compatibility thing at all.

Meanwhile, the vkQuake changes seem to work fine, and the new content now plays clean, at least so far as running through a small handful of maps is concerned. It's obviously going to be necessary to grab the localized strings as well.

Ideally vkQuake could now become a sample implementation of the required sourceport changes for the new content and everybody else could then get to join the party; that would be cool. 
Dump The Embarrassment 
> The amount of entitlement, whining and simple rudeness centered around this release is absolutely mind blowing. I am embarrassed to be a part of this community right now.

Dear dumptruck, why do you not save yourself all this embarrassment you keep suffering through?
Get yourself and its silly ego out of the fucking spotlight, hand over QM ownership to the community and remove yourself from the mod team, and just enjoy the content as a lurker! There, happy Dumptruck. 
Can you take the internet dick-measuring contest offline please? 
> Somebody releases a cool new update for Quake.

> Manchild whines and cries even though there's literally nothing stopping him from playing Quake exactly the way he's been doing for 25 years.

Honestly, it's the sort of behaviour you'd expect from a toddler. This is the internet though, so I don't know why I expected anything better. Anyway, back to the actual topic at hand seeing as this is func_ and not whatever discord got mentioned above.

I'm loving a lot of MachineGames' and NightDives' additions. Highlights for me so far are playing through Dimension of the Machine on nightmare difficulty which has had me spamming quicksave like a true hero, and easily jumping in to a deathmatch on The Edge with some randoms who were roughly my skill-level, instead of the omnipotent monsters that dominate QuakeWorld.

I'm looking forward to seeing some future curated content, especially if it spurs this talented community in to action.

Something I think would work really well is if they could introduce that old coop mod where increasingly difficult waves of monsters spawn in a small arena map. I'm pretty sure one of the regulars round here made it years ago and it would be perfect for a bit of crossplay. 
MD5 Replacement Models 
They all have the same number of frames as the original MDLs, with the exception of a handful of models (pickups, grenades, etc) where the MDL has only 1 frame but the MD5 has 2.

So it looks like all you need is an MD5 loader and some rendering code and they'll function as drop-in replacements.

I've grabbed some loading code from here which works perfectly with them.

I haven't yet decided how I'm going to do the rendering, but I'm inclining towards animating the skeletons to keyframes at load-time and just putting them into the same in-memory structures as MDLs use. 
We are already converting some of the MD5s for the AMQ. But not too many, only those which weren't fully convincing so far.

We are running into some obstacles, though, since headgibs are missing (which we are currently trying to create) and there are no mission pack MD5s at all, which is really disappointing. 
The Dimension of the Machine maps are BSP2, so it definitely supports BSP2 already. 
Yeah it does support BSP2 but some of really huge maps like ad_tears crash on loading with Hunc_alloc failed error. 
BSP2 And MD5 
Ah, nice to see that BSP2 made it in; so it's really just a matter of internal buffer sizes then, eh? That's something that could be patched in future revisions of the engine I suppose.

MD5: I'm modding my own (unreleased) engine to load and draw them natively; i.e. unconverted. That seems to be the best way to handle it, otherwise converting them down to MDL will just bring back vertex wobble, and getting rid of that is one of the whole points of using MD5s. 
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