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Twenty Years Of Func!
Based on the timestamp of the General Abuse thread, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Func_Msgboard. I never expected, when putting this site together in 2002, that it might still be going 2 decades later, but here we are. I want to give thanks to the entire community of mappers and players that migrated here from Qmap, and mapped and chatted over the years. Thanks to Shambler, Vondur, and nitin for moderation. And finally a big thanks to SleepwalkR for hosting and frequent technical assistance over the years.
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Quake Lore Captcha 
You could also make it semi-subjective, in order to filter out wrong 'uns as a bonus.

"Do Shamblers have fur?"

"Do Fiends have eyes?"

"What texture filter mode do you play in?"

"Have you ever, even just once, and even if only by accident, played Quake using HD texture replacements?"

(Incidentally, the third one would block Shambler from posting, but you have to look at the bigger picture here.) 
Yes, no, filtered, yes, Rygel + DP, but it was a while ago. 
Looks like it's the special "goatse re-direct" version of func for you then. 
It’s Been A Great 20 Years 
This is one of the websites I still visit on the regular. I don’t post much, but this place has been an invaluable resource for finding out about maps and mapping issues.

Even the older ‘mapping help’ thread posts have been invaluable in getting these Tremor maps working (signon buffer? Had never seen that one before).

Even if not every map gets posted here, it doesn’t feel proper to release a level and not have it posted here. Doing so almost crystallizes it, in a more permanent way that Discord and Twitter do not.

Thanks Metl for keeping things running this long. 
The Part Where I Climb Out From Under My Rock Once Every Few Years... 
...wave, and retreat again.

Thank you metlslime for keeping the lights on for all these years, and thanks everybody for posting cool stuff and invaluable information.

So much has changed in 20 years - in our own lives, in the video game industry, in how we use the internet, yet this site still stands as it was, a humble middle finger to social media trends. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Perhaps an appropriate question to direct towards metlslime would be - what would you need to keep this site going? Money? Moderators? More user activity?

Discord might replace #terrafusion, but not a forum like this. I looked at Slipseer for the first time just now, very new and modern, but kinda empty feeling.

Here's a random story: back in the mid-2000s, when I lived in a house with no internet access, I would download the entire Mapping Help thread to an html archive, so that I would have a troubleshooting reference. It really helped and I learned so much. I think I did the same for the General thread, just to pretend I had friends.

It's nice to see both a steady trickle of new faces learning about Quake for the first time, and the old farts who've been here since the beginning. 
Wow 20 years. Thank you metl for all you have done. And thanks to Sleep for backing this baby up. I'd be sad to see func as an archive only. But the spam moderation issue is completely understandable. A lot of work for a handful of people.

Do what you need to do metl.

With that said, if there was support for multi-media posts (screenshots at the very least) this place would probably thrive again. Or at least be more attractive to posters.

There are studies that show engagement increases dramatically with images and video. Not sure if this is even possible but if you are going down, go down swinging.

My 2 cents! 
I Love This Place... It Smells Like Home 
I haven't mapped for years, but because I did, I definitely appreciate the dedication that's kept you all going.

If the workload is too great to keep jackasses out, then you do what you need to do. You'll still have my respect.

What have I been doing? Wood carving. 
That's actually really cool. I've been doing little woodworking projects myself like gift boxes and iPad holders. It's nice to break up computer time with a hands on work. Also you can't cut your thumb off making a map so woodworking is much more dangerous and sexy! 
Quake Inspired Woodcarving 
Quake fits my dark moodiness. I truly love it's atmosphere. The lighting, player movement, music and ambience... the sound of an Ogre dragging his chainsaw. "STOP! You're dulling the teeth!"

You guys should know that the dedication you each have put into Quake and this community have helped fuel my creative process.

Cheers Fuckers!
jester wip 
It's clear from that photo you take chainsaws seriously! Beautiful work. 
I didn't realise everything had moved to discord. Probably best I don't go looking, it'll seep into more of my limited spare time.

Anyway so I guess it's not the posts that's the problem since only members can post, but account creation from spammers? Why don't you put multiple captchas or at least Google Recaptcha on the account sign up, as well as email verification? At the moment it doesn't look like there's anything stopping them. 
Let Me Talk One Word, MyLord 
This place look like an old-good home, leaved by citizens, but not abandoned. Many of them, even mostly of every grew up here became a legends for now.
So this place should sill alive in any way, becose legends must live forever. 
Maybe I've just finally aged out of the internet, but I managed about 3 days on Discord before I got left behind by the transience of it all. There may be a shit load of "content" being spewed out on it, but we won't be able to go back to it in 20 years time, nor will we want to. That throwaway culture has a very negative effect on the quality of discourse/content being posted, so it's useful to have somewhere like Func_ which can almost triage the deluge of shite being posted on Discord/Twitter/etc. 
You did better than me. I only last 15 mins before throwing my hands up asking what the appeal of discord was. 
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